View Full Version : Need help on points decision.

Lord Seafire
20-03-2009, 13:22
I was wondering how many points this character I made up would be worth, yes I know he is extremely broken, thats the point. I was thinking around 320?

Waaaghlord of the Shoob: Crozzface Bone-Krusha'
WS/BS/S/T/W/I/A/Ld/Sv Points:
5 3 5 6 4 4 4 10 2+

Fasta' Power Klaw: "Dis eer' new and killy Klaw wich da meks made, would look like a regular klaw, but sum of da grey Shoobs made it chop fasta, and glowy." The rules and stats for a "Power Klaw" apply to this one, but does not strike last, as all Power klaws do. Instead roll for initiative.

Twin Linked Bigga' Pulse Shooty': "Sum of da grey shoobs did sumthin' to my gun, when I asked dem, dey said a bunch of gubbinsy stuff, oh well, now da bullets are blue!"

Special Mega' Armour: "I complained to da grey Shoobs dat my armour was too slow an' bulky, so dey put sum of der battlesuit gubbinz into my armour, dats anudda' way to make it go fasta!" Normal Mega armour rules apply but take away the "Slow and Purposeful" rule.

Cybork Body

Rules: Independant Character, Mob Rule, Furious Charge, Da Shoob Rebellion!

Da Shoob Rebellion: In the movement turn this power may be used. Crozzface unleashes a mighty warcry of the Shoob Rebellion, (SHOOOBAAAAAGH!!!) during this turn all Grey shoobs and Green Shoobs are given depending on the players choice, either +2 WS, or +2 BS. The warlord may not move this turn, it can also not be used on the first turn. Can only be used once.

Pulse shooty:
Range S AP Type
30" 5 4 Assult 2

Bigga' Pulse Shooty:
Range S AP Type
36" 5 4 Assult 3