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18-03-2009, 15:27
im looking to restart my old imperial guard army to use the new codex coming out and was looking to do them as narmenian guard

so the army will probably have a few tanks in it painted grey and blue (maybe ultramarine blue?)

does anybody have any info on what the infantry looked like? im thinking either mordians or cadians, what colour scheme did the infantry use?

edit: might have to find the gaunts ghosts necropolis book to get more details, already have the forgeworld model for general grizmund and a mars alpha tank for his command tank "grace of the throne"

Brother Loki
18-03-2009, 16:31
The only Narmenian regiments I recall seeing mentioned were the armoured regiments, so I'm not sure thay actually have infantry, although I expect most armoured units would include some mechanised infantry for security.

I vaguely recall Griszmund being mentioned as wearing brown, and the painted one on the ForgeWorld site is shown in a brown uniform:

You could maybe take a cue from the General himself and for your infantry use forage caps with cadian bodies. West Wind does some suitable heads:

I think the new codex has an upgrade character for a tank which works like Chronus in the marine 'dex. Might be suitable for Griszmund, although I don't think you can have tanks as HQ choices in the new book, so you may need to include another HQ to 'lead' your army.

I'd be very interested to see how you fare with this. I like a lot of the different regiments that have featured in the Gaunts series over the years. It's always nice to see an army based on one of them.

18-03-2009, 16:45
cool, its all just theory until the new guard dex comes out but we're close enough to the release date that most of the leaked rumours give us a good idea whats in the book

i wasnt sure if all narmenian regiments were armoured or if it was just the 1st under the command of grizmund (either way as im including him i will have to take several tanks)

theres rumours about being able to take an upgrade allowing kasrkin as troops so will take the officer allowing that and load up karskin in chimeras so it will look more like an elite armoured force

looking at imperial armour 1 under grizmunds page about the spectacular victory at Vervunhive where the 1st wiped out 200+ rebel armoured vehicles in 1 day im thinking elite troops and massed heavy armour is the way to go.

colour scheme im probably looking at the old imperial guard codex picture of the 122nd cadian at the battle of vogen M41

18-03-2009, 17:02
I really, really hate the forge world Grizmund, It's just so not how I pictured the character.

Grey and blue, though? I don't really remember, so please correct me, but I thought narmenian tanks were a brownish colour?

18-03-2009, 17:04
thats just me assuming grey and blue, its urban camo

edit: looking through google to find the correct colour i got sent to............warseer! painting and modelling section, their uniforms were Ochre. The tanks were definitely Mustard-Drab.

Brother Loki
18-03-2009, 17:35
I think the FW model is pretty much perfect for my image of him. Funny how people imagine different things from the books.