View Full Version : More than 3 Heavy Weapons in an IG HWT box?

Sneaky Gitz
21-03-2009, 04:56
I'v had a small IG force for awhile now, but I never got any heavy weapon team boxes because I couldn't stand paying 35 dollars for only 3. I've heard of people building more than 3 from a single box before, but I cannot find pictures of the sprues to make sure whats in there.

So my question is if one can make more than 3 heavy weapons with a single box of 3 if they have a left over cadian sprues of about 10 or 20 men? Are there more than a single heavy bolter, missile, mortor ect.? Only 3 large baes?


21-03-2009, 04:59
If you mix in a few pairs of legs from the box of 20 standard IG, you can. You get three of each type of weapon and three pairs of kneeling legs. If you throw in a few standing to mix it up then you can have many more for the price. But only three of each weapon. Yep.

Sneaky Gitz
21-03-2009, 05:01
Awesome! I think I may go pick a box up. Thanks!

Caiphas Cain
21-03-2009, 05:01
As far as I know, it is not possible to make more than 3 heavy weapons with what is included in the box. There is one of each possible heavy weapon in each box, three bases. I think you might be able to, with the cadian sprue, and some greenstuff.

21-03-2009, 05:05
You can make 3 tripod mounted weapons, 3 hand held missile launchers, and 3 mortars I believe. You need extra men to form the missile crews, but you play guard and should be able to find a few extra bodies.

21-03-2009, 05:15
You'll need extra bases, legs and bodies. The easiest part if making a missile launcher using ordinary infantry legs, torso, and head. The set of legs that has one leg ahead of the other works best. The missile launcher uses its own arms. The directions in the box say to use the stand with the missile launcher, but it doesn't work with standing legs and you need the stand for the mortar. The model works fine without the stand anyway. Put a lascannon or autocannon on the tripod. You'll have to use kneeling legs to do this. It pretty much exactly follows the directions on the box. The mortar gunner doesn't have to be touching the mortar, so you can make it almost entirely from infantry box parts. Use the supplied hand with mortar bomb in it and put the guy near a mortar and it'll work. Finally, set the heavy bolter on a rock or something. Pick something about the same height as the tripod, since that's what the heavy bolter is intended to be placed on. You should still have a set of kneeling legs and some suitable arms left over. The heavy bolter uses the same kind of trigger as the lascannon and autocannon, but there are two included in the kit. One has arms attached and one doesn't.

Make loaders out of ordinary infantry. There are some interesting bits in the heavy weapons kit you can accessorize with but it isn't necessary.

21-03-2009, 05:21
Without any converting skill at all, you can make a Missile Launcher, either a Lascannon, Heavy Bolter or Autocannon (They all use the same tripod) and a Mortar. Use 2 standing models and HW arms for the ML, one kneeling and one standing for the Mortar and the other one.

If you want to do some minor conversions, you can make pretty much all of them. The tripod for the Heavy Bolter can be done away with pretty easily if you just prop it up on the sandbags. You don't even need to have the guys shooting it-one could be reloading it and another just shooting a Lasgun. The Lascannon and Autocannon are a bit big for those, but if you've got a bits box, it should be pretty easy to scare up some plausible rubble for them to sit on.

Alternately, with a bit of chopping, the bipod from the Mortar also looks really good on the Heavy Bolter.

Out of one box, I made a Missile Launcher and a Heavy Bolter, and could have made a Lascannon but wasn't happy with the conversion, so it went into the bitz box.

Really, the thing is very versatile, all you need are extra bases and Guardsman bodies and some imagination.

21-03-2009, 06:07
You can also take heavy weapons not used from the Leman Russ, i.e. the hull mounted heavy bolter or lascannon. But I'd imagine that would be harder to convert.

21-03-2009, 07:22
Using the same tripod you can swap the heavy bolter,lascannon and autocannon. Also you can make your own tripods or used some buildings stuff to make it stay in place...Missile launcher can be put to another models from the 20 men box set...The mortar you can assemble and you can put it in front of 2 regular guardsmen.