View Full Version : khorne or nurgle!!! need all the help i can get.

13-03-2009, 00:33
hello warseer, ive recently been considering starting daemons of chaos, but im not sure wich i wanna use, i either want khorne for its high ws and hard hitting stuff, like skull taker, but i want to use nurgle cuz there magic is strong as idk what, and with epidemus the list is just broken, so im not sure

so plz can you give me some pros and cons of both

thank you,

13-03-2009, 01:45
So long as you don't use Skulltaker, Epidemius, or indeed any of the special characters, you're fine with any choice.


13-03-2009, 14:33
If your looking for strong magic Tzeentch is the way to go.

With Nurgle, taking a lvl 3 greater daemon and 3 heralds at lvl 1 you have spent 235 points on getting magic levels that will only really help in defence. Only the greater daemon will really be dishing out the magical hurt, the level 1's will just be adding dispel dice, and using the first spell off the list once they get in combat.

The real strength of the Nurgle list is the regen blocks of doom. Unless fire is coming your way (the lvl 1 heralds dispel dice come in handy to stop those lore of fire spells), the plaguebearers are gonna be pretty unkillable. You can then slowly grind your opponent to bits, while he ends up with little to no victory points.

I've not used Khorne much, so someone else will have to help you with advice there.

Also I second what MalusCalibur said, don't bother with the special characters. The list is strong enough without them, and just too nasty for friendly play with them.