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23-03-2009, 05:19
I was reading through the rulebook and noticed some very interesting pictures depicting the artists views on how something was visualized.

Some interesting things to note:

Big Red Book
Page III (after index) - Is that the war altar? its like 100 foot high! only D6 S5 hits on charge? looks like 5D6 hits on charge to me! Flying mage on pegasus has 2 swords 15 foot tall!
Page IV (after index) - That HUGE beast has no wings and wields a sword, cant be a bloodthirster! Beasts of Chaos unique greater Daemon?
Page 1 - WTF? huge titan sized empire dreadnaught. Where is that in the rules?
Page 47 - WTF? Huge mobile Flaggelant city complete with bear drummer!
Page 60 - Is that saurus in a chariot on the right?
Page 73 - Beastmen with Mammoths? Actually thats very fluffy. Where are the rules GW??!
Page 90 - Looks like an auto-loading dwarf bolt thrower! where is the multshot boltthrower in the dwarf book?
Page 123 - Another whacky empire wagon, this time from the college of magic. Rules please!
Page 126 - Yep, Keeper of secret is definately large target and causes terror
Page 175 - Should Orc "Big" bosses be on the larger bases?