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22-03-2009, 21:17
Id love to take a bunch in my tomb kings army, but they're SOO expensive.

Anyone got any ideas for conversions, or pictures of their own?

23-03-2009, 11:28
I used to use Warmaster high elf great eagles, but they might be pushing it, they were quite small.

It probably wouldn't be that hard to sculpt your own. Maybe using plastic pegasus knights wings as a base, skeleton warrior chest, greenstuff.. :) Might give it a go myself

23-03-2009, 13:37
I was pointed here from my usual lurking place over at a Tomb King only place. I made my own carrion these past hollidays from a box of Warhounds of Chaos, and Harpy wings. Round about 17 pounds and 5 dogs to spare. Of course they don't look like "birds", but they fit the armies theme perfectly.







So if you want to concider something not too vulture like, this might fit you. Or you could use small vultures and birds from Warmaster or other kits to make a swarm like base to represent the carrion.
For me? after years of tinkering with the idea, this was the result. Now all I have to do is to find time to paint them.

Edit: had to rectify the links, and added a close up

23-03-2009, 19:20
Hmm, the quadraped with wings idea sounds like a good one. Which do you think would work better as a base, VC dire wolves or just skeletal steeds, and would the plastic pegasus wings look sensible on them size wise or are they too large?

24-03-2009, 00:10
Well, I personally didn't like the rotten look of the vampire counts' wolves. But they fit if you like that stuff. For those, the pegasus wings are definetly too large. And harpy wings are a bit too small, but if you look at the pictures closely you cann see how I circumvented that.
But i'd like to see the winged horses as carrion. Very neat idea, call them Thestrals. For these, the pegasus wings would obviously fit the size, though you might want to concider using a leathery wing and not a feathered one. Fitting the not so skeletal wings to the skeletal body of the horse might be problematic though. Those wings will most likely look like stuck on. If you got an idea how to do that, by all means do. But it's the more daring project I guess. Plus: base size might not match so well.

So the cheaper version would probably be the hounds and harpy wings from the mailorder. The more prestigous task would be the skeletal horses with wings .

PS: just had a look at the Wings the mailorder offers: Dark Pegasus Wings or maybe even Winged Nightmarewings might do, but the later will most likely be to large concidering there's a unit to arrange.

24-03-2009, 18:28
Generally I much prefer my models to look really cool than to save a few quid.

I had the ideas today of pegasus riders. They fit fairly well to the stat line of a carrion and could look really cool. I'd use basic TK heavy cavalry models then would simply add the wings and add details to make them look like they fit the model.

Another option for the wings is to make skeletal wings out of chaos spawn hook like things (a conversion I've done once before with a dead HE dragon on my squig herd base). It'd probably fit much better than real wings, and could probably be done for prety cheep if I can scrounge spawn bits off friends (or simply selling the rest of the spawn to someone)

Wha'd'y'a' think?

(EDIT: I'll see if I can get some pics of the dragon base)

25-03-2009, 09:30
Such a unit would indeed look great, and would be pretty unique as well. I hadn't thought of riders.
Concerning the spawn-wings: I don't know. Might work, but would take an example to make sure. I know I had huge problems deciding on the right wings.