View Full Version : Siege rules in Warhammer

23-03-2009, 13:19
Hi, in our gaming club, we have been playing some sieges in our Mighty Empires campaign.

Unfortunately, the only rules we have for siege is the scenario in the old rulebook.

Does anyone know of any other rules for siege, maybe a FAQ or even better, new ones?

Lord Malorne
23-03-2009, 13:30
I think one of the warhammer chronicles (can't remember name) had siege in it, though from what I can tell the 6th ed book is the best bet,I think they had a battle report of a siege in WD which was allied brets and wood elves against dark elves and I am pretty sure that was 7th ed, so might be worth a look to see what they did.

23-03-2009, 13:41
This has a few ideas



23-03-2009, 14:49
Yeah, I've got that WD, eight thousand points:D We will probably be using those rules, thanks for reminding me Lord Malorne. And thanks for the links Nuada, the first one was neat, but I did not get the second to work...