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18-03-2009, 01:48
I currently have an Eldar force I have been playing for a while now. Getting slightly bored and want to do a bit tougher melee based force just for flavor. I was thinking of using the Black Templar codex, but use one of three following chapters as the color/conversion scheme.

The Star Dragons (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Star_Dragons) because my personal favorite color is blue. Personally want to do some type of Black Dragon type mutation or conversion where they have access to blades of some type, making the mutation play a part in the Elites and the Emperor's Champion.

The Mantis Warriors (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Mantis_Legion) because I love the looks of Praying Mantis insects. They have some conversion potential since they supposedly attach blades to their armor to use as weapons. Like the Star Dragons, conversions being mostly important for the EC and Elites. The WH40K wiki says they have some elite sniper group, which the Black Templar books doesn't have so would need to work around that. The Chapter symbol will potentially be a pain to paint.

And finally the Tauran (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Tauran) chapter because that's my zodiak and more or less no other reason. Like the others, not much in the way of fluff to stop me from converting as much or little as I want. Not really sure as to what type of conversion would be fitting for this chapter though.

The Black Templar 'in your face' fits with all of them, to some degree or another. The vows being easy enough to be 'Dragon Prays' or whatever. My main goal is to pick a force that isn't seen often, but the name fits the playstyle.

Is it worth the cost and effort to go through a conversion of this nature for one these armies(haven't done anything to this degree previously even though I've been playing GW games for 21 years), and which force do you think would be the one most likely to look the best on the tabletop in general(I'm a mediocre painter at best, preferring the playing part of the hobby to the painting)?

18-03-2009, 02:31
I like the Taurans.

People might get confused by 'other' blue or green chapters that aren't first founding.

Star Dragons as a name also does very little for me.

Mantis warriors could be really successful as well. For this, I'd try to get a hold of Dark Eldar blade bits. These can be applied to power armour to great effect. Stabby. And Emperor's Champion holding blades in a similar way to Drazhar would be great.

Taurans: to me this is a better fit for the BT style. Mantises in general are actually stealthy and methidical hunters... bulls on the other hand?? yes.

conversions? There was a post on B&C and here as well (?) with bull-themed CSMs - repositioning horns so that they are more forward facing was pretty successful: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=125136&st=0

I think in general, horns and spikes would be good. If you can find a cheap bit with a pair of small horns, you could even mount horns on a shoulder pad... could look nice.


Aside from that, I'd say maybe some marauder or flagellant heads for a more dishevelled look.

Good luck!


The Good Doctor.

18-03-2009, 05:29
Oh... never thought about using a converted Chaos Marine head as a form of bull head. Would be fairly simple with a bit of conversion.

In terms of the Mantis Warriors, I foresaw the vows and whatnot being the Mantis stalking it's prey in various fashions; striking fast, unwavering, and brutal to bring down it's target before it can escape.

Hrm... now the thought of both those really seem interesting to me. The Taurans for sheer brutality while the Mantis Warriors for a more elegant, yet fierce attackers.... The possibilities.

18-03-2009, 06:06
Yeah... both visual styles would be great fun.

I think, though, if you are used to Eldar (I know I was), you might find a grungier, dirtier, more brutal feel a welcome change.

Also, having painted 3000 points worth of Salamanders, I can assure you that painting single-colour marines can be trying.

With Mantis warriors as well, their history in the Badab war is a bit of an issue. I find it hard to believe that they'd change their doctrines to include neophytes in squads with full Brothers... being under constant suspicion as it is. I figure they are pretty much Codex these days.

Another bug totem perhaps?? Try as I might, I can't think of a bug that really personifies the type of single-minded determination of the Templars: for me Bulls are perfect.

Here's a thought: The Hive. They come from a planet with a xeno species of giant wasp. They have adopted the 'swarm' approach in their strategy for this reason. Maybe use the Tauran scheme or something like it with yellow instead of bone?

Here's a thought in favour of the Taurans: differing vows represent the different methods used for taking down the bulls of their home planet: I'm thinking matadors here. They could not only use the Bulls to represent their chapter's attitudes, but also use the them in initiation rites in a manner similar to the Salamanders.

I still say Taurans. They have the best fluff feel and greatest conversion potential.


The Good Doctor.

18-03-2009, 20:00
The Taurans do seem to be growing on me. What you mention in regard to taking down the bulls, could have alot of potential.

Seems like the Tauran's version of the Emeror's Champion wouldn't use a sword, instead some form of spear, much like modern day shoft spear type weapons matadors jab into the sides of todays bulls, but for the purpose of taking down the huge creatures of the Tauran homeworld. I like it.... I'll have to see if I have some bits roaming around to get a sample Tauran built.

18-03-2009, 23:09
For my DIY I wrote in a 'traditional' opponent: orks. I really like the heavy brutal blades and shoddy shoulder pads.


This might be a good starting place for an EC - plenty of bits to put on sergeants as well. You might even want to order the entire box if you like enough of the bits.

As I look at wikidepia, it turns out that matadors are in fact only one type of 'torero'.

In sum, a matador is the one who provides the 'kill' in the match - they enter the ring at the beginning to assess the bull and avoid its charges. In the end of the match, they confront the wounded bull with a red cape and sword. Your EC should be the matador. Give him a slim power-sword in one hand, a shield in the other and a cape. Here's my Company champion WIP for an idea...

For Initiates, they can be the picadors - they lance the bull's neck in the second stage to draw blood and weaken the bull. I'm not sure how to represent this, as lances are a bad idea on foot... perhaps for Sword Brethren:


Get a nemesis force-weapon bitz pack - justicar's sword is just right for the 'matador' (see my conversion above) and you then also have some 'lances' for some elite 'killy' unit.

Also note the White Scars conversion packs. Some bikes (can BT take bikes?) with a sergeant with massive spear? yes.

Finally, neophytes: these can be the bandilleros. Their job is to run right up to the bull and place 'flags', or small spears. For the record, scouts with marauder flail arms can be turned into stabby javelins pretty easily: cut off the 'flail' part and add a blade (I used choppas...). A bit of repositioning may be necessary. Marauder heads are also a possibility. I used Brettonian Men at arms heads, and they look great, but the horns on the marauders would be better for you I think.

As far as 'vows' go: the three types of torero could lead you to emphasizing the different skills they develop attacking bulls: either placing bows with great precision (accept any challenge), great force at the expense of speed (suffer not), or simply facing down 'pitiful' races that are not nearly as frightening as a five tonne bull (no fear).


The Good Doctor.