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16-03-2009, 15:41
So I looked at every army precisely, I've followed tactical threads, painting threads, background threads, about them, but no army really appeals to me.

And then I found the 5th edition kroot army list from Kompletel Kroot forums, and I found their updated list.

And I decided I'll go Kroot.

But, because the Codex is illegal/unofficial, would you mind playing against it?

16-03-2009, 16:37
Haven't checked that website for sometime, so I missed the completion of the 5th edition Kodex Kroot:
http://trobarts.customer.netspace.net.au/5th_ed_kroot_mercenaries_army_list_by_kompletely_k root_V5.82.pdf

Thanks for pointing this one out. Have to read through it, but of course I like this project. Would play against them with my Tyranids, but not with my Tau ;)

Sideros Peltarion
16-03-2009, 17:33
I would have no problems, indeed I would welcome the opportunity to play against someone using a Kroot army. The CA list would say yes straight away, Kompletely Kroot one I have not looked through yet but as I think it is mainly re-wording rules and shizz to fit 5th I would say yes too.
You could say I am biased however as although I don't have a Kroot army I have wanted one for a long time.

Just had a look through the army list (but not fluff yet) and think it may be time to get that Kroot army I've always wanted as the list looks great (as great as any list can look in 5th)

16-03-2009, 18:00
I took a quick look through it. It seems over the top. Kroot with just about every Tau and Space marine weapon option? Storm Bolters?(Chaos don't even have access to these),power weapons, Meltas, plasma grenades, Chainfists, pulse rifles. The ability to make a complete cheese list is very high. In the hands of a power gamer this could get broken real fast. I might play one game against it but if you pulled 10 sqauds with hidden chainfists or metla weapons it would probably be the last.

Sideros Peltarion
16-03-2009, 18:58
I would hardly call one storm bolter/pulse rifle etc per squad overpowering, or indeed would it be a common sight I shouldn't think. The Eviscerators will be far more common, and how is an eviscerator hidden in a unit of up to 20 T3 6+ save models? Admittedly they have good cover saves but that is the only thing protecting them.

Lord Humongous
16-03-2009, 19:49
I'd use the older, official rules. (http://www.google.com/url?q=http://ca.games-workshop.com/CommunityNew/HOH/Army%2520Downloads/krootmerc_list.pdf&ei=Vp6-SYGaMJOwMdjEiJMI&sa=X&oi=spellmeleon_result&resnum=1&ct=result&cd=1&usg=AFQjCNF0dxZrdtXJgdkDAfSNWYn-CCvxmg) They work fine in 5th edition, from what I can see, and I've actually used them as mercianries with my chaos army, so I could field my old Lost and the Dmaned mutants to "count as" kroot.

The Kompletely Kroot rules are cool, but do allow some cheese the old ones don't- notably troops with hyper nymune, and lots more wargear on the shapers, so you can have 1st turn charges with eviserators coming from trooops- something the original rules did not allow. Its not that any one weapon they can get is unbalanced, its what you can combine those with, and in which units. The original rules did a good job of preventing the really sick combos, or at least limiting them to expensive, non-troop units.

16-03-2009, 19:55
I'd be fine with someone using the older kroot list. Can't see how it's broken with 5th ed so remains a valid list in my head.

You could get away with using the ork list or IG list (jungle fighers) or even nids thou as well (:P kroot do eat other races and become like them remember)

16-03-2009, 19:56
In a casual game..

I would haft to pre read the rules etc before i would play it due to.. who knows with random stuff somone could have put in that book that is off.

In a tourney..

No thanks. Official Codex's only.

Imo.. play kroot heavy tau.

Then have alot of kroot for your Kroot only army for casual games.

16-03-2009, 21:59
Having read through the update, it certainly doesn't look overpowered to me, even with the shaper options, they ARE mercs after all!!

I would give it a go in a flash

17-03-2009, 03:14
The 3rd edition list has a.o. more expensive Krootoxen (as 3rd edition Tau Codex), different carnivore rules and no Knarlocs.

17-03-2009, 08:42
Ha. Didnt think anyone on here had noticed our updated rules set. I put them up a while back in the Rules development section but no one has made a comment yet :D


But im happy to see we have attracted some new Kindred to the Kroot Kause ;)

Clicky click click!!

17-03-2009, 09:53
Only one complain so far:
Why can't the Kroot be allied to the one army desperately seeking Kroot allies, the Tau? I know that Tau backgroundwise frown on Kroot mercenaries (and that this rule is old), but this is the only list to allow trackers etc., and aren't ALL Kroot mercenaries is a way?

17-03-2009, 10:24
We decided to Keep it in the same style of the original rules set.

The Mercs that work within the Tau empire are not Mercs in the traditional sense. They are effectivly Conscripted into the Tau military from Pech.

The Tau still have access to the Great knarlocs and Knarloc riders through the IA rules, they get the vespid so the vultures are not realy needed. Also they get the troops choice that combines both the Hounds and Ox together as a single selection. So for the most part they dont really need the additions from our list. But the other reason was that if we did allow the Different style of Kroot into the Tau dex it might upset the overall play of the Tau force.

If you wanna play Tau, then play Tau. If you wanna do the Kroot then you have this list (or the origial CA list) :). But if you wanna combine the 2 together. Well the Tau have plenty of options to allow that too :)

But since the whole thing is un-official if you want you can just add them in anyway so long as your opponent says its ok. But we recommend that you dont, n leave the Tau dex to GW to fix :D

17-03-2009, 11:54
While it would be nice to see some of the Kroot Merc (CA or 5th Ed KK) options in a Tau army from a purely personal point of view, it would/could fundamentally change the way a Tau army functions. As I see it, the Kroot are willing to offer some of the more unusual kindred (like Vultures or Hunters) to the Tau, but the Tau do not want to use them as that is not how they make war.

The benefit of collecting lots of Kroot options for my Tau army means that I can now field a Kroot Merc army as well! Two armies in one - GW in value shocker! ;)