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Cry of the Wind
23-03-2009, 16:16
I've already played in the tournament this army was built for but am curious to see what you guys think about the army. This is not your standard Army List thread but one where I want feedback on what you think of the theme (if any), and the power level you'd rate it out of 10 (1 being crappiest army you can think of, 10 being worst daemon army you can think of :p). Also would you like to face this army and if not why not? Guesses on how it placed in a tournament with 40 players will be accepted and an internet cookie goes to the first person to guess correctly!

Alright here is the list:


The Focused Rumination (+1 PD per spell)
Focus of Mystery (knows all of 1 lore)
Dispell Scroll
Rod of the Storm (bound spell power 6, D6 Str4 hits no save, once per game)
Battle Standard Bearer

Skink Priest
Diadem of Power (can save two of own power dice to become dispell dice)
Cloak of Feathers (can fly)

Light Armour
Mirror Shield (reflects magic missles onto caster/casters unit on a 2+)
Great Weapon


Skink Skirmishers (10)

Skink Skirmishers (10)

Saurus (18)
Full Command



Chameleon Skinks (5)

Terradons (4)

Temple Guard (20)
Champ + Banner


Salamanders (2)

Now I'm ready for some comments. Thanks for your input everyone!

23-03-2009, 17:02
Well, there's no discernable theme at all - it's a pretty standard Lizardman army. Pretty much a one-of-everything list in my opinion, which doesn't have to be bad.
Power? Around 7 (too vulnerable to massed shooting and VC magic).

23-03-2009, 22:51
I wouldnt like to play that but if i had to i think i would have a good chance mainly bcoz my DE magic in my list is stronger than yours and everything in your army is going to get shot.
but i think its a pretty standard lizzy army list which i might pinch for my lizzies

Cry of the Wind
27-03-2009, 15:42
Not too many comments so far. Makarion has a good point about the list being rather generic and that is something I plan to address in future lists.

bob_the_small, I'm curious as to what element of the list makes it one you don't wish to play against? Again another generic army comment but that is to be expected, I didn't have any theme in mind when I created it, and I guess that shows.

Still internet cookies up for grabs for tournament ranking guesses! More comments are welcome!

27-03-2009, 16:49
Honestly its a generic list but I can see your tactics behind it.
I feel people are not utalizing the skink priest for it's true power
which is quite sad. I would say you got 4th in the tournament
and it's 7 over all. But I wouldn't play against you just because
I'm lizardmen (lol). It would be a fun battle between us.

Cry of the Wind
27-03-2009, 17:39
First guess for tourny score is higher than I expected. There were 10 daemon players if that helps change you guess.

I find that the Skink doesn't get enough dice to cast with when I run a Slann. I use the cloak to get him in position to have the Slann cast instead while he tries to cast Sign if I get it or Portent the Temple Guard in combat.

I think the 7 you guys are giving this list matches the success I've been having with it so glad to see that is being consistant.

27-03-2009, 18:01
ill say 17th place and 7 out of ten on the power scale

Cry of the Wind
28-03-2009, 20:47
Getting closer to a cookie! Anymore comments?