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23-03-2009, 07:23
I'm still rummaging around, trying to find an army I'd like to start. I'm looking at BoC and TK, right now, but obviously, there are a few problems.

Tomb Kings are to reliant on magic just to do the most basic things, and never seem to have enough of it.

BoC is 2/3 of a book, the remaining 1/3 was tossed with the HoC book, but otherwise, I love it.

I was looking at Empire, and was impressed by the thought of it's infantry, but I am not impressed by the War Machines, as I would prefer monstrous units instead.

Basically, if I could play a mortal TK list, I might be happy with that. Basically, I would be replacing the characteristics of the skeletons and mounts with their Empire equivalents (Heavy Horseman would still be Light Armor, Spears, etc), but units like the constructs would remain in the army. The Kings and Princes would be Empire Captain and General, but have access to the TK armory. The Priests would be the hard part to configure.

Obviously, I could probably run this in a friendly game, but it's not really tournament legal. The only army I can think of that could match this is the Greenskins, but I don't much care for Animosity.

Any thoughts?

23-03-2009, 08:35
Sounds like a Dogs of War army to me. They have pretty much all the units you'd want, even though you may need to model some of them a little differently. Of course, quite a few tournaments don't allow DoW lists, but as long as that's no hindrance (and you don't mind having a bottom-tier "army book" to work with), it's there for you to choose.

23-03-2009, 08:50
You could just treat it as a Tomb King army. The Humans could run away one by one to represent crumbling, raiseing them back could be the priests summoning sandstorms to pick new soldiers up from elsewhere and put them there, the movement spell can the priests shifting the sand under the soldiers feet forward.

You can then just try to put the egyptian armour on human soldiers, and rebuild some of the other units skin back, like ushabtis, carrion, scorpions and bone giant. You could even tryt to build a sphinx out of a manticore or another big lion model and use that as a bone giant. And if you really good you can turn the Tomb Guard into Anubis warriors, like from the mummy films.

23-03-2009, 10:24
The Tomb Kings are all undead, raised by and leaving with the necromancer. The mortals of them are dust. All rules only make sense if they are undead.

Do I understand you right that you don't care for the looks of an army (taking humans for TK skeletons and such), but only for the rules? And that you would take Empire, if the warmachines were monsters? Then use monsters as warmachines in friendly games. Much easier.

23-03-2009, 10:29
skaven - monstors, infantry & warmachines...

better yet... lizarmen..... light infantry, medium infantry, heavy infantry, superheavy infantry, monsters, monsters, monsters, monsters & monsters!

23-03-2009, 11:37
The Tomb Kings are all undead, raised by and leaving with the necromancer. The mortals of them are dust. All rules only make sense if they are undead.

This isn't true. Aside from the tomb kings be raised by liche priests and not necromancers, there is at least one city that is populated by mortals (I don't remember if it is Zandri or Numas).

If you wanted to use Empire or Dogs of War to represent your living Khemri army you can try to convert giants to look Tomb King-ishy, orgres as living Ushabti, Griffons as whatever you want, and by stretching things a bit a Sphinx with handlers could possibly be a war machine who damages himself (with misfires) by controlling too much raw magic to attach the enemy.

You could possibly even use Bull Ogres as light chariots with bull charges being impact hits; but sadly there would be no chariot archers without house rules. Obviously the staple of your army would probably be spearmen and archers backed up by heroes and mages (probably using light, fire, or death lores) or warrior priests as priests (the war alter might even make a divine chariot with some creativity).

This counts as army could probably be used in legal play and just in friendly games, though there might be the occasional whiner that everything isn't perfectly wysiwyg.

23-03-2009, 16:15
Where do you think the viability of such a living Khemri army would be?

Would it match current Tomb Kings, be worse than anything else, or be closer to Empire?

How much would the above army change if the Priests were Battle Mages, for all intents and purposes (with the exception of the armory)?

And no, war machines aren't monsters, game-play-wise.

23-03-2009, 16:18
And no, war machines aren't monsters, game-play-wise.

I'm sure a few stegadons would like to argue that point. ;)

23-03-2009, 16:21
I'm sure a few stegadons would like to argue that point. ;)

Stegadons are monsters with war machines strapped to them, not just war machines. I was referring more to the using the Empire totally, though.