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23-03-2009, 02:50
Just thought I would post this; not really willing to make them as I have too much on the go but this was a CSM idea I had brewing for awhile...

The Warp Kings

Second scheme, halved red/black with gold/purple stuff

The Warp Kings are a renegade horde gathered from those in the Eye with a great will against Chaos; Not, however, those too timid to demand its gifts...

Their founder, Almega of the Black Legion, strove for Daemonhood without sacrificing his Soul to Chaos. Many who mocked the gods with similar demands received violent and self-inflicting mutations. Indeed Almega's war for both worldly power and that of the Gods was hard fought, and many such 'gifts' were amputated or replaced with bionics. Ultimately his conquests redeemed him to the gods. (his desecration of the holy site on Minathra IV, and the destruction and turning of the Iron Mantis Chapter to name a few) His strength and skill elevated to equal that of a Daemon Prince.

His followers are equally compelled to control their destinies. Followers are picked from the last-standing members of Butchered Warbands and other worthy adversaries found in the warp. These Traitors are pitted against Chaos spawn in unarmed combat, as a test of their mastery over the whims of the Gods. If they survive, the tenants of the Warp Kings are laid out for them and it is their choice to join the ranks.

The Warp Kings make pacts with the Gods at will with no loyalties but to themselves. They employ Sorcerers adept at shaping the will of chaos to help guide their mutations, never willing to settle for the inclinations of the Gods, and always with the strength of will to keep their minds intact. They are always prepared to amputate and butcher their own flesh if it proves undesirable, leading to a heavy use of Bionics.

As the pic, only not laid down in stone, each model will have a few similarities, such as the trim, helmet etc, but the colours will be a shifting mix, I want a very rogue-trader traitorish vibe. Their chapter symbol is a Crown of Thorns, indicating the struggles they endure to achieve their power.

They will have a variety of mutations mixed throughout, and each model should be prepared with moderate true-scaling and customization in mind.
My concept arose after imagining all the models in the BF amalgamated into one unified force; eg, taking the ears off the Berzerker heads and giving all models chainweapons/bolters, like one-handed bolters are easy... The best Possessed bits to be saved for aspiring champions (mini Princes in their own right) and sorcerers.

List customzation
No Cult troops, but Icons for all squads, and with a CC focus (slannesh and Khorne). Defilers, princes, sorcs with Gift of Chaos, Chosen
No actual possessed; which works against the fluff

If anyone thinks this a good idea, feel free to use it! either way, let me know what you think

Born Again
23-03-2009, 03:21
I'm not really a fan of the colour scheme, but as far as the background goes, it seems pretty cool, and totally viable! I like the idea of them wanting to use chaos to better themselves but not being slaves to it.

23-03-2009, 03:27
I think I should try painting a marine... I don't have any of my CSM though. As is that is a pretty bad representation, I agree. Its the best I could come up with with the BnC chapter color tool.

As far as the explanation goes I think the extra colours aside from the purple/black/gold, will be more patterned and details. Think slannesh schemes, or the random hazard stripes on Iron Legion.

23-03-2009, 04:06
Interesting concept. I don't care for the way the design looks on paper but it might come out looking better on plastic. Let's see some painted stuff and i'll pass judgment then.

23-03-2009, 04:16
If only the Iron Warriors, Night Lords and Alpha Legion hadn't already started the "use Chaos w/o becoming slaves" philosophy.

23-03-2009, 04:25
Aziel45 : Thanks, what I want to convey, but it is kind of hard in a description, and with the BnC painter, is the Rogue-Trader feel.
It's hard to describe, but sort of a mix of moorcock/nostalgic 40k/Bloodquest comic vibe. Back in the rogue trader days the chaos legions were more random, not as stereotyped between legions, and had very off the wall colors/symbols that really seemed 'chaotic'.

If only the Iron Warriors, Night Lords and Alpha Legion hadn't already started the "use Chaos w/o becoming slaves" philosophy.

oh snap... they all generally abhor mutation and are made up entirely of old legions.
The point of this warband is to gather the best of the best and actually strive for mutations, a little at a time so they don't give in

Serg. Lynchbox
23-03-2009, 06:39
I agree... they should have a solid 3 color base.. The color scheme looks too... clownish?

Deuce Blue
26-03-2009, 02:47
I would love to crush such blasphemers with my Word Bearers. All in all a good concept to work with, I like the fact that they amputate their mutations.