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14-03-2009, 12:58

Apologies if this is very obvious, but I couldn't find it in the BRB in the heat of battle yesterday...

Can flying characters join units of troops?

The issue that came up for me was my Chaos Wizard on Tzeentch disc joining my Chaos Knights. Is this allowed?

14-03-2009, 13:54
Is the Disc a "flying mount"? (No armybook handy).

If so, then no it can't.

. Or does it grant "flying" to the model that takes it? (Similar to the VC counts ability)

. If the second case, then Yes it can.

14-03-2009, 14:35
Flying mount, so presumably not. Curses! Where does it state that in the rulebook, do you know?

14-03-2009, 14:50
pg 72 - Joining and leaving units: "Characters mounted on flying creatures cannot join units."

Necromancy Black
14-03-2009, 14:51
Under the character section, page 72. Characters and Units, subheading "Joining and Leaving units"

14-03-2009, 21:57
characters on FLYING MOUNTS may not join units

Characters that are ALSO flying MONSTERS may not join units (demon princes and greater demons, for the most part)

Characters that are on monsterous mounts that do NOT fly may join units. In addition, any character that, himself, can fly (such as vampires with the ability) may join units.

To illustrate how important the distinction this is, one should look at the Blue Scribes entry in the Daemons of Chaos book. The model for the blue scribes is two blue horrors on a disc of tzeentch, however the unit entry for the model is a single profile, with the "fly" special rule. As such, while it LOOKED like a character (two, actually) on a flying mount, rule wise it was one, single model, that could fly. This meant that, despite obvious intention that you could not do this, it was perfectly legal to place the blue scribes in a unit. They had to FAQ that one.