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18-03-2009, 18:05

I've been playing fantasy for quite some time, around 3 editions. I used to have a sizable bretonnian army that I enjoyed using but i stopped playing fantasy last year and sold it to fund a 40k army. Anyway I've been playing fantasy a bit again using a small goblin horde i got from BfSP boxes.

But now I'm looking at getting another cav army. I've narrowed it down to 3 possible armies:


If I was to go VC I'd prob end up converting dark elf cold one knights for my black knights.

Anyway I was wondering if all cav armies are viable using these lists?

I'd be anticipating 2 or 3 units of heavy knights with a bunch of light cav and hounds or hound equiv etc

thank you,

18-03-2009, 18:10
WoC and DE are probly the best for these ideas

18-03-2009, 18:11
You can do it with VC but the problem is that you are still stuck taking those 3 non-cav core.

WoC does it perfectly.

DE would work fine as long as those stupidity tests are on your side ;)

18-03-2009, 18:12
VC arn't the other two are.

Dark Elves you can take Dark Riders as core and Cold Ones as Special
Chaos Warriors you can take Maruder Horsemen as core and Knights and chariots as special. Also there all fairly powerful in combat.

18-03-2009, 18:28
I would say WoC are going to be the best option as even after you have all the units you can switch up the marks on them to still have some variety

DE can do it, but again are you okay with stupidity on all but your core?

18-03-2009, 18:44
I agree with WoC being the choice here -- they just have more variety in their mounted units than DE does, and having too many stupid units is a bad, bad plan. From what I hear Marauder Horse, Knights, and Warhounds together can make a very competitive list.

18-03-2009, 19:00
yeah I was thinking that the stupidity wouldn't help things lol.

The WoC does seem the best list for an all cav army. Would the new unit (alter of chaos) have a place in the army?

Another question, as I really love the new cold one knight models. Has anyone tried using them as Slanneshi chaos knights?

18-03-2009, 19:49
Cold ones are too small to put chaos warriors on.

Id go for DE, both armies are possible but every man and his dog has a mounted WoC army.

18-03-2009, 20:02
It's also posible to make a cav/fast list with lizardmen...
Old One on carnie, stegadins, skink/krox, salies/razors and Cold One Calvery.

18-03-2009, 20:21
the alter only has a move of 4" its basically a cart with foot troops, though it could be useful and you could make it look as fast as you want as there is no model to throw people's perception of what it should look like off.

Ultimo ninja
18-03-2009, 20:40
Im suprised I havent heard the name of brettonia mentioned. They are a fearsome all cav force.

Hrogoff the Destructor
18-03-2009, 21:13
He said he used to have a Brettonian force, so I imagine he's looking for a different army to pull it off.

18-03-2009, 23:16
Vampires with 3 x 10 ghouls for min core... Then you can have wolves, black knights, blood knights and modify pegasus knights into fell bats ;)...

Empire is also an obvious choice, although Knights, IC Knights, Pistoliers and Outriders seems like a bit limiting, you can have an all cavalry army...

19-03-2009, 00:35
Actually Greenskins can have a pretty effective all cav force but if you wan't to play tournies and such, it might not be a good idea. It's a lot of fun but not so competitive. I say WoC though

19-03-2009, 04:18
tomb kings can also field an all cav force iirc

19-03-2009, 04:57
I run an all Cav WoC army, and love it.

lots of Marauder horsemen fast cav
Lots of Chaos Knights.

19-03-2009, 05:10
Honestly, I have played an all cav Darkelf army (or mostly cav sometimes) since their 6th ed. book came out. I have never had to bad of a problem with the stupidity factor.Aside from the cavalry you might want to also invest in some bolt throwers with this force.

WOC have excelent choices for an all cav army, but nothing but magic to soften up the foe before your charges.

19-03-2009, 05:38
All cav , gateway WOC get my vote :)

Cypher, the Emperor
19-03-2009, 06:46
Chaos has chariots, too.
And a special character that buffs your knights.