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14-03-2009, 02:33
I have the templates, dice, tape measure, and mini rulebook. I also downloaded the IG codex because I didn't see the need to purchase one two months prior to release of the new codex. I also have approximately 54 troops both metal and plastic, nork deddog, and 2 heavy bolter teams.

Now that I have enough troops for a battle, what should I get next. I want a lot of basilisks, ogryns, heavy bolters, mortars, and troops of course. I will have many different types of heavy weapons, but these are the main things I want my army to be composed of.

By the way I field catachans. check my log.

14-03-2009, 02:39
Are you planning on any other tanks? If so GW has a 3 LRBT box for 90 and a 3 Basilisk box for 90 as well (IIRC). Otherwise I'd wait for the new Battleforce which is rumoured to have 1 Command Squad, 20 Guardsmen, 3 Heavy Weapon Teams, and 1 Sentinel.

14-03-2009, 02:41
is the new battleforce still going to be $90?

14-03-2009, 02:46
Wait with the rest of us till the new codex comes out. Though a Heavy weapons squad won't do you wrong.

14-03-2009, 04:16
The battleforce will be $90. If you order online head over to thewarstore.com . Neil gives a 20% off retail so that's always nice. The only difference between the new one and the current Catachan battleforce is that the current one doesn't have the command sprues (obviously, they aren't out yeat) and instead just includes 5 more troops to count as a command. You get 3 heavy weapons teams and two sentinels. A great value and lots of models. After that, get the 3 basilisk artillery box from Neil too. You will probably want a Commisar to try out sooner or later.

14-03-2009, 06:21
Remember, with IG the more vehicles you have, the less troops you can afford in terms of points. Sometimes the choice is between a 2nd platoon or a couple of Leman Russes. The treads ain't cheap, but the footsloggers are! ;)

You should play demo games with vehicle substitute models to see if you like playing a vehicle-heavy army. In my experience, the infantry-heavy army is more effective, but it really depends on how you like to play the game. If you take too many vehicles, you run the risk of being easily overrun. If you take too much infantry, you may find yourself outgunned. Balance is the key.

Oh, and save money for the Valkyrie. You'll probably want at least two; it's the best mobility the IG will have in the new book!

14-03-2009, 11:48
I'm going for infantry heavy. About 3 basilisks and maybe a chimera or two will be all of the armour I use. I love putting down mobs of soldiers on the field.