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12-12-2005, 21:59
OK, I'm interested in running a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game. This is obviously old World of Darkness rule set, and it will be at a Fostern level (so custom creation stats). You will all be experienced youths within a single Caern and it will be set in New Zealand of all places.

First and foremost, before you show any interest, I'll let you know a few things. I'm a hard ST. I have been on various online DigiChats for years, including White Wolf's old flagship chat as an ST for Werewolf. I don't allow crap, and I don't allow trinkets and goodies to be given without some damn fine story. You will not have Klaives, you will not have ultra-powerful Numen, and having Helios as a personal Totem is RIGHT OUT :D

So Revised rules, no 2nd or 1st Edition books to be used. I will be sticking as closely to the rule book itself as possible for simplicity's sake, as well as VERY simplified combat. This will be a game of Roleplayng, after all, not Rollplaying.

If you think you can handle having your character reviewed by a tyrant and a game run by someone who doesn't apologise for pain you may receive in the process, register interest here.

Cheers :)

12-12-2005, 22:15
Oh yes, also, being in New Zealand, we don't precisely have a wolf population, so obviously there will be very few of you. The current Tribal status would be;

Shadow Lords
Bone Gnawers
Uktena (They are a tribe of ethnic minorities)
Glass Walkers
Silver Fangs (with good reason, there is little to attract them)
Children of Gaia
Black Furies
Get of Fenris

Not Present
Red Talons (Not even a wolf in a zoo here after all)
Wendigo (Obvious reasons)
Siberakh (as per Wendigo)
Bunyip (they're all dead)
Croatan (as per Bunyip :p)

More to follow

12-12-2005, 22:37

Huh, my birth totem is wolf.

13-12-2005, 19:45
I am interested also havnt played W:TA in sometime this sounds like good fun

Hate Train
13-12-2005, 21:26
I'm interested, but I lack the materials neccessary to participate. Alas.