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18-03-2009, 05:45
I have always liked the background and concept of chaos dwarfs.

It wasn't until an hour ago that i actually looked at their current army list.

Oh. My. God.

Is it just me, or do these guys have the potential to be really strong?

Ld 10 2 pt goblins w/ re roll any failed psychology (banner and general), 2 cheap bolt throwers per special, decent magic, cavalry, flying terror causers, and the utterly, utterly ridiculous blunderbuss (seriously, a unit of 12 of them will wipe out half a unit w/ stand and shoot!).

All backed up by solid dwarf warriors, and the ungodly earthshaker cannon.

Comments? Concerns? Suggestions?

18-03-2009, 06:05
Yes they can be strong but their magic item sure do suffer a bit. Also aside from converting up normal dwarfs this can be an insanely expensive army.

18-03-2009, 06:11
You know how to solve that? Battle for skull pass.

18-03-2009, 06:49
They are nasty. Shame GW has banned them from the GT's. There not even that difficult to convert really.


Heres one I made compared to the old Chaos Dwarfs (not my painting, damn ebay). The hat was made from plastic tubing I got at a model shop (don't use straws, they'll bend and break too easily) and a Drawing pin (thumb tack for you Americans). The beard was made by using a green stuff blob and then cutting deep verticle strips into and then shallow /\ shapes down the sides of the resultant horizontal bars.

See easy as pie and cheap as chips. Even a dyspraxic chimp like me could do it. Chaos Dwarfs online (http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/) has some excellent tutorials for convertning.

18-03-2009, 06:51
Great conversion, I really like it! I'd love to see a whole unit like that, or even an army...:D

18-03-2009, 06:55
I've got a couple of others unpainted lying around, including a standard bearer and a blunderbuss. Unfortuantly I've got over a hundred Dwarfs to do like that. Haven't got a clue what I'll do with the miners.

18-03-2009, 06:57
There are a few updated sites out there dedicated to chaos dwarfs that should have all the info you need.

The short answer to your question is that yes Chaos Dwarfs are still a competitive list despite only having a 2 page pdf.

Gorbad Ironclaw
18-03-2009, 07:04
Just be careful, there most competitive builds tends to not be (IMO) very fun. Two Earthshakers is not a good time.

18-03-2009, 09:42
Chaos Dwarfs are still suprisingly decent list.

18-03-2009, 10:30
There are a few updated sites out there dedicated to chaos dwarfs that should have all the info you need.

The short answer to your question is that yes Chaos Dwarfs are still a competitive list despite only having a 2 page pdf.

Maybe because their list is only 2 pages.

Lord Khabal
18-03-2009, 10:49
Agreed. 2 earthshakers + 8 Bolt throwers = annoying list. At least that is what my opponents say when I use it. lolol

there are some great videos on youtube about chaos dwarf + hobgoblin conversions from BFSPass. go check them out and see how good it looks!!!

18-03-2009, 10:58
Maybe because their list is only 2 pages.

Very accurate remark.

18-03-2009, 12:41
Chaos Dwarfs Online, your one stop Chaos Dwarf solution.

Yes their list is still fairly strong, and I like it as its not overcluttred with ridiculous items and monsters, I wish all lists could be like that. The earthshaker cannon is probably the most over the top thing about the list, but the expense of the basic troops and the weakness of the hobgoblins can be exploited. Their magic is ok at best, doesnt stand up to VC, WoC or Lizzie magic though. They dont really have a reliable hammer unit, Bull Centaurs are strong but too vulnerable to shooting. Unless they play a purely boring gunline list, then they require some skill to use.

18-03-2009, 13:01
Maybe because their list is only 2 pages.

When you think about it, most army lists, if you got rid of all the background material and artwork and blank page space and shrank the text down to the size in Ravening Hordes would probably fit in no more than three pages. chaos Dwarfs aren't any less developed, rules wise, than current army books they just need tweaking to adapt to 7th edition.

18-03-2009, 13:16
Im sure i wouldnt take gw long to make a new pdf list for the Chaos Dwarf crowd to see how people react to a new list.
All they have to do is go to Chaos Dwarf Online and look at the list there and create one to reward the CD players who but the Dwarf box sets to convert and to reward thier loyaty to a business that has let them down year after year

18-03-2009, 14:05
theres a lot of chaos dwarf threads on here recently, that and the great community over at CDO tells me there would be sufficent interest for GW to release them.

I wouldnt get rid of my bighats but I'd love a new book, failing that a White Dwarf army list would do.

18-03-2009, 14:46
Sleazy is right.

In fact, i don't understand why GW have released Ogre Kingdoms instead of CHD. If they have had free resources, they could have invested them in an army that have:
- strong fan base
- an established and liked background
- a reasonable army list
- is generally good

instead they decided tak a risk of creating army that is/was:
- without rules ( need creating from zero)
- have no place in background ( need to change it quite a lot)
- no models or general concept - (need creating from zero)
- is generaly weak ( as the risk didn't pay off - especialy risk of creating poor rules)

Lord Khabal
18-03-2009, 14:58
Well the ogre models were ugly and old, so they though: lets make new ogres!!! and a new army book too!
Dont forget thay are also an addition to the dogs of war army, which also deserves a re-release.
In fact these two should be made by 8th rules and come out on the 8th edition gamebox. lolol!!!

18-03-2009, 15:03
Well Matty Cole is proof they're effective he got to the Masters with them, 2 page pdf man, 2 page pdf... I'm gonna miss podhammer :(

18-03-2009, 15:04
they are a very fun army. Blunderbuss and earthshackers are a great for shaping the field. They excel at close range shooting which is pretty unique.

18-03-2009, 15:53
To Orcboy_phil, i recommend you use the miners for great weapon wielding curly bearded maniacs.
not the greatest unit tactically but its a good use for them. And boosted my old school plastic unit up to 20

19-03-2009, 00:59
Chaos Dwarfs are an amazing bunch to play and they have great fluff. They can do gunlines ridiculously well, with 5pt hobgoblin archers with bows(yes bows not short bows), up to 10 levels of magic, 8 bolt throwers at 30pts apiece and two earthshakers which can stop shooting and slow down the enemy. At close combat Bull Centaurs and CD Warriors and the good old 110pts unit of Hobgoblin Fast cav(only cuz they have to be in units of 10) do surprisingly well when backed up by characters. Dark mace of death might not earn you any friends but it's great fun. Black Gem of Gnar is great for holding up that 500+pt lord and CD Blunderbusses are probably one of the most fun things in warhammer. Almost makes me wanna pick up a BFSP. After Empire they might e my next army!

19-03-2009, 03:21
A thing about chaos dwarves is that they were alot more fun to play than regular dwarves. It's both fun and tactically advantageous to function in every phase. Chaos dwarves also had calvary, and cheap expendable units to add to the tactical skill it took to run them. Regular dwarves can win, but it tends to be through pure gunline armies that are not fun to play or play againsts.

Ri-xthoal Lord of Lustira
19-03-2009, 03:38
Well, wishy-wishy isn't going to help when you have a inside man on the job.

The book is half way there, but the project haven't made any progress.