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22-03-2009, 19:42
I have a daemon army and I want to add a load of marines with it. When its done it will be apocalypse worthy. So what im looking for are ideas for a historical primarch decended to daemonhood(like that of the world eaters) So if its not to much to ask please put in some names and stats or info on leaders you think are good for this role.

Lord Damocles
22-03-2009, 19:55
Deamon primarchs:

Angron (World Eaters)
Mortarion (Death Guard)
Fulgrim (Emperor's Children) (well, kind of a deamon primarch anyway...)
Magnus (Thousand Sons)
Perturabo (Iron Warriors)
Lorgar (Word Bearers)

22-03-2009, 20:01
You dont really need it to be a primarch. You can use the original RoC fluff and have reguler marines (there are other possibilities but marines would be the best bet) who have ascended to daemonhood and gained followers of thier own until they became minor gods in and of themselves.

22-03-2009, 20:02
If a mixed force of Daemons, Lorgar would be the most likely choice.


22-03-2009, 23:31
Thnx ppl now I just need one more thing and itll sound pretty silly. Which of those at the top are undivided

22-03-2009, 23:33
I think, only Perturabo and Lorgar. Neither of those guys have had models made of them as daemon princes in epic, so I've got no idea at all what they might have looked like!