View Full Version : Sooo, Anyone have any issues with this?

20-03-2009, 22:54
So, I recently got back in to WHFB. I played High Elves for about 12 years, but sold my stuff a few years back.
Well I recently got peer pressured into starting again, and I am having a BLAST!

Well, One thing I still have in my bitz box is an old Cockatrice.
I used to LOVE the High Elf Prince riding on the ugliest monster in the game.
I am playing Dark elves now, and wonder if anyone thinks it would be a big deal to proxy a Cockatrice as my manticore?

Basically I have a back story for Edrath the Humble. Third son of a moderately wealthy Noble family.
He will be a dreadlord on Manticore, but using probably Malus Darkblade on a cockatrice back


20-03-2009, 22:56
I thought you were going to say 'use it as an eagle'. A manticore... that's REALLY pushing it.

20-03-2009, 22:57
I'd be cool with it.

20-03-2009, 22:57
I thought you were going to say 'use it as an eagle'. A manticore... that's REALLY pushing it.

I should have mentioned this, I do plan on bulking it out and doing a bit of conversion work on it first.;)

20-03-2009, 23:06
No problem at all. Go for it.

20-03-2009, 23:14
They're not exactly polar opposites, I'd have no problem with it at all - but then again, my Exalted of Chaos is a slightly converted Pegasus Knight and my Warriors of Chaos are corrupted Wood Elf Looking Knights.

It's a free world - and open to ideas, so congratulations on breaking a mould, welcome back too :D

20-03-2009, 23:18
Not really, but then I'm known to pretty laid back, you never know when you;ll run into those strict rules types.

20-03-2009, 23:46
I can't remember the model actually, but no problem anyway

20-03-2009, 23:55
Why not, it would be at least amusing.

Which is my main aim, for the game to be amusing.

20-03-2009, 23:57
I think it'd make a funny Manticore and for that, I would let you

Sheena Easton
20-03-2009, 23:58
Though statwise the Cockatrice would be closer to the Dark Pegasus, it could work.

I want that model...

21-03-2009, 02:27
I want that model...
Find your own!:mad:


21-03-2009, 03:00
Dark Pegasus I would say, it would need a LOT of bulking (tail anyone?) to pass as a manticore I'd say

Nephilim of Sin
21-03-2009, 03:13
I would have to go with Pegasus as well. If it is the same one that I remember (and am looking at right now), it is tiny. Even a Pegasus knight is larger, so subbing it as a manticore would be a stretch. Unless it is a baby manticore. :D

21-03-2009, 10:40
It would be cool just to see the model so ofcourse I would allow it...I would probobly prefer it unconverted though just beacouse itīs cool.

Desert Rain
21-03-2009, 16:16
I think it would be better of as a Dark Pegasus, a Manticore is a bit too large. I wouldnt have any problems with it though.

22-03-2009, 10:53
Damn, the Cockatrice was one model I really should have bought at the time! I used to love the (Marauder miniatures?) chaos champion with the cool hat riding one.

Go for it, unless your friends are total gits about it. Otherwise, if they refused to let you use it as even a Dark Pegasus, hit them

22-03-2009, 14:48
No problem with it at all. I have one myself, lurking in a box waiting for the time to emerge again!

22-03-2009, 15:19
It'd be fine with me. But then, all of my games are with friends!

22-03-2009, 15:40
You might even see Beasts of Chaos with a Cockatrice. They need something to bulk out the list, so you might have the beginnings of a new beasts army.

I would have no issues with you using it as a manticore as long as you told me at the start of the game what it is.

22-03-2009, 18:20
none.... why should I have any problem?