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19-03-2009, 15:34
This is a list, a revision, some tactics, hindsight and future thinking!

As a preface to the list, I created this force for my club's Warhammer tournament. No restrictions to choices. I managed to win the tournament last night, having won 4 major victories out of 5, using 3 rounds of Swiss and 3 rounds of knockout.

My opponents were: Lizardmen (old book), Vampire Counts, Vampire Counts, Vampire Counts, Empire.

I, thankfully, looked into the metagame by assumption of the armies opponents were likely to take, so my force has a lot of Slaanesh marks and ITP, feeling I may face Undead and Daemons.

The list:

Heros summary
I don't really like Lords in 2k. The negative of taking heroes is the general's leadership of 8, but I stood by 2 characters for the price of 1.

Exalted Hero
Mark of Slaanesh
Axe of Khorne
Favour of the Gods
Allure of Slaanesh
Steed of Slaanesh

This hero was a disposable assassin. Movement 20, S6, killing blow, great at pursuit. Ideal for flanking single rank cavalry, lonesome heroes and so on. He generally got charged and died because I left him in poorly placed units. In the final he ate 6 Knights - probably his only feat!

Exalted Hero
Battle Standard Bearer
Banner of Wrath
Chaos Steed
Mark of Slaanesh
Bloodcurdling Roar

I chose this setup to give me mobility with my BSB - so that he could switch units with ease, but his shooting attack was becoming either wasted or risking his life. Bloodcurdling roar is amazing, it cannot be countered (like a spell) since it is a shooting attack. It managed to take down lonely characters, eat a few knights and so on, but at the cost of his main role. Also, 2 ranged attacks became wasted whenever he got into combat.
In hindsight, I would split this build. It's too many cool powers in 1 model.

Chaos Sorceror
Mark of Tzeentch
Power Familiar
Book of Secrets
Level 2

This chap, with 4 power dice, was a stable flayer. I took an extra Fire spell in most games to counter regeneration and Metal for the final against Empire. He has flayed a Vhargulf with flaming spells alone!
Sat within a unit of marauders, he made a sound general but because my marauders got into combat a lot, from turn 3 onwards I was losing a lot of magic offensive.

Chaos Sorceror
Mark of Nurgle
Rod of Torment
Level 2
Chaos Steed

I think I rolled the nurgle stone thrower spell in 4 of 5 games for this guy... no amazing results overall. A few pin-point wounds claimed, but nothing about this guy stood out for the tournament until the final. My opponent forgot I had curse of leper on a large unit of cavalry, so they popped it a couple of turns later! :)

The Core
2x blocks of:

24 Marauders
Mark of Slaanesh
Hand Weapons, Light Armour + Shields
Full Command

2 Solid blocks of static combat res. These guys were strong enough to take and hold charges, but cheap enough to not worry about if they died. Primarily transports for my sorcerers and support for everything else. I strongly recommend these! No panic, no fear, no terror, re-roll from BSB and general's Ld = solid.

2 units of:
5 Chaos warhounds

These are so cheap, I'd take them every time even if they did nothing in some games. They have a lot of potential roles and they did some glorious work.
By luck of the dice, they received a charge from a skink chief with dagger of Sotek and beat him, and overran in pursuit on the 2nd turn.
Their main roles were blocking LOS to my expensive units (Knights and Chariots), barring my frenzy, claiming objectives and bait. Oh, the bait! Perfect for encouraging enemies into poor charges.

5 Marauder horsemen
Throwing Axes

Like the dogs, the horsemen were around for harassment but more abled with their feigned flight and fast cavalry rules. 5 S4 shooting attacks are always very handy when facing wandering heroes, artillery and so on. Getting these chaps around the back of enemies to break ranks in support can literally win games and at a cost that I'm happy to throw away.
In hindsight, I wish Id made them Slaanesh too. They failed a fear check to rear-charge a Vampire general and his skeleton unit in support of my Knights - could have ended that game there and then.

The Special
2 lots of:
Chaos Warrior Chariot
Mark of Khorne

This is a sick build. The Frenzy packs 6 S5 attacks and 4 S4 attacks on top of the impact hits. These beasts can tear through infantry on their own, so when use din support the results are horrendous. In some games one or both fell easily to fire or charges, but others they tore through everything in their way. Heck, one took a charge from Empire cavalry and ended up chasing them away.
I started to keep them tucked between the marauders so that enemy charges would draw in the static combat resolution of a unit of marauders should the chariot get charged.
I would take these every game!

5 Chaos Knights
Standard Bearer
Banner of Rage

Sadly my Knights didn't fare too well for the first 3 games. I would like to think they took the damage that would have mullered something else in my list, but that doesn't make them feel justified considering the cost.
However they tore through the flank of a unit of graveguard in game 4 and White wolves in the final - so they redeemed themselves!
I feel I took these largely to get the magic attacks, having a slight phobia of ethereal units. 15 s 5 attacks and 10 s4 attacks is a hefty punch, but these guys fall down far too easily it seems. They live in the shadow of my chariots.

The Rare
Scyla Angryfurman

Man of the year! This guy is immense. Great for tarpitting most units, especially undead. Great to throw at single rank enemy cavalry with characters - challenge, eat, overrun! The 6+ ward save is very useful - I managed to pass 4 times in a row in one game! Throw him at heroes with no fear, just keep out of the way of enemy ranged attacks. He managed to tarpit Kurt Helburg and 10 Reiksguard knights for a turn too. I'm happy to pay 105 points to keep THAT off my army :)

I suffered 1 miscast during the 5 games, nothing horrendous. No enemy casters suffered any against me, although Mannfred blew himself up in his semi-final bout! I feel, despite these facts, I would take Infernal Puppet in future games.

The 2 offensive bound spells worked well with my wizards to really force my opponent into wasting dice and scrolls. Quite often I used them first as they are guaranteed cast, making my enemy deal with the decision with the full weight of my dice potential behind me. If you roll your dice first and cock up a few casts, they have plenty of dispel dice left to counter the bound spells.

4 dispel dice was adequate I felt, but I think I would have liked the luxury of a dispel scroll in a couple of games. It was a risk, a habit of mine, not to take any and despite my final result, its a lesson hard learned.

I'd appreciate any feedback, questions, suggestions for this list. I don't plan on fielding them for a while as I've gone and built a brand new Lizardman army for carnage to use next week, but I will revisit them later in the year, particularly to give Scylla his own model!

Roast Ice
19-03-2009, 17:04
looks like a good list.
is putting an exhalted on a chariot any good? i have a chariot and iam contemplating it,
i have never seen the model of sclya but he sounds awsome.
good luck with you games

19-03-2009, 18:20
Congrats for the victory. Though, I prefer to have MoK instead of MoS for my marauders - for fluffy reasons and for the extra attack - but then I field a WoC army mostly composed by infantry.
I never fielded Scyla: he seems to have performed great in your battles but is he really better than 2 normal chaos spawns? Just wondering.

19-03-2009, 19:01
Roast Ice
A hero on a chariot becomes unit strength 5, so that is very good for flanking (and rear charges) as it breaks ranks of enemy units. He does become a target for enemy fire, but you can block with dogs or give him suitable protection if you see fit. If you don't give him Khorne, you're actually losing attacks, though the benefits of US5 and magic item/gifts options outweight that. Additionally, if the chariot dies, the hero remains.

Scyla is 5 points cheaper, albeit a negligible point. The negatives are:
1 model rather than 2.
Eye of the gods - Scylla has to challenge enemy units.

These make Scylla ideal for targeting heroes and lets him 'lock' a unit unless a hero refuses to fight, as the unit cannot hit him if he's in a challenge with their hero/champ.

Scylla is a bit bette ron stats overall and moves 1d6 more, so tends to get the charges in. The 6+ ward and Magic resistance give him superior endurance also.

Some rules will not allow special characters, so that cuts out Scylla.

20-03-2009, 12:10
What are Your thoughts on exalted on steed of Slaneesh?
I'm planning to use one myself, just got him assembled [torture :cries:]
I was thinking of running him with 5 MoS horseman, and then either sticking with the unit for the rest of the game or looking for some nice oportunities and charging on his own.

20-03-2009, 12:26
That's what I used above.

He's very vulnerable but can pump out some damage. With 4 attacks I'd use him in support, never alone unless you can flank a small line of cavalry or lone heroes as you're likely to only land 2-3 wounds. I scored 1 killing blow hit throughout the entire tournament :/

Remember his half move is 10 inch, so that's pretty handy for charging enemy archers and not being shot at.

May be worth sticking Bloodcurdling roar on him, as movement 20 gets him in good places.

Never make him your general :)

20-03-2009, 12:34
bloodcurdling roar seems an obvious choice, as for magic equipment i would probably go for collar of khorne.
Flail in the hands and off we go ;)
Maybe I'll start a new thread on equipping exalteds?

thanks for reply :)

22-03-2009, 17:00

Great Post!! I was thinking of starting up a new WOC with a similar list. Have you ever tried fielding Warriors(after all, they are "Warriors of Chaos") and what role can they work best? Although, I love the Chaos Warrior models, they do not seem to have a specific role(too expensive to form full ranks and too slow to be a Hammer). They are hard hitting with Great Weapon, but I am afraid that with MV4, people would just ignore them.

Also, I would love to see your Lizardmen list. I am starting a new Lizardmen army also, but my biggest problem is whether to field a Slann, as I always have problem with Magic. Though, I would love to have TG as a stubborn Anvil unit.

Thanks in advance ^^