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20-03-2009, 01:24
Armour of calador
amulet of light
vambrace of defence
long bow(had extra points)
star dragon

noble bsb in with dp
dragon armour
barded horse
battle banner

mage lv1
2 scrols

18 spearman
banner of arcane protection

10 archers

5 dp
banner of ellrion

7 sm

7 sm

10 wl
lion standard

3 bolts


comment plz

20-03-2009, 02:08
No phoenix guard? My friend always brings PG and I hate them with a passion. (because they often win the game for him) I would be interested to hear how a combat focused high elf list goes as my friend always has a huge magic arsenal. (it is very cheap to have potent offensive magic for HE)

20-03-2009, 13:13
Personally I don't think you've not created the mot effective HE force you could with hat you've got available. your mage is going to struggle to defend your army against magic, I might consider dropping the Noble BSB and adding another mage upto lvl2. Also try to add champions in the different units, drop the banner on the spearmen if neccesary. i can't really se that you've got large enough units of DP or WL to survive too much shooting either. i'd consider maybe dropping 2 of the Boltthrowers and bulking them up a little, maybe the amulet of light on the prince too and maybe give him the star lance. i like the ellyrion banner on the DP, it gives you another unit with the WL that can engage units on the other side of terrain and surprise your opponent.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
20-03-2009, 13:22
I personally dont think this list will do well. But thats just me. A couple missile shots and your army is poof. White lions are too small IMO as are the swordmasters. The dragon princes and dragon are all that is going to do anything for you in the ways of combat and the three bolt throwers speak for themselves as they are high elf bolt throwers and thus very potent. Not enough magic defence. An average magic army (i will just say maybe a l4 wizard and some magic items) would have an easy enough time taking this list to the cleaners.

Anywho thats just one mans opinion :D Best of luck