View Full Version : Quick Question : 5th Ed Special Ed Rule Book

Marshal Sinclair
15-03-2009, 02:22
Just a quick question regarding the potential value of the 5th Ed Special Edition rule book. The leather bought one with silver edging on the pages. It is number 2 of 4000 and in mint condition, still in original packaging. Does anybody know how much it might be worth now, and how much it may be worth in the future?

Funny story (well, not so funny) about how I got number 2... I was really not interested in getting the special edition, until I went into a GW store a few days before it was released. A member of staff there persuaded me to order one, and 3 days later turns up my copy! I bet there were people ordered months earlier to get higher numbers. Strange how that works.

15-03-2009, 11:16
Honestly its only worth the same amount as the regular leather bound book.
I would not look to far into it, sorry.