View Full Version : Rohan 1,000 Points List WotR

15-03-2009, 04:02
See what you think, I've kinda tried to run with a Pelennor Fields themed list. I think it may be light on the infantry but at this low point level it should be okay. Can always use some tinkering though.

King Theoden (125)
Eomer (90)

Elfhelms Riders Command (90)
Hornblower (15)
Elfhelms Riders x 4 (80)

Royal Knights Command (35)
Banner Bearer (35)
Hornblower (15)
Royal Knights x 5 (175)

Eored Command (30)
Banner Bearer (35)
Hornblower (15)
Eored Riders x 5 (150)

Oathsworn Militia Command (20)
Captain (50)
Oathsworn Militia x 2 (40)

About fur units running around, Theoden in with the Royal Knights giving them his fight value of 5 and Eomer with the Eored Riders. Hopefully 4 separate formations at such a low point cost will allow me to keep manoeuvrable but also be able to stand up to enemy units. I did want to go pure cavalry but you don't have enough units to spread the wounds across.