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23-03-2009, 01:41
another match now, finally with pics, even if it's something like "the dark side of the moon", or "paint it black" :D
first of all say if i'm getting you bored: we play a lot, and i like to write down reports duriing spare time, so i plan to continue
tell me if you don't like!!

after the 2 dwarfs matches
(see them on Dwarfs Agains Lizards (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=187680))
i decided to try the "Trolls" list suggested by Anuburos, of course with some changes that i think suits better; she kept her usually list this time despite of me heavy using special characters.
so i take up all models with a large base i found, and tried to do something nice with them..
used a lot of counters (ushabti, snots, wolves and boars as warhounds), and lots of them are still unpainted but i hope i give u an idea anyway,i'm on ebay lookin for cheap trolls, even the skullpass one are good, and i have 8 of them nowadays..
if it's worth i'm gonna increase the horde!

2250 Lizardmen
Slann: higher state (immune to mundane), rumination (free dice each cast) Tepok plaque (knows one more spell)
Skink priest: 5+ Ts, engine of gods, power stone
Saurus Veteran: LA, shield, +2 A

21 saurus: spear, full command
12 skinks skirmishers
11 skinks skirmishers
10 chameleon skinks
3 kroxigors
16 temple guard: full command
3 salamanders: 9 skinks
3 terradons

2250 Trolls (WoC)
Valkia the Bloody
Troll King Throgg
chaos sorcerer of tzeench= 2nd level, barded chaos steed
chaos sorcerer of tzeench= 2nd level, barded chaos steed, 2x dispel scrolls

3x 4 trolls
1x 3 trolls
3x 5 chaos warhouds
2x chaos giants of Slaanesh

quite simple list: go, don't fail stupidity, and smash! 2 generals and 2 standard bearers, lots of fear causing troops (so i won't have to remember kroxies), and characters hard as stone.
i planned to field both a tzeench and a slaaneshi sorc, but i forgot it since the start of the game: i rolled for both on the tzeench list (i simply didn't use the bloodcurdling roar i planned to give to one of them, to make points legal)

she choose Fire for the Slann (all, except for fire bolt), and the skink had Far's portent and Cassandora
i rolled 1 and 4 for both sorcerers.

i fielded from right to left: a flank with a giant, 3 trolls, the warhounds, Valkia and a sorcerer, then a strong middle with 2 warhounds shieldmeats, then 3 troll units (one with the king); the sorcerer on the woods and the other giant to the top left.
she had skinks wings as always (chamaleons didn't scout.. strange!) then from righ to left terradons, salamanders, temple guard with slann, a kroxigor shield, spear saurus with veteran, Engine of Gods.
she went first.
Deployment (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3602/3377876334_4a47fc7799_b.jpg)

skinks march toward me, so did salamanders and kroxy too, infantry units simply come a little forward, and the stegadon remained on the back, lowering casting costs for Fire spells.
the first magic phase was wonderful: 3 dice on cassandora by the sking:
!!! (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3419/3377713726_989e2f3389_o.jpg)
she put the marker between my 3 trolls units
i tried to dispell a wall of flames on the meatshield but failed with snake eyes, and then the slann rolled another IF on the conflagration of doom..
she killed me 2 hounds and more then a troll without any shoot at all, and the worst was yet to come!
in my turn the comet didn't come (2 counters), and all troll units passed their stupidity thanks to the king and the general being nearby.
no charges, but the army marched toward the enemy: warhounds put them as baiters, the troll tried to get good positions, Valkia tried to be in a little cover.
the giant on the right moved next to the wood, and the one on the left went into the wood fearing the skinks. the two sorcerers find better places to cast enchants.
first roll was a 2 diced fire of tzeench, easily dispelled, then i tried 4th enchant with the other one, and i rolled 2,1,1: miscast!!
oh, shame on me.. but rolling a 8 all RIP spells were ended!! no comet over me!! wonderfull!! oh, i praise you, tzeench.. and the 6+ Wsv saved my sorcerer too!! it's wonderfull: i'm blessed!! :D
no shooting, and no HtH, means turn 2
End Turn 1 (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3591/3377858444_facfb111a0_b.jpg)

kroxigors didn't fall in my trap, and didn't charge hounds, terradons fly over my King's unit, dropping heavy stones upon us, skinks came closer their targets, but chamaleons stayed on the back of the second unit (mistake, i fear..) sallies simply turned a little, and the 2 infantry units formed a strong line a couple of inches closer to me.
magic again, same trick from EoG, and things went a little better at the cost of 1 scroll and all my dispel dices, but this time shooting was her change
the sallies killed a troll, and wounded another one on the king unit, then skinks on the right wounded twice the giant, while the left one put 3 wounds on the chaos sorcerer. luckily enough i saved all of them with Ws and As.
i passed easily trolls panic too.
my turn, and time to charge! stupidity test saw the Troll unit in front of the kroxi fail (despite needing 8 or less..), so did the trolls on the right.
i declared a charge with both warhounds and trolls on the sallies, but stupid dogs failed their fear test and all the center become useless this turn.. really a pity (i forgot to use troll king Ld, that could help maybe)
the giant and the sorcerer on the left double charge the skinks (stand and shoot), on the right did the same on the skinks (fleed in the woods leaving me without anything better to do) and Valkia flyed on the terradonts (stand and shoot, cause she feared to end out from the table).
guys: that's an army!!! at least compared my beloved sturdy dwarves eheh ;)
we resolved stand and shoot reaction: skinks on the left put 6 wounds on the giant, who felt without any damage, but terradons did anything good against Valkia (st2 against To5)
during magic phase i was barely skilled enough to kill a saurus with a flame of tzeench, but nothing else.
in Hth the sorcerer on the left hit and killed twice, the horse killed a skink too, no wounds in rexponse, i won by two and they fleed! i pursue, got them and break into the chamaleons: who needs giants anymore?!
Valkia easily smashed 2 terradons, forcing the last one to flee out of the table, but didn't pursue cause we need her in other places! :)
End of Turn 2 (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3562/3376899413_c5e10061eb_b.jpg)

the skinks to the right rally, but large part of her army was engaged, or in bad position, so with almost no moves we got into magic phase.
she put a few wounds in 2 troll units, nothing so much for now, but in shooting phase that allowed sallyes to kill a troll in each unit, that meaned panic tests, and the first unit failed it, and fleed just over my troll king, despite of his leadership.
in Hth the mage showed his mastery killing 2 chamaleons, they lose by 1 but fleed, i managed to get them all!
it seems like this mage is sooo better than my usual combat-Thane..
now i really needed to make serious damage if i wanted to win the game: hounds on the left charged the TG (just to free the way, without having to test fear of sallies), then trolls back of them charged the salamanders, the king unit and Valkia double charged the Kroxies, the hounds in the center flank charged just to free some space, and the hounds on the right charged the skinks, loosing 2 of them from stand and shoot, but passing the panic test.
of course without any Ld help the right trolls didn't pass their stupidity, and the one who where fleeing didn't rally at all.
the 2 sorcerers searched for good places to stay, and the giant walked a bit around.
nothing good during magic, so we went to HtH: kroxy felt like flyes from Valkia and Throgg hits, then i overrun into the saurus; the hounds killed a skink, but loose one of them too, but i stayed.
two skinks died from a troll, but the rest of the unit did anything more, so i loose a couple of wounds, and i had to pass a panic test, which i passed with easy; the hounds against TG did nothing at all, but, INSANE COURAGE! my unit did the job, and i think won the match for me this time!
End Turn 3 (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3587/3377876306_f9b0e3f4de_b.jpg)
(note the 2 dices in the middle: snake eyes from hounds!i've found an use for all my 1s)

just the Eog repositioned a little, and we moved straight to the magic phase: the Eog casted "burning allignement" taking off 2 wounds from Valkia, killing a troll from Throgg's unit, and hitting twice the giant; a firebolt took another wound from him (no panic at all, except mine: just the magic armour of -1 St saved Valkia..)
during HtH the skinks on the right ripped off my hounds, then we resolved the saurus combat: Valkia challenged and killed the veteran (she just did 3 wounds, 2 less and the veteran could kill her), then troll kings killed 2 saurus, and 1 more died from the Trolls, i managed to save 2 wounds from her unit champion, and the whole unit got +1A.
i won, they fleed, but i run over just with the king and Valkia: she get them and hit the EoG, instead the unit was now less big, and no more in front of the TG.
the Temple Guard raped 2 hounds, i fleed, they pursued, killed the last one, and moved a bit in the back of my lines. in the Sallies' combat i killed a lizard, and lost another wound, she holds.
in my turn the trolls fleed off the table, then the giant went into the TG's flank alone, Throgg followed Valkia into the Stegadon, the sorcerer on the right charged skinks, and the one on the right charged the sallyes with the last hounds unit and the +1A trolls (no kills in stand and shoot)
no magic as all my casters were in combat (where they seemed to do their best), we moved into combat.
my general took 2 wounds into the stegadon, the troll king failed to kill the skink (just 1 wound), but they didn't do anything to my general.. i won (Valkia caused terror after killing the veteran on last turn), she fleed, i took her with Valkia.
the 3 units killed skinks too, and i keep the trolls from pursue; the giant rolled "pick up and.." the Temple guardian i choose simply took his last wound cutting him a finger..
:wtf: i think he was somehow like Sauron on the Lord of the rings maybe..
on my side, i finally killed all sallies with the help of the sorcerer
End Turn 4 (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3430/3377952816_594b1f5f32_b.jpg)
(see all those wounds counters..)

with only the slann left: she could only make some serious damage, and hoping to panic or kill something, but a mix of my last scroll and a bad luck just killed a Troll.
we kept on the match, but it was simply me trying to surround her last unit, then charge and 2 turns of killings: they managed to hold to Throgg and 2 troll units(on both flanks), one of which had +1 A. my sorcerer too challenged the Revered guardian, who took him 1 wound during the 3 turns of combat (two mine and 1 hers).
Toward the End (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3438/3377100369_0d46969dfa_b.jpg)
Last Stand (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3659/3377876322_f013f8de82_b.jpg)
The End (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3447/3377876338_1dc5848747_b.jpg)

at the end it was a massacre for me, but with that sort of list she had really few things to do; anyway in a couple of times she could brake my eggs: Valkia could die from a single EoG turn, the TG could break into the Troll's flank for a big damage, simply resolving combats in other order would decrete my end, and the last turn magic could be devastating killing an unit and blocking the other with a firewall.
as always a lovely match, i hope u guys liked piccies, even if the 90% of models were black, and furthermore them weren't Troll at all (Throgg was the treekin for those u'll ask)

if u liked comment, and say what kind of report u did prefer: i'm planning to write a serie, and u can expect something more! :D

23-03-2009, 14:02
Looking at the list I really thought the trolls wouldn't stand a chance, but you proved me wrong :)

Nice report.

23-03-2009, 19:55
Looking at the list I really thought the trolls wouldn't stand a chance, but you proved me wrong :)

Nice report.

what he said ;)

helpful pics though it hurts my eyes to see all those unpainted minis (and proxies)

24-03-2009, 09:31
How did the salamanders do, I couldn't tell in
the battle report (late here and I am tired).
Also would you be able to have your friend
play test some razordens, even if he proxys