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11-12-2005, 23:06
Fall of the Necromancer Minis Sighted on The Last Alliance:




Superb is all I can say.

Well, apart from the Spiders!

11-12-2005, 23:41
Briliant, 2006 is shaping up to be an excelent year for LotR. :) :eek:

The spiders are not too bad, a little uninspiring perhaps.

Who is that bloke in the back with the white staff?

Rabid Bunny 666
12-12-2005, 00:15
haven't seen them yey, but i'm guessing saruman

that chrismas chick is teh hawt though

edit: probably the elf king, can't remember his name, legolas's dad

those spiders suck something awful, but the castellans are nice, and the big dude on green, may be n00bish, is he sauron?

12-12-2005, 01:14
Ah, Thranduil! Hmm, not at all how I pictured him. I think conversions will be in order.

Edit: Yeah, thats Sauron, when he called himself the Necromancer.

12-12-2005, 01:27
There you have it. GW's upcoming supplement reveals that Sauron was, in fact, a C'tan. :rolleyes:

Some nice miniatures there. Looking forward to the Elves, but I'm worried about the Evil stuff GW is making up. Those Chaos Warriors/Ringwraith type things, I dunno. Let alone the big floating Necromancer.

The spiders may not look particularly inspiring, but then, they're just big spiders in the book. There's not much to work with. Lifting their bodies off the ground would've meant a lot of fiddly modelling and breakable figs.

So on the Good side, I make that a new Saruman, Celeborn, Galadriel and (probably) Thranduil. I guess the other Elves will be sold as "Wood Elves" for use in both Lothlorien and Mirkwood armies, although it looks like they're following the movies' look for the Galadhrim of Lothlorien.

Lord Gordonis
12-12-2005, 08:58
Wicked love those models, except for the spiders but hey they're spiders w00t

12-12-2005, 10:03
Yeah, the spiders aren't great but there isn't much one can do with spiders that crappy plastic toy companies haven't already done. I mean, as nice as Shelob was, she just looked like a fifty cent plastic tarantula from the toy store.

12-12-2005, 12:38
I was looking forward to this suppliment for the potential evil models, but now.....not so much. The conscept sketches looked fantastic but they were only able to pull of the wood elves. Maybe the Castellan will look better when we see a picture without the photo shopped fog everywhere.

After looking again the Castellan don't excite me at all. The only redeeming quality for this suppliment is the wood elves.

12-12-2005, 14:05
I like 'em.

Makes me glad I decided to focus on LotR instead of WFB for my fantasy fix...

Frobozz of the Nine
12-12-2005, 16:00
Ouch. The evil models don't appeal to me at all. The Necromancer looks like something out of 4th edition Warhammer. What's up with the ribs. The spiders are a joke, although they might look better in person. The Castellans (sp) look bad - like someone said, they look like old edition Chaos warriors. Khamul is pretty decent, but nothing special.

Now, the good models are a different story - very nice! Who is the chap with the white staff? Who is the elf with the horn (Glorfindel?). I'm not crazy about the Galadriel model, but it may look better in person.

My guess would be that the good side heroes will come in a boxed set.

12-12-2005, 16:45
the chap with the white staff is Celeborn

12-12-2005, 20:07

I don't think so: Celeborn is the guy with Sword and Bow, next to Saruman and Galadriel.

The Elf with the Staff has to be Thranduil.


big squig
13-12-2005, 07:34
Not bad, not the best. SotE is looking alot better.

hmmmm....when is GW realeasing that girl in the santa outfit...I want her:o

Dr Death
13-12-2005, 10:32
Im quite excited about what FotN is looking to bring. I dont think its the best idea for a suppliment as ive never seen it as much fo a battle but rather more like the Wizards duel- a battle of wills, an excorcism if you will. That said, again its looking pretty good.

The Necromancer himself im actually pleasently suprised by. I think something akin to a C'tan is a good move to represent Sauron in his weakened state. I would imagine he is much like the wraiths or even (dare i draw the comparison) Lord Voldemort, clinging to whatever physical form he could inhabit. I do however wish that they had made the armoured parts ever so slightly more "Saurony" or else not used them at all.

Saruman im very keen on, reminds me very much of Saruman in Orthanc or Gandalf excorcising Theoden in the film. I like the look of him being far more forceful and resolute with his staff held two handed.

Galadriel looks very cool indeed. The hands need a bit of tweaking and it does ring bells in the fantasy wood elf spellsingers but it does look a very very cool miniature and a nice way of representing Galadriel in her "war" form rather than the lady of light image we have so far had.

The Castellens im not too sure about. I kinda like the image of this hulking heavily armoured terrors guarding Dol Guldur but i think they upstage the Nazgul somewhat and are a bit too much like chaos warriors.

The Elves im very excited about. Obviously they've learnt something about creating elves from their work on the Asrai. The Hornblower in particular i think is a good miniatures, musicians always seem to play second fiddle in coolness to captains and standard bearers but this one has a nice statuesque quality and the trailing robes just looks cool.

The spiders could have been better posed but the models themselves arnt that bad, and all it'll take to remedy their pose is a decent pair of pliers.

Dr Death

13-12-2005, 16:18
i think everyone's being too quick to knock what we are supposing the castellans are, it's still early days yet, personally i'd see them as a power physical weapon of sauron as opposed to the mental weapon that are the nazgul.
I do like the fact that we'll probably see some more magic orientated duels with all the various wizards etc. that will be in this supplement, love the new wood elfs too.

13-12-2005, 18:44
They look cool, i won't be getting any of the spider though, unless i chop their legs of at the knees and reposition them to more upright positions. But you may as well by cheap toy spidrs for loads less. I expect we will see these on GW sneek peaks soon to make it look like they put them up first. :rolleyes:

13-12-2005, 19:36
Who is the elf with the horn (Glorfindel?). .

Only if he's grown breasts.
The elf with the horn is probably an Elf Sentinel we saw in the concept art shown in WD.

13-12-2005, 20:40
I like it. Theyve captured the feel of sauron in the movie when they made the Castellans. The Necromancer is not bad. I wish they had made Sauron like that in the film instead of a floating eye (even though they could have made an even better non-corporeal version instead). Oh well..

The good models are ok. The basic wood elves are great, but I dont care much for the character models. Saruman is great though, dynamic pose.

Grand Master Belial
13-12-2005, 21:18
I don't think so: Celeborn is the guy with Sword and Bow, next to Saruman and Galadriel.

I was thinking it was Haldir again.

Belial out

The Judge
13-12-2005, 22:33
The castellans don't live up to the concept sketches, which is a damn shame. too hulking if you ask me, and not big enough. A guy I know saw them at the studio though, and said there were more than two variations.

I think what I find bad about the picture is the sheer number of colours.

Dr Death
14-12-2005, 11:04
I was thinking it was Haldir again.

I would wager a fair amount of money the one with the sword and bow is actually just a wood elf captain, particularly considering there is a wood elf standard bearer.

Dr Death

14-12-2005, 20:13
I am dissapointed by the elves.

The concept sketches made them look a great deal less "chubby" and they seem very static.

I loved the concept art for glorfindel where his face was hidden, found it very cool.

16-12-2005, 13:20
Very cool. So many great minis coming in 2006, so little time to paint!

18-12-2005, 01:52
Lots of love here but i'd prefer seeing more armour on the Elves, even if its only helmets.