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21-03-2009, 23:31
Hello there!

I really do not where else to ask.
I am working on an old Armorcast Revenant Titan and need the old, detailed fluff about it probably can be found in WD 186, when the Revenant the first time was released and introduced for Epic.
I mean I really need it.

I will explain what I'm planing to do if you wish.

But does anybody have this WD and can help me? Anybody?

Marshal Argos
22-03-2009, 09:17
Here's some pretty old info, but in french, just have to run it through a translator...

And then there's always the Lex

22-03-2009, 19:11
May I remind you that asking for scans, from, or reproducing material without permission of the copyright holder of a copyrighted item, such as an issue of White Dwarf, is illegal and a breach of our Forum Rules (http://warseer.com/warseers_forum_rules)


22-03-2009, 22:33
It doesn't have to be scans but background details such as banner symbolism, number of pilots, whether or not the Revenant has an infinity circuit etc. I am asking for the WD because I assume that nobody knows things like this from memory but maybe someone has WD 186 in his collection and after knowing where to search could just look there and at least tell me whether there are infos like that at all.
Maybe I am searching for something that even does not exist - but if it does, then in this WD.

The French link from Argos (not exactly this one but if you look a little on the linked site) actually contains some fluff of what I searched.

22-03-2009, 23:39
Your best bet is to keep an eye out on eBay and simply buy the WD issue.

23-03-2009, 04:50
Maybe I am searching for something that even does not exist - but if it does, then in this WD.

I can help you. I have the WD you're looking for. I'll paraphrase the information.

Revenants work just like Phantom Titans. That is, they have a large spirit stone in the cockpit that enables organic feats of agility, as if it were a living creature (in a way they are... Eldar see no difference here.) IIRC, Revenants have the three pilots mind linked, just like the Phantom crews. (This applies to Jes G.'s original design; the Forgeworld version has only one pilot with a spirit stone.) Revenants also have jump jets that enable them to jump over tall buildings, hills, etc.

There's a story about how the Saim-hann craftworld used Revenants against a Nurgle horde. Basically they used leap-frog tactics with a Wind Rider Host: the Revenants would jump in to take out the heavier targets, then the Jetbikes and Vypers swept in to finish off the survivors. The Eldar used the cover of the marshland to shield their advance.

If you really need insignia and banners for Eldar titans, you need to pick up Codex Titanicus (the old book; it has a paperboard cover... don't get confused with another book of the same name, which came with the Titan Legions boxed set.) The WD issue has nothing of the sort; just some pictures , some rules, and the story I've mentioned.

Marshal Argos
23-03-2009, 09:13
@ Kuanor... He sorry 'bout that. I just noticed that your looking for Eldar and not Imp stuff... I have no idea what I was thinking yesterday.

23-03-2009, 12:56
No problem, probably you just mixed up Revenant and Reaver, right? ^^

@ Starchild: Thank you, this really helps a lot!

So the number of Pilots is 3 plus infinity circuit?
I assume spirit stone is an old, confusing expression for infinity circuit, because the little thing on the armour is called waystone. What I a am going to do is to design the old Armorcast titan a bit more exiting. The pose is already changed and some deco details added but the plan contains to cave the cabin and model the pilots and stuff in there, and that's why I need to know how they sit in the cockpit and like that as precise as possible.

Now for banners: I have read the old Codex Titanicus but it's problem is that it only knows the Phantom - the Rev did not exist at that time, as the Warlock titan did not.
If you now look at this Phantom banner:
The symbol in centre-bottom (the triangle with 2 wings, 2 arms and 2 legs) symbolizes a Phantom. The question is how the according symbol for a Revenant or a Warlock. Maybe there are any pictures in the WD with identifiable runes?
And are there any other interesting information about Eldar titans not known from Codex Titanicus?

Ah, and thank you again for helping in this topic. :)