View Full Version : Anyone going to Gencon?

19-03-2009, 00:15
Does anyone here have plans on going to gencon? Not sure if people here are even going to know what I'm talking about, but I thought I heard there was a sizable warhammer presence there each year.

Incase your wondering what it is, go to gencon.com. Basically it's one of the (if not THE) largest gaming conventions, at least in america. Roleplaying games, board games, collectibe crap games, wargames, whatever.

It takes place the middle of agust ever year, so it might sound a little early to be asking about it, but this is actually about the time you want to start planning to go. Been trying to get people in my gaming group to go with me this year, but I keep getting the same ol' "well, yeah I'd like to go, but we'll just have to see" which equates to "no". I don't understand why these people can't get it through their heads that the longer you wait to make plans for this the less likely you're going to find a good motel or afordable plane tickets...but whatever.

Anyways, just wondering if I'll end up seeing any warseer's while I'm in indianapolis...would be cool to get a game set up.

19-03-2009, 02:31
I would, but sadly I'm way too busy. Last time I went was about four years ago when I met Jarvis.