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22-03-2009, 16:08
Hi all

as the title shows, i need some advice to get my new project started. The 13. Coy of SW (SoC) was my first and only try with 40k. Got a break of nearly 2 years from the hobby and wanna restart.

So, if there are some experienced DH players out - plz talk to me

I'm mostly interested in:

1. Do they have a future, or are there rumors out that GW doesn't love the DH and maybe decide after a short period of time to put them into where they come from?

2. Which units are useful, which are crap and why? some explaining Army lists of about 1750 pts would be much apreciated

3. Which unit would u pick for the IG Stormtroopers (cause the modes are really crap)? What do u think about to replace them with DKOK or Elysian Drop Troops?

u guys got any ideas?

thx in advance


Grand Master Raziel
22-03-2009, 16:23
1: Current GW policy is that any army with a stand-alone codex will be backed into perpetuity. Daemonhunters have a stand-alone dex, so you can count on being able to play your army. You may not be able to count on getting updates any time soon, but that's another story.

2: The only "unit" that I think is crap is the Orbital Bombardment. Everything else can be fairly worthwhile. That said, trying to tool up an Inquisitor or Inquisitor Lord for close combat is a fool's errand, as no matter how much wargear and weapons you slap on, you've still got a S3, T3 character with a retinue that can't fight its way out of a wet paper bag. Minimal gear and a retinue tooled up for long-range shooting is the way to go with Inquisitors/Inqy Lords.

3: Personally, I like the Kasrkin models, but the DKOK or Elysian models would certainly look very striking.

22-03-2009, 16:26
3: Personally, I like the Kasrkin models, but the DKOK or Elysian models would certainly look very striking.

Honestly Elysians "look" more like stormtroopers to me. I also really enjoy their cut down lasguns.

22-03-2009, 16:29
1.) This question about "will Daemonhunters survive" comes up every two weeks, so using the search button would have helped.
2.) For questions about tactics, Warseer has the Tactica subforum, with this thread http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152868 for 5th edition Daemonhunters (including a good list of links) and this one for Grey Knights http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=153031 .
3.) Any IG regoment can work for Inquisition. I prefer Vostroyans, as they have an equal amount of bling to my Sororitas.

22-03-2009, 16:30
i use Dkok grenadiers as storm troopers they look awsome lots of character. no pic tho sorry.

22-03-2009, 19:11
try these guys for tactical advice:

as for advice on how to build your force, try 2 squads of 6 Grey Knights with 2 incinerators in each squad. 1 GK Hero with incinerator. 2 Land Raider Crusaders (don't take psycannon bolts for them unless you want HUGE arguments(though I STILL say that I'm right;))), 2 inquisitors with Null Rods, Terminator Armor and Incinerators, and your favorite flavor of assassin. This gives you 2 squads that are untouchable to psykers (eg Tyranids, CSM, Eldar), Two transports that have AV14 all around(safety from S7 weapons), and flame weapons that are my personally favorite weapon in the game(no 4,5, or 6+ saves of ANY kind)(bane of swarms, orks, and Tau Fire warriors).

Alternately, you could get a bunch of basilisks and take 2 squads of GK terminators allied, but like the psy bolts, only do this if you can work through the screams of CHEESE!!!

Although, I fully expect you to ignore both suggestions, and use lists that are a leeetle more flexible.

22-03-2009, 19:53
Look here for current rumours:

Aubec le noir
22-03-2009, 20:27
1 / yes i think that DH will live
2/ for the list : i always thought that someone must make his own list because there's always troops or equipements that one's truly love : for me it's the psycannons, culexus assassin (even if he's not the best) and the GKTermies. So take the advices and do your list at your own sauce. but it's true forget CC inquisitor ;)
3/ I like the Kasrkins, but the vostroyans too and i bought few weeks ago from the on line store a squad of Mordians look of whom i truly love (look a lot like inquisition troops)
Aubec :chrome: