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24-03-2009, 00:39
Hello there!
i have been knocking about here for a couple of years and i always find these project logs such a constant source of inspiration as far as modelling and painting and converting goes, so i was hoping to give something back with my latest army, im working on the second company of the Iron Lords Space Marine Chapter, and whereas normally in the past i work from 'stock' armies due to the wealth of inspiring background, ( i have completed Salamanders, Blood Angels, Raven Guard, Ultramarines and Iron Hands to name but a few)

i decided to work on something with a spark on inspiration but little in the way of reference material to see what i could do.

The Iron Lords Colour scheme has always interested me, with their different coloured "Trouser" sections of armour, i thought there was something highly individual about them, as well as their helmet stripe company markings, which hark back to rogue trader days.


Here is everything i have painted so far, 2250 points all in.

As i painted the first combat squad of marines i started to think of what their background might be like, and by the sound of things, these guys and the Death Spectres seem to be the Desperadoes of the imperium, out on the fringe of the galaxy holding back bizarre and unknown threats that most of the imperium will never even hear about, the little snippet of information provided in the Codex has these guys down as exterminating an entire race 'the Barghesi' so that hive fleet kraken cant harvest their genetic material. which is badass on two levels,
One. a thousand guys wiped out an entire alien race.
Two. its one big 'screw you' to the Tyranids.


This is my Company Captain, who i have dutifully named Syrax.
whenever i make armies i like to inject as much character as possible into my HQ's so that they really stand out, i converted him from One of the Masters of the Chapter, adding the Maximus head from the black Templars sprue and the Storm shield from another Master of the Chapter, with a small amount of green stuffing to make the wrist and the shield meet up.
I figure he would have been a member of the chapter for many years working his way up through the ranks and becoming Company Champion at one point and then taking over from his mentor, i can imagine him staring down a carnifex or dreadnought no problem.


This is the first Tactical squad i completed, i decided to base the army around two squads of ten tactical marines and then i wanted to include as wide a variety of other units to keep my painting schedule interesting!

This is squad Gorak, both my tactical sergeants are armed with power weapons and plasma pistols a combo i first saw used in a friends ultramarines army, underused i started to appreciate the extra punching power of the bonus plasma shot at close range. also i was dying to utilize the Mark 2 Veteran Models and this allowed me to do so!


This is squad Xasthur, who have a slightly more interesting weapons loadout with a plasma gun and multi melta, i usually combat squad these guys, sitting the multi melta and four bolter boys in some cover as far forward as i can to threaten vehicles with the melta range and then i use the plasma pistol/plasma gun as an anti marine guerilla squad, and it has worked quite well so far!


In my 1750 list which i play with most often i have a lascannon razorback to accompany each of my tactical squads, i love these tanks, an almost garunteed lascannon shot a turn and considering how safe transports are nowadays they can be vital cover for my boys! you might notice the zealot crewman poking out the top waving a chainsword, i dont normally add exposed crew on space marine tanks, ive normally thought it was too much effort, but i thought it would be worth trying it out, and i think it has been worth the extra time it has taken to paint him up


24-03-2009, 00:40
After painting up my minimum force organisation requirements i started to add extra stuff to my force to give it some punching power, first up was a terminator squad 'Tyrok', from Assault on Black reach, the only addition i gave these guys was after a couple of games i decided i wanted a Cyclone missile launcher so i rooted around my bits box and found one which i mounted on the terminator trooper who had survived the most games as i thought he deserved it


Painting the Terminators gave me a taste for the Black reach models, they were a real treat to paint and assemble (so much hard work cut out!) i added the multi melta dreadnought as well, who i actually prefer to the older individually boxed model as i think the reduced power plant makes him look more sleek, i also have a long running tradition that all my dreadnoughts in space marine Armies are named 'Oryx' after my Venerable Dreadnought General from my old Iron Hands army. When i decided to add Vanguard Veterans (more on them later) to the army, i decided it would be pretty sick to give the Dreadnought a drop pod with a locator beacon, so far its given some armies a pretty brutal headache, and brother Oryx claimed 2 Land Raiders in one game! as well as a slightly humerous occasion where he chased a fleeing Vindicator, finally catching it in combat and beating it to a pulp, so hes doing pretty well. come to think of it, i dont think hes died yet.


After finishing my Dreadnought, i decided i wanted a Thunderfire cannon as i have seen it rack up 16 wounds against a Necron Immortal squad in one turn, these things are pretty brutal, its also real good fun shooting subterranean shells at Assault terminators in cover so they can only move 1 D6. and in my last game it wiped out a Space Marine Assault squad in one turn of shooting, oh and you can fortify a ruin to a 3+ save which annoys the hell out of everyone.


Next up was an assault squad 'Garvax' of the regular variety for a bit of speed and also they are brilliant to have in your lines to support your tactical squads when things get heated, you redeploy them wherever they are needed most, and they rarely end up high on your enemies priority targets with things like dreadnoughts and terminators running around!
I wanted a veteran Sergeant with lightning claws because there is something pretty damn cool about the image of an 8 foot tall guy landing amongst a squad of the enemy and disembowling them in seconds!


to give a bit more backbone to the army i decided on a Predator Destructor, 'Divine Judgement' these things are hideously cheap nowadays and with front armour 13 ramming is always an option!


Next up are my favorite unit in the whole army, i was in a GW and a kid had just bought a pack of vanguard vets and he was putting them together, i saw them in the flesh and thought 'Damn, gotta get me some of those!'
i also love the quote in the Marine Codex under their unit entry, that aloof arrogance and sureness is what marines are all about for me. i wanted my Iron Lords to be affected by arrogance, but only because they view the enemies of the emperor as weak so they themselves must be greater.
and people's faces go white when they drop down and start hacking away without even getting shot at once.


Next up i wanted to add another troops choice but wanted to keep it a bit different and interesting, so i opted for a squad of sniper scouts led by Sergeant Telion, i decided to keep him as Telion himself, resplendant with Ultramarines symbols and all, partially because i was interested to see what it would look like and partially because i had nightmares at the though of all that filing! i am yet to use these boys yet so i will let you know how they get on, the cloaks were good fun to paint too!

24-03-2009, 00:41

and lastly i had to have a Redeemer, not only one of the coolest named units in 40k i have fond memories of using one in my Salamanders army, it also fits the whole zealous purging imagery i wanted to go for, i could imagine the Iron Lords piling up the bodies of the aliens they defeat after a battle and this thing trundling over to incinerate them as one last crushing gesture of dominance.

thats all ive done so far, here are a couple of close ups, i would love to hear what people have to think! i will add more pictures as i paint stuff, working on a Sternguard squad and then a command squad for Syrax Next i think!




24-03-2009, 00:48
Wow those are really nice!

I particularly like the Vanguard and the themed objective markers/barricades are a nice touch.

Keep up the good work!

24-03-2009, 00:53
Fantastic work Animatronica. Your HQ is sweet btw.

Only crtisism i would have for the whole army would have been to remove the U's from telion otherwise i very much look forward to seeing where you take this.

24-03-2009, 07:55
Thankyou both! :)

after a bit of thinking i decided to keep the U's on Telion because when i was reading up on his background it said that the Ultramarines sometimes 'hire' him out to other chapters, i thought his appearance in my army might be just one instance of such a thing happening, and i figured that when he does, he is probably more than happy to wear the colours of the chapter he is working with, but would probably keep his main affiliations on display, that was why i left the U's not just sheer laziness (though i have taken U's off a model before and it was horrible.)

One day, Games workshop will sculpt marine characters with little circular areas where the insignia is present on a model instead of just U's, that way we could all paint it however we liked without cutting our fingers open!

24-03-2009, 08:32
I love that colour scheme!

Too bad I'm way too much into CSM atm.

Lol @ stuff about Telion.

24-03-2009, 10:42
These are absolutely BLOODY AMAZING!

Well done, mate.

24-03-2009, 10:53
i like these mate cool.

24-03-2009, 11:57
Haha, yeah sorry the pictures suck a bit i didnt realise how blurry they were till i uploaded them, i will muck about with the settings and take some better ones, thankyou for the kind words :)

24-03-2009, 12:12
These are amazing. I was tempted to do some Iron Lords after seeing them in the new codex, and you have only made that urge worse! I love all the little details, like the text and iconography on each marine. And the bases are great too.

I'm subscribed cos I'd love to see MORE!

24-03-2009, 13:09

here are some more pictures, im hoping they are a bit better than last time, its my girlfriend's camera, so i dont really know how to use it im just fiddling with the settings and hoping for the best!





24-03-2009, 13:12
Oof those new pics make the stuff look even better. Whats the red? Scab red highlighted with blood red?

Ah didn't know that about Telion. Totally agree though about the U's.

Whats next for these guys?

24-03-2009, 14:35
yeah its just scab red highlighted with blood and then blazing orange in some places, im a terribly lazy painter, i dont really thin my paints down and blowing the models up to 300% doesnt do much to cover the sin! im working on some sternguard at the moment, im gonna use the single lightning claw Mk 2 Veteran converted to be carrying a boltgun, he will be my replacement Veteran Sergeant for them, i plan to use the Sternguard guy as a Tactical squad sergeant if i get around to doing another squad, quite excited to do an ironclad dreadnought up when they come out too! im heading down to my local games club this week so i will let y'all know how i get on, i think im due for my first loss!

24-03-2009, 15:02
im currently in the process of getting rid of all the odds and ends of all the extra marine armies ive started over the years, im not too sure on the forum rules regarding this subject so i wont go into too much detail about where they are going...

but as i was taking pictures of them i was struck by nostalgia so i thought i would share them with you on here!


These are some relictors i did when the WD article with rules for them was published aeons ago, they were pretty sick, then i started collecting a Grey knight army and i always felt a bit dirty whenever i looked back over my relictors, dirty little sinners!


This is an Imperial fist Chaplain i did, i loved my imperial fists but they drove me completely insane and took forever to paint! i was really happy with the gold trim on his power armour.


and more boys in yellow, these were done in the days before iyanden darksun so they were done with golden yellow and the now defunct orange ink. and a million layers.

24-03-2009, 18:07
Wow man these guys look amazing. I too agree about the Vanguard, its always fun to watch your enemy freak out when those guys drop in and go straight to assault.

24-03-2009, 18:30
Very good, especially the captain looks some more different in a positive way from all the others you can see all arount warseer.

And the head of the relictor champion is great to.

Good job ;D

24-03-2009, 18:34
i'm quite liking these, the paint job on Syrax is pretty sweet, as is the conversion of course! How did you get the rusted effect on the sword of the vanguard vetenarian?

25-03-2009, 02:02
Those Iron Lords look just as awesome as their fluff suggests they would. Congratulations on a very nice looking army.

27-03-2009, 10:58
Here are a couple more close-ups!





So i played a game last night, against an ork army with two 30 man units of boyz (one was a unit of 30 ARd boyz with Ghazghkull in) and a unit of 12 bikers as well as some deff koptas grots and kommandoz and a mek with a force field.

first of all, thunderfire cannons are immense fun against ork units protected by force fields as it only grants them a cover save not an invulnerable save, so it reaped a heavy toll before getting binned by Ghazghkull. The Vanguard and the dread took on the unit of bikes and after three turns of successively hideous bad rolling i managed to come out on top albeit without any vanguard alive, my Regular assault squad were amazing, i think they flew the length of the board throughout the game, they were darting left and right finishing off everything in their path. definately unit of the match.
not impressed with syrax though, got murked by Ard boyz! back to the gym for you son! and squad telion lost a staring contest against the bikers and their 12 twin linked big shootaz that was painful.

27-03-2009, 11:02
ooh, and in response to Dark lord Obsidian, (thankyou for all the comments btw everyone!) the marks on the relic blade are meant to be blood, it comes up very dark in the picture, its the old red ink mixed with the old brown ink, you get a very realistic blood by using them both, i like my marines to look like they are knee deep in combat and decapitating people left right and center!

27-03-2009, 15:10
Nonsense animatronica doesn't look to me like you are a very lazy painter at all. I really happen to like how scab reb looks with straight blood red highlights. Same with dark angels green and scorpion green.

Sounds like an amazing game you had.

huh i never noticed the blood effect on the blades until you mentioned it. Need to pinch that idea still have plenty of red and brown ink kicking around.

27-03-2009, 23:14
Thankyou for the kind words Ocid :)

im gearing up for a tournament, so at the moment, now i have finished over 2000 points (i only need 1750 for the tournament ) im working on numerous bits on the outskirts of my army,

im currently working on an army base for my iron Lords as the tournament i should be going to (Tolworth 1st Founding's Mayhem Tournament) gives extra points for armies with them, and i always find it terribly convenient being able to move my army around without having to pack them all up again!!!

i will post pictures on my work in progress,

its 2' X 2' and will be based the same as my models, im going utilize the barricades i painted up and im planning on getting a couple of the Cities of Death ruins to use on it as well, to give me a bit of height and grandeur! also like the idea of making an alien tree or two with the same Red Lichen i have used on the bases, i think that would give the whole thing a bit of the '60s Sci fi theme that i love so much, as if the marines have come back to reclaim a colony from a corny alien film! awesome!

and im still gutted Telion failed his armour save last night, he could have done me so proud!

28-03-2009, 00:03

28-03-2009, 09:27
Your army is a real treat to look at, particularly with the army board.

Do you have a specific armylist you build to (if you do, can we have a look) - or do you buy units you like and work one up from there?

28-03-2009, 09:44
Your army sure does look impressive now that it is all arranged like that :)

I still have 20 or so models to paint until my marines can be arranged like that!! (is jealous)

28-03-2009, 09:52
Thankyou! to start off with i usually make a 500 Point army and try to paint that as quick as possible, then i try to play several games with it as this gives me a bit of excitement in regards to expanding the army, and once i start building the army i work in 500 point blocks, so while im playing games of 500 i will plan my 1000 point army and paint stuff for it as i go, then move up to 1500, its a method i have to work quite well for me, as i find it quite difficult to bash out a good 1500-1750 list straight off the bat, i like to see what i need as i go. as for an Army list, this is the one i have planned for the tournament...

Captain Syrax (100) Thunder Hammer (30) Storm Shield (15)

Terminator squad Tyrok (200) Cyclone missile launcher (30)

Dreadnought, Brother Oryx (105) Drop Pod (35) Locator Beacon (10)

10 Man Tactical squad, Gorak (170) Plasma Pistol (15) Power Weapon (15) Melta Bombs (5)

Razorback 'Punisher' (40) Twin-Linked Lascannons (35)

10 Man Tactical squad, Xasthur (170) Plasma Pistol (15) Power Weapon (15) Plasma Gun (10)

Razorback 'Banisher' (40) Twin-Linked Lascannons (35)

Scout Squad (75) Sergeant Telion (50)


Assault squad Garvax (100) Lightning claws (30)

Vanguard Veteran Squad Xarel (125) Jump Packs (50) Relic Blade (15) Lightning Claw (15) Power Weapon (15)

Thunderfire Cannon (100)

Predator Destructor (60) Heavy Bolter Sponsons (25)

Total points = 1750

28-03-2009, 15:53
List looks pretty solid Animatronica. Only thing i'm curious about is the choice of the Razorbacks when you don't have a heavy weapon in the Tac squads. Though i suppose maybe with having Overcharged engines on Rhinos in BA dex kinda sways my opinion a bit. However i guess your finding that it works for you or you wouldn't be using it.

Also you mentioned picking up some COD frames. Check Tobs Trade thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=167705) he seems to have quite a few going for pretty cheap.

29-03-2009, 02:07
Aah yes, sorry forgot to mention, there is a missile launcher and flamer in one tactical squad and a multi melta and plasma gun in the other, i went for the free ones! and thankyou very much for the tip about the building frames, i will check it out!!!

29-03-2009, 14:02
Hey mate, just wanted to say that's a nice looking army you have there, and kudos to you for going for the different Company marking scheme!

Seems like a simple yet effective painting style you have there, the army looks good!

30-03-2009, 23:52
Thankyou very much!

i have just undercoated the army board so i will put some new pics of it up soon in its full glory. and my next project has been started today, which is to replicate one of the Space marine HQ buildings from Dawn of War in scenery form, im not sure how well this will work out but i will give it a shot!

Shadow Nugz
31-03-2009, 00:26
Any particular reason you have banners mounted on different bases? Or is that just so you can have some objective markers ready to go when you need em?

This soundsl ike you are going to have fun with the army, might have to start my guard the same way.

31-03-2009, 14:25
the tournament im going to have created their own missions, some of which have both primary and secondary objectives, ive made the flags multi use so they can be set up on the army base with the corresponding squad or they can be used as secondary objectives in my games, cunning!

i have written a little background for them as well, in previous years you scored extra points for having an army background, theyve done away with it this year but old habits die hard, so i will do one anyway :D

03-04-2009, 18:39

i have finished the Army Base to a standard degree, im probably going to go back and pimp it up in several ways but its workable right now! what do y'all think?




apologies for the shaky pictures!

03-04-2009, 18:54
now the army base is pretty much done, im starting work on the next few interesting touches, firstly my fifth objective,


A Downed Terminator, im gonna paint this guy real chipped up with a big ol' pool of blood around him, i like the idea of having to reclaim terminator armour because it is so rare, i will probably only use this if i roll the full 5 objectives for a mission, as it is a nice interesting change, will take another pic when he is fully painted!

and next for the army base im planning to add some 'trees'


these are gonna be based up in the same way obviously and they will remain unpainted, which means im gonna have to undercoat the gravel by hand, rubbish!

these should look really nice when they are finished, i was thinking about possibly adding some of the red lichen from the bases as leaves to give it an alien feel, what do you think? or should i leave them bare?

03-04-2009, 19:44
Nice looking base Animatronica. Only thing i would say is to have perhaps one of the CoD sprues in the back. Though it still looks fine as it is.

How are the trees made? I'd go with some lichen as you suggest aswell. Red certainly would look good and tie it in with the army but if your going for an alien feel you could mix up colours maybe some yellow or deep orange or something like that. Hell you could even go with purple or something like that.

What colour of tyranids does your Iron Lords hate. Maybe make it that colour.

Anyhoo quality stuff Anima and look forward to more updates as usual.

03-04-2009, 19:59
:) im planning on building up two corner sections for buildings from the COD sprues up the back, thats next on the list!

they come just like that they are some kind of display items, i just had to cut the end flat and that was it!

thankyou for the feedback!

05-04-2009, 19:48

Sergeant Xasthur in all his glory, though recently hes recovering from a failed "Hero"moment where he charged ghazghkull on one wound, he only had to get one wound and have ghazghkull fail his save and he could have been lauded as a great hero, as it stood he missed with three attacks and then rolled a one before getting promptly snipped in half! painful!


my loot counters!


and this fella and his squad are currently up on ebay because i picked iron lords over relictors and its left the squad i painted as orphans, so i wanted them to go to a good home :)


and lastly tonight im going to go back through the army and repaint all the power weapons turquoise to make them stand out a bit as a whole, and im adding checkers here and there cos its a bit old school. im a big 2nd ed fan!

Rabid Bunny 666
05-04-2009, 19:51
Nice army, that Force Commander is superb.

06-04-2009, 12:07
good job on Xasthur really like that model and you've done it justice. Shame Ghazghull made him cack his pants though.

Look forward to seeing the 2nd ed influences creeping in. When i started in the hobby so also a big fan of any influences through it.

Keep up the good work.

06-04-2009, 12:47
Productive evening! all the power weapons are complete, i finished the downed terminator objective, painted some scorch/blast marks onto the army base which look quite smart and ive also painted some aquilas on the barricades, as well checkering up some marines/vehicles. pics up shortly!

06-04-2009, 16:09
ive made some more progress so here are some pics!


one of the Vanguard with new turquoise power axe, i think it looks a bit better now,


sergeant Garvax with new claws,


Sergeant Xarel with new Relic blade and checks on his jump pack


Sergeant Gorak with new power sword


Fifth Objective marker, and i couldnt resist...


Captain Syrax: Get Up! its just a flesh wound!

06-04-2009, 16:09

predator with slightly more detailing


Squad Xarel from behind, ive spent more time highlighting them so they are looking slightly better now


Squad Gorak


Squad Xasthur


Squad Xarel AGAIN


a close up of the crux im painting up im not sure if i should paint the skull or just leave it iron, opinions?

06-04-2009, 16:10

The army base so far now with added scorch marks!

im working on a squad or Sternguard at the moment and ive just glued some reeds to the army base as a bit more detailing and the HQ building is about a third of the way to being assembled!

comments are welcome as always!

and i should be playing a scary sounding marine army this thursday with Lysander in a ten man squad of terminators! who all get to re roll their storm bolter shots and have two cyclones! aaah!

06-04-2009, 19:06
The display base is looking great btw Anima.

Turquoise power weapons are better now aswell i think. Only suggestion would be some streaks in an even lighter highlight than the last one you went with. I'd also keep the crux skull iron aswell. Fits in with the Iron Lords name but if you're looking to make it stand out a bit more perhaps make it darker or lighter than the metallics surrounding it.

Can't give you any tips on facing that termie squad though.

06-04-2009, 19:31
Thankyou Ocid! your comments are appreciated as always! :)

i thought about doing that to the power weapons, i wasnt really sure where to start,i saw a farseer with a witchblade once and it had a similar thing but it looked like that pattern you get when light bounces off water, maybe i will trawl cool mini or not...

i really am not sure about those terminators...

06-04-2009, 20:04
Some absolutely gorgous Marines here. I've always thought that the Iron Lords scheme looked a bit silly, but you've made it pretty impressive. Is that Vanguard sergeant made out of the old Emperor's Champion?

E: oh, and that display base is excellent. Must remember to do one of my own.

06-04-2009, 23:18
Are those AT 43 wall sections I see on your board? Heresy! ;)
Cool looking army. Nice level of detail without making it too cluttered, and smooth painting ties the whole thing together!

07-04-2009, 00:44
yeah i know what you mean, the first time i saw them i thought they looked kind of funny too! they grew on me though, i just wanted a real different looking marine army.

the veteran sergeant for the vanguard is the standard one from the box, do you mean the guy on foot with the power sword? hes from the Mark II Veterans box that came out around Apocalypse.

and yes! well spotted! they are AT-43 Barricades, the scenery from At-43 is beautiful, i am going to spray up the storage containers and do aquilas on them to game with, they look flipping awesome for 40k!

One thing ive noticed about this army is that its got me real disciplined, normally i flit from army to army but for this tournament im just pouring attention into them and really liking what im getting out of them.

07-04-2009, 01:00
http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j119/shemystershadows/DSCF1944.jpg that one, at first blush I thought it was an EC but I guess it's just the standard Vanguard sergeant. I haven't actually looked at the Vanguard box, for some reason.

07-04-2009, 06:41
Oh sweet, I like the Iron Lords alot and its nice to see some ! Its just a shame you have no Barghesi to fight against!

07-04-2009, 09:05
Yes, some Barghesi to fight would be really neat! any kind of well done DIY xenos army would be an absolute treat, like Zoats, yum.

07-04-2009, 10:24
Just like to say what an impressive army you have. Great work !

07-04-2009, 10:40
Thankyou! :)

im working on my background to go with the army at the moment and i thought i would post what i have come up with so far, im gonna format it into a more attractive version soon complete with logos and such.

To be an Iron Lord is to be greater than those we are sworn to protect.
It is to walk the universe with your head held high.
To know your superiority over any foe, no matter who he be.
-Part of the Intoning rites of the Iron Lords

"I have struck the heads of daemons from their shoulders.
I have laid low monstrous xenos of all shapes and sizes.
I have faced down the horrors of the outer darkness.
so tell me now, what makes you think you deserve the right to challenge me?"
Attributed to Captain Syrax of the 2nd Company

thats what ive come up with so far i want to get the idea of martial arrogance accross!

07-04-2009, 11:19
Absolutely fantastic mate keep it up! Got any more shots of the fists? I feel your pain when it comes to painting colour schemes like that ;)

07-04-2009, 21:19
Hey Anima.

Good little bit on the background you have there. Reading some more should be good.

You said your going to format into something more. As a suggestion the Index Astartes bit over on Bolter and Chainsword has a good way of formatting a chapters backstory out.

07-04-2009, 21:57
Just a quick message to say that I really like this army. Very cohesive and interesting colour scheme, well done black highlighting in a bold style, and overall a great looking army. Particularly liked the converted Master of the Chapter miniature, and thought that head fit very well.

As for power weapons, the turquoise is very nice but I would add another layer of very fine highlight. Perhaps just to the tip of each weapon, or the upper edging. Think it would make them pop a little more.

09-04-2009, 10:17
thankyou very much everyone, comments are always appreciated, i do want to do something with the power weapons i think i might just bite the bullet today and do the final highlight and try the wavey pattern thing, it might work!

ooh and i just got my hands on a chaplain dreadnought from forgeworld so i will be working on that too.... :D

09-04-2009, 10:19
Absolutely fantastic mate keep it up! Got any more shots of the fists? I feel your pain when it comes to painting colour schemes like that ;)

i dont unfortunately, these were the only ones i painted up and they are currently on ebay, i have iyanden Eldar as well, and i figure i will paint them whenever i wish to self flagellate, two yellow armies is too much even for me!, having said that i would be interested to see what i could do with iyanden darksun for a fists army...

09-04-2009, 11:07
Yes, some Barghesi to fight would be really neat! any kind of well done DIY xenos army would be an absolute treat, like Zoats, yum.

I only really do DIY armies because its cheaper, iv been thinking of doing Barghesi for a while now. If the sculpts come out well id be only to happy to send some, or at the least the misscasts (you could perhaps cut bits from them to decorate the bases perhaps ?)

09-04-2009, 12:21
Ah that Chappie FW dread is a fantastic model Anima plan on getting one myself. look forward to see you paint it up.

Its not wavey lines i was saying to paint onto the PW its diagonal lines like a // look. Funny thing is i see it all over the place on PWs. I'll see if i can find a pic somewhere of what i mean.

EDIT: Just did a quick search. Couldn't find an image of the effect i was trying to suggest but found a few that give an idea. Not sure who they belong to so apologies for that but here they are.


09-04-2009, 12:27
Absolutely gorgeous range of models there mate!!! VERY VERY NICE!!

My one minor 'thing', and it really is me being pedantic, is that your predator having a turret that far back on a battle tank makes no sense from a realistic physics point of view. Every time that fired it would rock back like a BEAST. Tanks need their turrets along the centre of gravity of the tank to prevent them rocking back and forth between each shot and to stop them flipping over if they are firing with a hiegh enough trajectory..

... Like i said however MINOR MINOR stupid and pointless comment on my behalf...

I would chop my left arm off, had i not already done that to the last thread of awesomeness, to have your army!!! :D

09-04-2009, 13:56
awesome lookin army, very detailed paint job :) i like your vanguard squad in particular, they are lookin pretty sweet. good job ;)

10-04-2009, 08:20
Everyone thankyou for the feedback! it is appreciated! Ocid thankyou for those pictures! the detailing on that gun blade is awesome! i think i will try to emulate that!

i know what your saying about the predator, it was more for transport purposes than anything, it reduces the overrall profiile of the tank, meaning i can squeeze it in to smaller spaces, and i wanted to have a crewman firing the combi bolter, but if i put him on the top turret he would have probably got damaged quite easily, and if the turret was in the middle its not possible to fit anyone out of the hatches!

I messed around and added an interesting bit of detailing here and there last night, ive started painting chevrons onto shoulder pad trims, and it looks really good so far, i will have to take pics and get everyones opinion,

and so yesterday turns out i didnt play that marine army, i played against a Khorne Daemon army instead, Blood thirster, 2 big units of bloodcrushers, 4 units of bloodletters and 2 soulgrinders at 1500 points, and i managed to win but it was pretty close towards the end, the other player had atrocious luck in all the wrong places and my luck remained fairly consistent which allowed me to capitalise. Brother Oryx Drop podded down and took out a soulgrinder in one shot, that was pretty neat, he then got charged by the bloodthirster and held it in combat for 3 turns!! after the bloodthirster took him out it was wounded down to one wound from numerous heavy weapons fire, he charged a combat squad of 4 bolter boys and a missile launcher and managed spectacularly to kill only one marine, in return he was killed in short order. thats what marines are about!!!

10-04-2009, 13:11
And i just noticed something fairly minor but i think its cool none the less, if you type "Iron Lords" into Google image search,a picture of my army is the 4th result!

11-04-2009, 08:16
I finished basing the trees last night and discovered annoyingly enough that because i cant spray undercoat them black without losing their effect, the bases are now a different shade to the army base entirely so the trees have been relogated to my scenery collection, its all down to the HQ building now, though having said that the army looks pretty mint as it is :)

i have finally finished all the power weapons and many thanks to Ocid for providing the ispiration, they have all been painted in a similar style to the plasma gun blade, i will take pics and put them up later!

i have also finalised my army list and graphic designed it and its all printed out, im going to take it to work and take advantage of the laminating machine!

11-04-2009, 08:24
i have finally finished all the power weapons and many thanks to Ocid for providing the ispiration, they have all been painted in a similar style to the plasma gun blade, i will take pics and put them up later!

Wow first I just want to thank Ocid for the nod of using my marines power sword for inspiration. And second want to congratulate you on picking mine:D. For real; great work I really like the fallen terminator, and thanks again for liking my plasma sword!

11-04-2009, 16:01
Aah! your the proud owner! it was a pleasure to steal your idea Tcraigen,
i like it, its very different!dont spose youve got a picture of the complete model kicking about? :D

11-04-2009, 16:04
Ahh i knew i had seen that blade before i just couldn't put my finger on where. How ashamed i feel of that. But google image search isn't very helpful in saying where it came from.

Look forward to seeing those blades done. As for your scenery problem what are you using for undercoat? If its just Gw's chaos black then couldn't you just thin some chaos black right down and start building it up until its desired effect. Perhaps not as tough as the spray but provided your not chucking them about then it'll be fine and you could match it to your display base.

Edit:Link to Tcraigens plog of awesomeness (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=130142)

11-04-2009, 18:24
Just wanted to give you my compliments on this batch of marines. Exquisitely done for tabletop, with some really professional touches that reward the viewer for spending time looking at them.

It's a really great army. Reminds me a lot of the Flesh Eaters at www.flesh-eaters.net without the vampirism.

12-04-2009, 08:30
Thanks for the great words. Yeah I had fun painting the sword, he was my attempt at a truescale I built last year. FULL Image (http://tonyl.craigen.googlepages.com/Bigmarine.jpg)
I was looking at how scratched up plexiglass gets and wanted to make a kinda crystalline, glass looking sword.

16-04-2009, 19:45
Right, i've been slacking lately due to romantic commitments, but my MAXMINI steam knight heads turned up in the mail this morning so i have resumed with RELISH! pics will be up soon i promise,

so after two games of 40k over Easter i have decided the Plasma Pistols on the Sargeants just arent worth it, both games i nuked myself with at least one sergeant dying, in the first game it might have actually cost it for me, thats right i have lost my first game! shriek! but i couldnt have lost to a better opponent, and i am actually quite pleased because it gave me something to work on, the second game was a rematch which i won, so i must have learnt quickly :)

So the opponent was Black Templars played by a good friend of mine,and i misunderestimated that vow that allows them to re roll missed hits, its horrific!!!
and the new wound allocation is pretty good on them too! oh no! Lascannon shot? dead scout! boltgun? power armour! cheeky, i like it! however it was a black templars army lacking any chaplains which i learnt quickly means you can lead them around by the nose thanks to their righteous Zeal, mr. Drop pod dreadnought was extremely useful in the second game, landing behind black templars lines and causing a 15 strong unit containing helbrecht to run backwards! effectively trapping them in the open for my big guns. the first game that i lost was an objective based mission, and the black templars moved forward and commanded the middle ground, and unfortunately my counter attacks werent effective enough.... though to be fair im gonna put it down to a combined charge from and assault squad and the Vanguard veterans only killing a single scout, thats bad luck no matter what way you look at it!

17-04-2009, 08:54
So, im finally getting around to posting some new pics!


This is something i have been adding to the army, i have always liked Chevrons and i think they add a bit of character to an army, not all the marines will have them just the Veterans, so squad leaders and up


My elusive power weapons, i am quite happy with them now, they havent photographed brilliantly but you get the idea!



and my HQ building work in progress, its actually finished construction wise now so i will post a more up to date pic later, cant wait to paint it!

17-04-2009, 09:49
So, i move from no activity to a hive of activity, such is the way!

right heres what i have been working on,


My new Chaplain Dreadnought, he will be fun to paint!


This is one of my new replacement "Non-Plasma Pistol" sergeants, the head is from MAXMINI and i think it looks awesome all together, the tournament i am going to gives extra points if you have prevailant conversions in your army, i am hoping that my new sergeants will help get me another point or two!


heres the other one, he is an ex-Salamander as you can see, but not for long!


In my new Tournament List (more on that later) i have downgraded the plasma Gun in squad Xasthur to a Melta Gun so i needed a new model! and this guy will do just fine, the 'Crusade' pattern helmets are amazing and the detail is so crisp!


This is a work in Progress Chaplain, i wanted him to be a bit different to your average Chaplain so i have done away with the whole robe thing thats so common nowadays, this guy is quite inspired by the 2nd Ed Marine Chaplains. and i went for the Ornate Templars Power Axe as opposed to a standard Crozius, i can replicate the effect and it will help to make him stand out, i also repositioned the arm and used Berzerker Shoulder Pads.

17-04-2009, 09:58
So! im quite excited, ive finished my HQ building!




im gonna spray it up today and start work on it, if nothing it will be a sick piece of scenery for my games and i will be prepared for planetstrike!!

a couple of the details look a bit wonky on it right now but im sure once its painted up no one will notice!

after the building is finished i want to work on some generators and then an armoury i think... maybe a Landing pad, it could count as having a Locator beacon, that could be great fun in games. hmm on second thoughts i might just wait for the plastic one,

i built up a Basilica Administratum as the original plan was to have a pair of ruined buildings at the back of the army base flanking the HQ building, im not sure there will be enough room for that now though!

17-04-2009, 10:13

I have been messing around with my list a bit lately,
im overrall really pleased with the Army, But Syrax seems to consistently under perform, i think in his current configuration he just doesnt fit in too well with the army, so what im going to do probably, is upgrade him to use Lysanders Rules because the benefits are manyfold, and i like the idea of re rolling the storm bolter fire for my terminator unit, also, lysander can go toe to toe with pretty much anything in 40k and stand a chance because of his 4 wounds 3+ invulnerable and eternal warrior rule, my current Syrax just cant boast that! and the edition of Stubborn could be fun, even though it is at the expense of the combat tactics rule which i love. i want to paint a Lysander up in the colours of the iron lords anyway so i will try him out for a bit.

anyway, new list

Captain Syrax of the 1st Company (Lysander) (XXX)

Tactical Squad Gorak- 10 Men (XXX) Power Weapon (XX) Flamer (X) Missile Launcher (X)

Razorback 'Banisher' (XX) Twin-Linked Lascannons (XX)

Tactical Squad Xasthur- 10 Men (XXX) Power Weapon (XX) Melta gun (X) Multi-Melta (X)

Razorback 'Punisher' (XX) Twin-Linked Lascannons (XX)

Scout Squad Telion-5 Men (XX) Telion (XX)

Terminator Squad Tyrok-5 Men (XXX) Cyclone Missile Launcher (XX)

Dreadnought, Brother Oryx (XXX) Multi-Melta (X) Drop Pod (XX) Locator Beacon (XX)

Assault Squad Garvax-5 Men (XXX) Lightning Claws (XX)

Vanguard Veteran Squad Xarel-5 Men (XXX) Jump Packs (XX) Power Weapon for sergeant (X) Lightning Claw (XX) Power Weapon (XX)

Thunderfire Cannon 0X-1 (XXX)

Predator 'Divine Judgement' (XX) Autocannon (free) Heavy Bolter Sponsons (XX)

ARMY TOTAL =1750 Points.

What do people think?

17-04-2009, 10:28
I think that this is one of my favorite marine armies I've seen, solid paints, crisp highlighting and creative story building are what this hobby is all about. You've done a great job and I am excited to see more.

17-04-2009, 10:37
Thankyou very much! the opinion of any man with Hammerstein as his Avatar will always be taken highly!

17-04-2009, 18:59
Right everything is sprayed up so i will have some more juicy pics for y'all later. what to paint first? i think i will paint one of my new vet sergeants as the MAXMINI heads seem to be a big topic of conversation and if a few painted examples convince some of yall to buy products from them thats just fine by me cos the guys that work there have been nothing but lovely to me.

17-04-2009, 21:41
sweet looking army so far! and where did you get that plastic crusader helmet?


17-04-2009, 22:23
Wonderful army. I keep looking at this log whenever I start getting tired of painting my own Space Marines (already over 2000 points of them), because I can't wait to have a really big Space Marine army of my own.

17-04-2009, 22:41
Thankyou very much :)

Dear Cassarus, It is a Resin conversion piece from a polish company called Maxmini, heres a link,


check them out, they are wonderful to do business with.

And AventineCrusader, well to recieve praise of a Fly Lord is high praise indeed! especially one with such fine taste as to play with a Lamenters Army. i always thought they were really cool but was never really sure what i could do to translate to a full army, you though have a really beautiful army and the checkers look awesome!
i find its all the little details as i go along that help, messing around with my list as i go helps as well, my veteran sergeants are a perfect example, im swapping them out for replacement models, but the old ones wont go to waste, they just form the basis of my next two tactical squads! playing games against engaging fun people helps as well, and writing it all down here is terribly cathartic in a hobby sense :D

17-04-2009, 23:14

Chapter Barracks in Progress,


Chaplain in progress! hes looking mean, i like him so far!


Veteran Sergeant in progress!


the other veteran sergeant, i really cant wait to put these boys on a gaming table, no even better than that, the first time one of them gets in combat and cuts a swathe through the enemy, thatll be neat!



And the Crusader helmeted squaddies in progress, when these are complete i will swap out some of the bolter boys from the squads, this will mix it up nicely for me!

17-04-2009, 23:18
And just for the hell of it i thought i would post some shots of stuff from my Salamanders army on the off chance it inspired someone.



Vulkan He'stan conversion...



and just out of interest anyone know anyone who would be interested in buying the best part of a Salamanders Battle company? or how much money you could command for something like that? i think the boys in Green are gonna have to go.

18-04-2009, 01:12
great looking models dude, both chapters. Love the flames on the slies too. Just fyi, not supposed to post individual points costs on upgrades and stuff, might wanna go edit that right quick. The maxmini heads look great, working on designing my HQ building, and jealous of your Chapnought. Lucky!

18-04-2009, 01:26
I was always a sucker for a personal double-handing a power sword. Those models definitely look great.

18-04-2009, 08:11
Thankyou for pointing that out Blake! i have read the forum rules i was just being absent minded! all fixed now though! and good luck with your HQ building! i would love to see how it turns out!

and yes, there is something a bit cool about a double handed sword, ever since the days i used to play Diablo 2 and i had a necromancer running around with one i have just absolutely loved the idea of them, and to have one on a Space MArine is just irrisistable!

18-04-2009, 08:13
oh and a quick update, all of the stuff i sprayed yesterday has now been based fully and is waiting for paint jobs now, i drybrushed the COD building boltgun and the Barracks is a little bit more finished! and with any luck i should be playing another game soon so i will let you know how i do!

18-04-2009, 10:48
Ahh a healthy update since last time Anima. New power weapons look really good and i envy that FW dread look forward to seeing him painted as an Iron Lord.

18-04-2009, 14:51
wow man where did you get the head for the vet sgt? they look awesome.

20-04-2009, 09:24
Mr. Ghostmaker if you visit the following link that will tell you everything you need to know about the funky heresy-looking head!


I havent done any painting over the weekend, but i have played two games of 40k! result!

One win and a Draw! my first Draw in fact!
First game was against an infantry heavy Necron Army with no monolith (hurrah! i hate them.) I won thanks to a horrific series of turns from a combined arms force of my terminator squad and Captain Syrax, they just marched around beating the hell out of stuff! that and a succesful turn of shooting killing off a ten man necron squad, which promptly got up and joined another ten man squad, which i then charged and chased down. the game was so succesful the Vanguard didnt even get to turn up!
Though it feels like a hollow victory because the NEcrons seem so utterly screwed by 5th Ed.

The Second Game was against a Chaos Marine Army with 3 Obliterators a LAnd Raider a Defiler, some khorne berzerkers a summoned deamon and some thousand sons as well as some other bits. It was an interesting game, played accross a cityscape with vast swathes of the battlefield remaining untouched by either side, as we were playing a killpoints mission, Syrax and the terminators did well, Syrax taking out the Greater Daemon by himself and a squad of khorne berzerkers before failing three saves when he got shot at by the thousand sons! the terminators cut down most of the berzerkers before getting slowly ripped apart by the daemon. though i commited some what of a 40k Faux Par, itried to charge the Defiler with my Vanguard, thinking i hit it with Melta bombs based on weaponskill, it wasnt until they all got torn in half i realised i only hit on 6's! Damn! Awesome game though!

Izzy Logan
20-04-2009, 10:27
Am i correct in thinking you can order the specific heads you want?

20-04-2009, 19:19
yep when you get to the checkout a comments box comes up and you just describe which heads you want in there, i ordered 5 of one head and 5 of another.

22-04-2009, 08:16
right, my new MAXMINI order showed up yesterday with new heads and mechanical thunder hammers, these im very happy about! i will take pics tonight,
i have changed the army list a bit, dropped the lightning claws on the veteran sergeant of the assault squad, downgraded the relic blade to a power weapon in the vanguard and uprgraded the power weapon to a thunder hammer. was considering putting bulldozer blades on my razorbacks but is it me or does terrain just not seem that inviting for vehicles anymore?

22-04-2009, 18:05
Oh very interested in seeing those thunder hammers Anima. Love TH's pity you can't stick them on every sarge out there anymore :(

22-04-2009, 18:27
Anima, these look fantastic. Great work.
Trust me, I know a bit about dual paint jobs, and you got it down pat.

good job, I especially love the pred.

Me not Weedy
22-04-2009, 18:32
I usually just lurk, but I have to come out and say what a fantastic bunch of beakies you have here. I would love to face off against them with my ladz.

22-04-2009, 20:32
haha an immense bunch of replies thankyou all! it is always appreciated, and hopefully i will get to check out some of all y'all stuff, and hopefully ive inspired at least one person to pick up a paintbrush again :D
sorry ive been a bit slack lately, im arranging my 24th birthday celebrations for this friday, (and to give you some idea i've spent 100 on Alchohol so far...)
gonna try and get some work in progress on tonight though, and thankyou again everyone : )

23-04-2009, 04:16
haha an immense bunch of replies thankyou all! it is always appreciated, and hopefully i will get to check out some of all y'all stuff, and hopefully ive inspired at least one person to pick up a paintbrush again :D
sorry ive been a bit slack lately, im arranging my 24th birthday celebrations for this friday, (and to give you some idea i've spent 100 on Alchohol so far...)
gonna try and get some work in progress on tonight though, and thankyou again everyone : )

Trust me Anima if it wasn't for my health i'd be cranking away on my Fleshtearers you've certainly got me wanting to get going again.

Ah only 100 get out there and get spending more :P But either way happy birthday for when it rolls round. Whats the plans for it? House party then town?

01-05-2009, 00:45
i have been painting other things lately but now i am back to the Iron Lords and will have some pics up tommorow!

01-05-2009, 14:51
right, slackness out the way, i have been doing a little bit of painting and stuff so i thought i would share it with you, my revised 1750 list is now finished painting including all the model changes!

first up, i converted this guy to go in the assault squad to give them a bit of character,


This is the new improved Sergeant Garvax complete with New helmet and new Thunder hammer (god i love MAXMINI)


This is a member of Squad Xarel who has had his power weapon traded in for a Thunder Hammer!


new addition to Squad Xasthur, armed with meltagun,


Sergeant Xasthur himself, resplendent in his ceremonial wargear.


01-05-2009, 14:53
Sergeant Gorak in his new Gear. much better.


And this fella i have painted up for a very good friend of mine to help inspire him to paint the rest of his Deathwing army, hope it works!


01-05-2009, 18:35
Ive been playing around with doing an index astartes style background for the Iron Lords for a while now so i thought i would give it a shot, let me know what you think!


IRON LORDS CAPTAIN - Syrax (during the battle for Kasr fields.)


IRON LORDS SPACE MARINE - Designation 'Squad Gorak'


IRON LORDS TERMINATOR - Designation 'Squad Tyrok'


IRON LORDS VANGUARD VETERAN - Designation 'Squad Xarel'


The Iron Lords are a Space Marine Chapter with much renown. Noted for being Stoic and determined even amongst their superhuman peers, the tales of their heroism are sung the length of the imperium. The chapter they originated from has been long lost in the depths of time, though scribes point to the Ultramarines and the Imperial Fists as being the most likely candidates. The Ultramarines are closer in geographic terms to the homeworld and thus base of operations of the Iron Lords, Sternac. But there are several similarities to be drawn with the imperial fists, though no information can be found discussing whether they have the same Zygote deficiencies as the Imperial Fists or not.
Whatever their origins it has to be said that the Iron Lords are a highly active Space Marine chapter eager in their zealous pursuit of upholding the Emperor's will.

Of late, they have been crusading into the furthest reaches of Space, persecuting Xenos and Pirate alike they have left many planets in their wake with nought but fields of burning corpses strung up to stakes as a warning to all come accross them.
The Iron Lords are also credited with the extinction of an alien race, 'The Barghesi', they had made first contact with this savage race of xenos, and after a year of hit and run battles between the two forces, the Iron Lords pushed the Xenos back to their home planet of Barghesa.
Though the Iron Lords were systematically destroying the Barghesi colonies one by one, The war was overshadowed by imminent reports of Hive fleet Kraken, and it was decided that the Barghesi were to be entirely exterminated, Lest their powerful Genetic material fall into the hands of the all consuming horror that is the Tyranids.
Fully 3 companies of space marines took to the war against the Barghesi including the current chapter master Ponteus Grax and a good portion of the first company.
With minimal losses the Barghesi were put to death and their place in history as defeated by the hand of the Iron Lords was set.

The Iron Lords have been described as "Xenocidal" this is perhaps in part due to their situation on the fringes of Imperial Space. Many of their most famous victories are against Alien races keen on Domination of imperial Space.
The Iron Lords have banished horrors from the darkness that most of the Imperium will never even hear about. and thats just fine by them.

The homeworld of the Iron Lords is Sternac. A large mineral wealthy planet, it has a fairly stable atmoshpere and is orbited by two moons. Both of which are heavily armed and defend the planet from all approach. This is required as the planet is on the frontiers of Imperial Space and cannot rely on as much local support as some other Planets within the Imperium. Having withstood many threats, Xenos, Chaotic and Supernatural the guns of Sternac never tire.
The People of Sternac are known for their hardiness and solid dependable nature, as well as their ability with metallurgy and their ability to create fine weapons.
As well as providing recruits to the Adeptus Astartes, a small percentage of the civilian populace is inducted into the Adeptus Mechanicus so that they may share their almost innate ability with metal work.
it is known that amongst the populace of Sternac that once every season, each of the large settlements hold a series of games to determine the strongest and sharpest amongst their number, the champions of these "Rites of Iron" are given over to the Iron Lords Space Marines as potential recruits into the chapter. those who are taken with the marines are elevated into a near godly status and this renown passes to their family and loved ones, thus perpetuating the cycle.
The natives of Sternac are fiercely proud of their place within the Imperium and many of them work in the forges dotted accross the surface of the planet.

The Iron Lords follow the codex fairly closely though there are several noted deviations.
Rather than having sergeants, squad leaders are referred to as "Seneschals" and are more than just battle leaders, they provide spiritual guidance to their brethren on and off of the battlefield.
The Iron Lords follow a code of Honour and see themselves as divine instruments of the emperors wrath. It should be noted that this honour code does not extend to their enemies, who they consider below contempt. An Iron Lord space marine will not think twice about slaying an unarmed insurgent.
The Iron Lords enjoy the oppurtunities to test themselves against the leaders of their foes. And the skull of each enemy slain champion is taken by chapter Serfs to be returned to Sternac, to the great Cathedral Golgothus, where they will be individually scrimshawed and placed in their own alchove. Further proof of the might of the Iron Lords.
The Iron Lords chapter makes use of slightly more Chaplains than is usual for a space marine chapter, no force is sent on campaign without at least two of them, usually a higher ranking chaplain will be apprenticed by a Reclusiarch. It is also known that a percentage of the heroes interred within dreadnought armour in the chapter were Chaplains in their living service. Their words of wisdom and guidance being heeded long after they are able to lead Sermon in the flesh. These Fanatical behemoths are terrifying to behold on the field of battle as they scream their conviction onto the Foe, charging towards them with only the hollow face of death staring back at them.

Notable Iron Lords
Ponteus Grax, Current Chapter Master - Ponteus Grax is an immensely old and wise leader to the Iron Lords. His vast frame has seen many battles and he is truly a terrifying sight to behold. it is said there is not an inch of flesh on his body that has not been scarred in some way through battle. He wields Breark, a powered blade 10 Foot Long, especially crafted by the Adeptus Mechanicus as a gift for the rescuing of a distressed Forge World from the hands of marauding Greenskins, long ago.
throughout his long and celebrated service to the Iron Lords, Ponteus has been decorated with thousands of victories, he has walked countless battle fields and slain more creatures than most could ever hope to imagine.

Captain Syrax of the 2nd Company - Captain Syrax has led a long and decorated career, and has displayed on many occasions his tactical acumen as well as his battlefield prowess. In the streets of the hellish daemon world Funeralopolis he stood toe to toe with a Greater Daemon of Chaos, Ignoring the injuries it dealt him and destroying it with his mighty Thunder Hammer, Halmstad. He bested a tyranid Hive Tyrant in personal combat, and, after defeating the alien host arrayed against him, ordered its skull to be removed and taken back to Sternac to adorn his trophy rack, details of the victory scored into the chitin of the beast. Against the Orks of Despaross Hive he waded into a melee against a group of orks more than twenty strong with no support, and yet, at the culmination of the battle he coule be found atop a hill, twenty corpses high, issuing orders. He has achieved things many thought impossible and he has turned the tide of battle with his fury and determination alone. Amongst a super human army of soldiers, he stands out as the best of the best. His pre-eminence to the captaincy of the 1st company awaits as does the position of chapter master, both positions his men would say he is more than capable of handling.

The Chapter Symbol of the Iron Lords is a mailed fist being held defiantly in front of a white Halo.

Often a Battle Brother will paint personal oaths to the chapter around the Chapter symbol on his left shoulder guard.

Symbols and Colours
The power armour of the Iron Lords is mostly black, whilst the leg greaves of their armour (not including knee pads) are a dark crimson. they also wear their company colour as a line accross the top of their helmet. This varies from design to design, for example on helmets of the "Crusade" pattern power armour, the company colour is worn in a line around the 'brim' of the helmet. Regardless all space Marines are expected to display their company affiliations in this way. Other than this the Iron Lords follow the codex for all the traditional markings such as Tactical, Devastator and Assault.

the colours of the Iron Lords Techmarines differs slightly to those of most other chapters, they wear the same dark crimson on their leg graves as the rest of their battle brothers, the rest of their armour however is gold, contrasting starkly to the black worn by the rest of the chapter and also the red worn by normal Techmarines, there is debate as to why they wear this particular set of colours, though many point to a famous Techmarine from within the Chapter, Gerran Tirrax. lauded by many as one of the finest Artificers the imperium has ever seen, he created many artifacts of wonder for the chapter throughout his long service, many of which are still used today. Techmarines are treated with great respect by Iron Lords Space marines, more so than other chapters.

Honour Badges
The Iron Lords make use of all the traditional Space Maring honour markings such as the Iron Skull and the Marksmans honour, and many of the battle brothers go to war with vast numbers of purity seals adorning their armour, they also have several honours exclusive to their Chapter alone.

The Aquila Maximus - Once a Space marine, no matter what his rank, has achieved a confirmed kill of an enemy General, he is permitted to wear the Aquila Maximus on his left shoulder guard in place of the Chapter logo. Space Marines who have earned this honour are treated with great respect and their battle brothers are expected to thank them for joining them on the field of battle every time they say their rites of battle.

The Mark of Damascus - Once each battle brother has 10 confirmed enemy kills he is permitted to wear the mark of Damascus somewhere on his armour or weapon. It takes the form of a bright red Diagonal stripe. It has been known for battle brothers not to wear the mark even though they have earned it, this is usually out of respect for the honours earned by another member of their squad.

The Iron Lords take to war as the battlefield dictates and are known to imploy many different methods. Though it is noted that they maintain a higher number of Vanguard Veteran squads than most chapters. And these squads specialise in dropping from Thunderhawks into the thick of the enemy and tearing the heart from an enemy force. It is a great honour for a battle brother to serve in one of these "Iron Fist" squads, and in the feast halls of the Iron Lords they have the honour of their table seperate even from their other brethren of the 1st Company. Despite this behaviour the Iron Lords detest jealousy in any form, believing if another battle brother has a more honourable position than you within the chapter, it is merely a sign you should work all the harder under the gaze of the Emperor.

Iron Lords' Seneschals are frequently seen to be wielding double handed 'Power-Claymores' these weapons are produced exclusively on Sternac and are sought after in the imperium as weapons of great artifice capable of doing terrible damage, though it should be noted for anyone other than a Space Marine to wield one of these weapons would be impossible.

To be an Iron Lord is to be greater than those we are sworn to protect.
It is to walk the universe with your head held high.
To know your superiority over any foe, no matter who he be.
-Part of the Intoning rites of the Iron Lords

"I have struck the heads of daemons from their shoulders.
I have laid low monstrous xenos of all shapes and sizes.
I have faced down the horrors of the outer darkness.
so tell me now, what makes you think you deserve the right to challenge me?"
Attributed to Captain Syrax of the 2nd Company

Battle Cry
(Answer and call)

01-05-2009, 18:40
wow ive never seen those heads before and maxmini is just a click away :D

01-05-2009, 18:56
Goddamn I want some of those heads. Awesome stuff.

I'll take a read of the IA article later too, it looks interesting. :)

01-05-2009, 19:11
Agree with the other guy, the MaxiMini heads have really came out well there. Looking forwards to getting mine all painted :D

Awsome looking stuff mate, keep it going.

01-05-2009, 19:18
Yeah Maxmini are just heroic as far as im concerned they are doing the hobby a world of good, and GW dont lose out in the slightest. theyve really got my creative juices flowing and i look forward to seeing some other peoples stuff painted up!

02-05-2009, 08:46
Wow, fantastic stuff you have here. Your highlights have certainly grown neater over time and your models are absolutely spiffy now.

One tip though: for power swords you may want to do something like this...

1. Basecoat it regal blue.
2. Paint thick "lightning" patterns over the blue in a 1:1 mix of Regal Blue to Enchanted blue.
3. Following the pattern, paint the inner part in pure enchanted blue, making sure to leave a line of the previous mix showing.
4. Repeat, except this time applying paint in an even smaller area and with a 1:1 Enchanted blue to ice blue mix.

A more in-depth tutorial can be found at http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=6438, albeit with different colors ;)

02-05-2009, 09:44
Wow man, very nice stuff. These guys have a very "hard" look to them that I really like. Nice highlight work, as well.

02-05-2009, 09:56
Very nice fluff Animatronica (albeit needing a little grammar work from the chapter serfs).

I am awaiting a delivery of marines I rescued from ebay- once I get them I will endeavour to look into getting a host of Maxmini heads too!

Have you watched Flight of Dragons perchance? I only ask as Chapter Master Grax has his power weapon named after a badass dragon in that film, Breark ;)

02-05-2009, 10:32
thankyou everyone :D

yeah the Grammar will get sorted, i decided to add some stuff last night after a night of drinking, that could explain it :S

and Yes, i am a massive fan of Flight of Dragons!

my Librarian will be called Omedon when i get around to making him :D

the power weapons arent perfect, but im planning on going back accross the whole army as i go and neatening it up to perfection, it might seem a bit odd but it allows me to get the whole army painted quicker and id rather play with a fully painted shoddy army than a couple of amazing models and some undercoated ones :D

04-05-2009, 09:05
Wow Anima gorgeous stuff as always. Loving all those thunder hammers you've got going.

Haven't read the IA article but i'll get around to that in a second. Have you thought of posting it over on bolterandchainsword i'm sure you'd get more feedback over there in the section for that sort of thing than here in a p&m blog.

Wish i was able to paint and wasn't house bound otherwise i would seriously take a trip to whereever you are on a spare day to play your army.

Keep up the great work mate.

P.S. how did the birthday go?

04-05-2009, 16:25
his mighty Thunder Hammer, Halmstad.


A thunder hammer called "Halmstad"!

That's some of the funniest things I've seen here.:D

04-05-2009, 16:56
why is it funny? what have i missed? :)

04-05-2009, 17:21
I just read through the background. I rather like it, it's good stuff and expands nicely on the 'fanatical stubborn hardass' theme. I'm assuming that Syrax' achievements (killing the Hive Tyrant and GD) are in-game things he's done?

04-05-2009, 17:48
Halmstad is a swedish city and it's not the kind of name I expected to find

04-05-2009, 22:45
Thankyou for taking the time out to read the background Corrode! i really appreciate it, i know that kind of thing can be a hard slog at times as far as GW is concerned! but yes, they are both things he has achieved, the game where he killed the Greater Daemon he actually killed a whole squad of Khorne berzerkers as part of the same combat, it was ridiculous! it was the first time i had run him with artificer armour and when he shrugged off 40 odd attacks without taking a wound (many of the save results were 2's) i decided that it was pretty much mandatory kit for him from then on, the Storm Shield kept him save from the Greater Daemon and the armour bounced off the berzerkers, so he turned around and killed 3 berzerkers a turn and both the berzerkers and the daemon had to take saves because of the Fearless USR. he taught them who was boss!

Yes it is pretty odd when you look at it on base terms Erkkibaj i agree :) i was inspired by the album i was listening to at the time which was by a band called Shining, 'Halmstad' being named after their city of origin. i thought it was an awesome and suitably cool name to steal :D

05-05-2009, 09:32
Took the time to read your Index Astartes article Anima.

Again another fine job. Like how you have portrayed them in being "xenocidal" in their pursuit to crush the enemies of the emperor and from what it seems like they perfect their art against more alien like races like tyranids and the barghesi.

I also like all the references to certain things though i'm having a hard time placing my finger on them the names are familiar from somewhere. Barghesi, Sternac, Golgothus.

The Aquilla Maximus and the Mark of Damascus are very cool ideas aswell. I'll need to go back and have a look to see if anything you've done already has it on them or do you plan to add them as i happens in games.

Again i can't pick any parts i think is wrong. Yourself along with Rev and Tcraigen are my favourite plogs on here. Oh and one last question if you don't mind. What did you use to convert that assault marine?

05-05-2009, 10:30
Hey Ocid! hope you are well! my birthday was Marvellous thankyou, totally off the hook! ive had a couple of parties since then and its been irritatingly getting in the way of my painting schedule! haha!

i stole inspiration from all over the place, bit from the bible, bit from the crusades Sternac and Barghesi are lifted straight from the codex.

I have both the honours on my army in different places, stuff like that adds an extra level of detail that seperates them from other chapters and gives them their own identity :)

The assault marine was a really easy conversion, its just one of the pairs of Iron Hands legs, regular assault marine torso and arms, the head is the old bare head from the old Assault marines sprue before the re cut it with the new power fist and such, its a bit bigger than the new heads so it was easier to do the other details on, the hair is Green stuffed and the beard is painted on straight chaos black with a fine detail brush :)

05-05-2009, 15:49
painting my chapter barracks and finding it a real hard slog! will post pics later!

06-05-2009, 00:32
irritatingly, i cant find my digital camera anywhere! which kind of hampers the whole update thing! curses!

but i did find one pic i havent posted yet, of the new Predator crewman, complete with 'Iron Man' head from maxmini,


10-05-2009, 18:54
Good stuff glad to hear the birthday went well as should be.

Ah a simple conversion indeed for the assault guy but a striking one none the less. Good work with GS aswell thought that was part of the head.

Only criticism i have is the head you've used for the guy mounted on the predator. Not really fan of it i have to say. The other maximini heads are damn nice but that one theres just something that irks me about.

Either way i still as always look forward to more updates with Thunderhammer totting marines ready to deal swift justice to xenos scum.

10-05-2009, 22:38
Thankyou Ocid
it is nice to have a small degree of criticism, it can help you step forward!

in the Predator Gunner's defence it looks much better in person, while the photo gives you an idea it aint perfect

so anyway a few bits and pieces to do and the army will be tournament ready!
from now on its going to be all about the practice games, i will try and take some pics to post, i saw the daniel wargamer ork thread and hes done a real nice job cramming all sorts of stuff in.

any way, heres some pics

comments as always, are welcomed.


the full army with base, the Barracks arent 100% yet, about 80% done i reckon.






10-05-2009, 22:51
my next project is gonna be a Catachan Imperial guard army!

i have always loved the background but found the models wanting, with the new catachan command squads being awesome and feeling like im a little better at painting and modelling, im gonna try make do with the plastics and do the background justice. i want them to look like real badasses. im planning to use all three Catachan special characters in 1750 with a squad of Ogryn, a squad of Ratlings, and an indentured Savlar Chem-dogs squad (orphans from my old now fairly redundant savlar Chem-Dog Army.) to use as a Penal Legion, ive painted a Junior Officer so far and half a Leman Russ, What do you guys think? im gonna start them up a thread of their own once i have a few troopers done, i also like the idea of a unit of three heavy flamer armed sentinels, that could be neat!


This is Lieutenant Bishop, Straken's second in command, and a real hardass. On some backwater planet he picked up a bad case of Lung rot and had to have his lungs replaced with Bionics, its said it took two whole squads of men to calm his destructive rage after receiving the news he would never smoke his trademark Catachan Cigars again. He prides himself on being the strongest man in his company able to lift the rear hull of a Chimera, some of his men point out that his power fist gives him a slight advantage. On the battlefield, bishop is a courageous leader organising counter-attacks and co-ordinating outflanking missions whilst old "Iron Hand" leads the main Spearhead.


does anyone have any ideas for neat markings i could put on this? i want to personalise it but i dont want it to be too cheesy, i also am kind of stumped what names Catachans would use for their vehicles, ideas?

10-05-2009, 23:55
Been keeping an eye on this log, and just dropping in to give a heartfelt pat on the back and an awe inspiring speech on keeping it going!

Now in all honesty, its a great log you have coming along here, so keep it up!

Just wondering, on page 6 there is your colour schemes for the captain, tactical, terminator and assault marines, where is that from?

11-05-2009, 00:20
bolter and chainsword my friend if you google them the SM painter comes up as a mini heading, its fantastic once you work out the little glitches of it. :) thankyou very much for the kind words :)

11-05-2009, 18:21
Really great work, very inspiring. The Index Astartes is also very cool, graet stories
Your assault marines are some of the coolest I've ever seen, the sergeant is damn cool.
Also, the Dethwing Terminator you did looks awesome, great handling of bleached bone, like it a lot.


11-05-2009, 21:30
Thankyou very much Ostling! kind words indeed!

So today i had the pleasure of playing against a good friend of mine (who is also coincidentally a moderator over on Bolter and Chainsword) and his army of space marines, an Imperial Fist successor of his own devising called the Justicars of Dorn.

In a couple of weeks when i go to the Mayhem tournament in Tolworth he will be a team buddy of mine, some of you may remember a couple of weeks ago i was lamenting having to play an army with Lysander and a ten man unit of terminators, well it didnt happen then unfortunately but today it did, and well, the outcome wasnt quite what i was expecting...

i hope its not against the rules to post a semi-battle report up here, but i didnt see the point in making a different thread seeing as it relates directly to this army, but i digress..

the Points limit was 1750, Deployment was Spearhead, and the mission we played was Salvage.

a really nice mission of the tournament organisers devising with three objectives which can be moved around the board by either side, with one Primary objective worth 10VP's and two Secondary objectives worth 5VP's a really ingenious feature of the tournament is that in objective based missions, you still recieve victory points for contesting objectives, just no where near as many as holding them with a scoring unit. (5VP's and 2VPs in this mission respectively.)

My opponent's army consisted of roughly, Lysander, one Ten man squad of terminators with two cyclones (ouch.), 2 Venerable Dreadnoughts, 3 squads of Tactical marines and a squad of Devastators.


Heres an idea of the layout before it is covered in models...


..and here is us both set up ready to rock. i set up second so i deployed accordingly, though sneakily i infiltrated Telion right next to the objective (albeit semi- in the open, but enough to recieve a cover save.) basic plan being, he would have to do something about Telion, otherwise he was going to easily claim the primary objective and head back into my territory ( i did NOT want it getting in the hands of ten terminators.)


a good pic of my set-up, shielding my tanks to receive cover saves against the inevitable onslaught...


and the deployment of the justicars. a hell of a lot of marines as you can see...


turn 1.
Predictably, Telion and his squad kicked the bucket, and i even lost two assault marines to scattering frag missiles aimed at the scouts. having said this the rest of my army survived pretty much intact, and i flew over to grab the objective. i Deep striked my drop pod down right behind the terminators, brother Oryx taking a short ranged Multi Melta shot at one of the venerables, though unfortunately despite getting a penetrating hit he was downgraded from Wrecked to Stunned. great!


my combat squad with lascannon fired on the terminators and even though the lascannon failed to hit, two marines found their marks with boltguns and felled two terminators! another was slain from a vehicle mounted Lascannon shot.

heres were something unexpected happened. before even the close of Turn 1.

11-05-2009, 21:43
Lysander, and his squad of terminators, ten Strong failed their morale check, an 11 was rolled and they fled the field of battle, normally this would not have been a problem, but at the Beginning of turn 2 they were within 6" of the intact drop-pod, leading them to flee the board.

this is the first time my heart has broken for my opponent during a game of 40k.

a 5 Man squad totalling about 100 points and a 75 Point transport had just seen off a 440 point squad as well as a 200 point character. horrific.


afterwards the battle field looked something like this...


The venerable to the left of the battlefield moved up with hopes of engaging the assault squad though unfortunately they were out of reach. two of the marines were felled including the sergeant, but this left one battle hardened marine clutching the objective.

in true space marine fashion he flew back towards his lines, depositing the primary objective in the hands of the scoring (and slightly stunned at their luck.) combat squad. before re drawing his chainsword and turning back to the lines of battle, eager for revenge.


one of the tactical squad attempted to fire on brother oryx but unfortunately for them they missed. they swarmed into combat, preventing him from achieving an extra attack, but unfortunately none of them found their mark, Oryx reducing two of their number to gory paste.

the following turns onslaught was brutal,the tactical squads of the justicars of dorn all being wittled down by the remaining might of the Iron Lords, one of the Venerable dreadnoughts exploded in a mushroom cloud after being struck by another deadly vehicle mounted lascannon.

amidst the Carnage the Vanguard Veterans of Squad Xarel dropped to the battlefield in an elegant swan dive. falling hacking and slashing upon the Devastator squad who were reduced to a pile of limbs in seconds, pausing only to shake the blood from their weapons they contemptuously strolled towards the tactical squad firing from the fortified ruin, their allies becoming less and less with each second.


With a roar they boosted above the building to land amongst the misguided Space marines before them, two of their own number being felled by disciplined fire, to fall on the rubble below, the remaining members landing on the top floor and breaking straight into a run, they were joined by the battle cry of brother Ortiz, the last surviving member of Squad Garvax, they both ploughed into the remaining tactical squad of the opposition, sweeping them away in a flurry of blades and Steel.

they turned to face their next target. the last remaining tactical marine of the opposition.


11-05-2009, 21:51

Meanwhile, brother Oryx had systematically reduced the other tactical squad to a pile of dead bodies, flinging the last corpse aside he turned to face his newest attacker, the other surviving unit of the Enemy, a Hero, even more Venerable than he, charging screaming his battle rage.

he was knocked aside, and the two behemoths struggled for a moment,Oryx tearing the great power fist off his opponent, but it was not enough and with a great metallic roar his opponent drove his own carapace against that of oryx, crushing him under a pile of rubble as the ruin behind him collapsed.


The heavy bolter took a heavy toll on squad Xarel, killing two of their number, leaving but one of the elite assault veterans and brother Ortiz, they dropped down either side of the marine, slowly closing before destroying him with a flurry of blows. the death blow coming as Brother Kartok of the Vanguard tore his opponents chest asunder with his Lightning claw.


with this the game ended, the only non Iron Lord model being left was a damaged dreadnought contesting one objective, next to the drop pod. the other two objectives being safe in the Hands of the Iron Lords.

Hurrah! excellent fun! though given my opponents horrific luck it is a slightly hollow victory... thoughts?

11-05-2009, 22:01
I think that batrep is possibly the single greatest argument against having all your eggs in one basket. Over a third of his army list fleeing off the board in turn two, wow. :\

11-05-2009, 22:44
Ooh a catachan army. Very nice Anima. Been bitten by the guard bug eh? Always had a thing for Vostroyans personally. Two question however are you planning on using the new command squad for all your models? Only asking because while the new command squad looks very nice the old catachan models are pretty nasty. Looking like they were the result of a terrible experiment involving some poor guardsmen and an ork. You using IG ogryns or converting ogre kingdoms? While OK are cheaper the metal IG Ogryns have a certain flair to them IMO.

Afraid i can't help you with names or markings atm but i think i might have that old catachan codex kicking around. If i can find it i'll post it your way if you want. Only suggestion i could give would be to google for jungle warfare or something and see how tanks were marked on that.

Excellent batrep though. Real harsh on your friend though thats a helluva thing to happen almost 700pts legging it off the table remember a similar thing happening many many many moons ago with my dark elf lord o dragon fleeing off the table first shot of the game. Think i cried lol.

If your batreps follow a similar format for the tournie can't wait to read them and damn the models look even nicer on a table. Display board is looking good particular highlight for me is the doors to your barracks and if you hadn't mentioned it i'd have thought the board was done.

Only suggestion would be to straighten out Syraxs thunder hammer or does the thing on his back prevent that from happening? One last thing i swear :D Got any paint on that FW dread? Would be the icing on the cake.

11-05-2009, 23:09
Lol, yeah i guess thats kind of true corrode! it was made even worse by the fact their stubborn as well (not that it had an effect, just that they are supposedly so tough and that they never run away.)

Yes! predator has always been one of my favourite films and i remember thinking how Arnold Schwarzenegger was probably the only human i could think of that stood a chance against something like that, the oppurtunity to do a whole army of that calibre of character i couldnt resist, and i love the catachan background. it just screams of awesomeness.

that model is the only old metal one i will be using apart from straken and marbo, (both of which aint the greatest but im gonna see what i can do.)
My Ogryn squad are gonna be the off the shelf metal ones i love them, they are beautiful and perfect. One of the other reasons i love the idea of doing a catachan army is Clint Langley's artwork, he did some amazing stuff on Catachans, and his Ogryn Look Damn scary.

Thankyou for the offer of the codex! thats very kind of you, i have the old 2nd ed guard codex and the little thin catachan codex already, neither have solved my problems but i do really appreciate the offer!

yeah, he dealt with it supremely well though, a testament to what a lovely guy he is, he was fully aware of the risks and i think he expected it to happen at some point. i was the first person to beat his tournament army, my friend promptly beat him with his Deathwing army (the ones i painted the demo model for) after me, that was a bit of a hammer blow as well lol.

i fear it might have been a bit lengthy but i will work on just getting good action shots from now on i think.
Syrax's thunder hammer is actually perfectly straight, its just the lighting makes it look bent in that picture lol i had to go check it to see what you meant.

and as for the forge world dreadnought, well hes teasing me from the shelf above my painting area. i have half a White scars army to paint on commission as well as finishing my barracks. i think he will be my post-tournament treat... :)

15-05-2009, 00:38
No pic updates sadly, This White Scars commission is a real nuisance! nearly finished though, hurrah! i played a real interesting game the other day though, a Chaos army with two squads of five marines in rhinos, a Greater Daemon, a Terminator Sorcerer, a Terminator Lord, 30 Chaos Terminators and 2 Obliterators!!!
managed a win despite some bad dice rolls here and there, though it wasnt my opponents main army, he just picked it up on the spot off a friend to see what it would be like. i found it quite a fun game altogether, though syrax got force weaponed sadly, but both the Assault squad and Vanguard veterans did very well and annihilated a squad of terminators each, and man Tzeentchian terminators are a bit irritating! 4 up invulnerables?!

15-05-2009, 01:12
Absolutly amazing army.
The model's are incredibly well painted, the conversions are just pure win, and the fact its a chapter i have never seen done before. Solid

10/10 for sure my friend.
And to the battle report.. I am never fielding Lysander again (*cough*coward*cough*)
Good job on the win though :)

16-05-2009, 10:52
Thankyou Tourniquet! very kind words! :)

Lysander is actually quite good, i wouldnt hold that one battle report against him, maybe he was just fearful of the sheer might of the Iron Lords, their legend clearly precedes them!

and he seems to do better than my Captain, sometimes i wish i didnt have to take an HQ! he is always the target of such aggression!

25-05-2009, 14:48
Okay! i am back from the tournament! Mayhem was amazing this year absolutely fantastic, im sure you are all dying to hear how i did (not really i would imagine there is a large degree of indifference, but i will tell you anyway!) well, i just about got made possibly the happiest person there....


i was lucky enough to win the best painted Army trophy!

and overall i came 9th out of about 60,

very pleased with the result! i got massacred twice which goes down to well below average luck against two canny tactically adept opponents (one of whom i even gave my most sporting opponent award because he was so gracious.

i took some pictures of my games as well so i will give you a run through!

25-05-2009, 15:02

this is my army as it appeared at the tournament, i ruthlessly utilized my workplace to provide A5 barkers to display my army list and background in.

people came up to me the whole weekend telling me how nice my army is and at least two people told me they wanted to do a Space Marine army since seeing it, which made me a little warm and fuzzy inside, im no means an astounding painter, but a lot of work went into these boys and it definitely paid off!

Due to the army list pointing system in place at the tournament, i started on the lofty heights of Table 1, which i have never played on at a tournament before!
first game was against a gentleman with an infantry heavy Guard army (over 200 models!!)


the mission was seize ground with a total of 5 objectives, a tricky one for me, as to achieve maximum points i am required to keep every single troops choice alive. he started off with One platoon of guard, his command Platoon and a squad of 50 Conscripts with a Commissar on each flank (!)

the rest of his army was dropping in (using the old Codex as the new guard codex had not been out long enough for it to be allowed at the tournament)

the first turn saw the Thunderfire cannon annihilating an entire infantry squad and half of the squads around it in an impressive display of firepower, the following turns saw each of the conscript squads getting taken out in one round of combat (thats over 100 dead guardsmen in one turn.)


most impressively for me was the unit of Five Vanguard Veterans taking on 50 Conscripts and annihilating them in one turn. thats awesome stuff. and reaped the best photo of the weekend in my opinion...


after this the rest of the guard army turned up which was taken apart piece by piece by my Iron Lords,after my impressive first couple of turns they couldnt quite claw it back...

the main casualty of note was my thunderfire cannon being melted by a squad of grav chuting hardened veterans. this left an irate Techmarine who proceeded to burn them to death and rip apart the remains, good stuff.


by the end of the 5th turn there wasnt a single guardsmen on the board.

over 200 dead models. ouch.

needless to say i racked up the full 20 points, whilst feeling sorry my opponent.


25-05-2009, 15:17
My second game saw me still on table 1 (which admittedly i wasnt major chuffed with, the scenery sucked! but i guess thats the penalty for doing well!) against an ork army with Grotsnik in a 30 man unit of boys and Ghasghkull in a battlewagon with 10 Nobz,


i didnt really enjoy this game, the opponent, whilst a nice guy was very definately of the im here to win mindset rather than the im here to have fun mindset, whilst some of you might cry, but its a tournament!, this is true, but being spoken to like your cheating when your clearly not is never pleasent, i dont resort to cheating. what would be the point? if i wanted to win that badly i would have taken a Daemon army, or a Space Wolf army.
though some noteable stuff did happen in this game, Grotsnik in a unit of 30 boyz would usually give people a headache, not really so in my game, the drop pod turned up and as a result, due to Grotsniks one scalpel short of a medpack rule he had to run backwards towards it. which was fine by me.
Ghazghkull was irritating, as i expected him to be, but eventually fell to Captain Syrax's Thunder Hammer :D i only scraped 5 points out of this game due to my complete inability to roll a 4 plus once a unit of ten Ork Nobz hit my lines but that is fine. i didnt like the top table anyway :)

25-05-2009, 19:23
The 3rd Game of the 1st day, against an awesome looking ork army with red skin, i thought it was cool anyway!, 15 Lootas about 100 Boyz, 20 odd Grotz and 2 Warpheads. an interesting army, it flattened me. in most part due to my hideous ability to roll nothing more than a 2 for the whole game. on the upside my opponent, was lovely very gracious about the whole thing. Vanguard turned up late and then didnt kill anything, my space marines failed to kill any orks in combat and then failed all their saves, syrax got powerclawed to no avail. it was just hideous! i would love a rematch to see if i would have done well with average luck!


25-05-2009, 19:31
my next game was interesting, i found i had been drawn against a 12 year old kid, it was make or break time! give him a good whooping or get beaten and ridiculed in short order! fortunately it was a salvage mission with Dawn of war deployment. my heart sunk as my opponent beat me at the deployment roll off, until he gave it over to me. i didnt really understand his reasoning for it, maybe he was trying to shock me into disorientation for the following game, i snatched the oppurtunity with both hands, deploying a ten man squad as far forward as i could next to a 5 man combat squad with a lascannon. this forced the hive tyrant and his guards far back to his board edge. extremely useful for me, as it gave me some duelling range with my lascannons to weaken him down a bit. as i skimmed over his army list, my heart jumped for joy as i saw he had a unit of 11 Genestealers that cost 375 points. Thunderfire Fodder. which they were. it brutalised them in short order. and my heavy weapons did their job this game killing the tyrant and his friends and wounding the carnifexes. Telion and his boys came into their own this game, their sniper rifles rending two wounds off of one Fex!
at the end of the game i had three of the objectives whilst he held one (only reason being his gaunts all had without number and despite dying in droves they were still all over the objective in his deployment zone. good stuff. 15 points.


26-05-2009, 01:45
Cool, I love seeing battle report pictures!

26-05-2009, 02:30
very nice log and even better with some reports after finishing them. Army looks good on the table and congratuations on the trophy

26-05-2009, 10:01
Thankyou very Much!

My Fifth Game wasnt fun, and featured moments where my opponent would say he was in charge range and after checking i said he was unfortunately out and he said he was, so i got a ref, and the ref said he was out, and my opponent still said he was, and then another ref came over, and he said he was out, and my opponent was still arguing against all three of us that he was in, and then he moved the one model of mine that he claimed was in range with his tape measure. it got silly. it wasnt very fun. i rolled horrifically despite seizing the initiative and the game went to a full 7 gruelling turns. least fun game of 40k ever. i didnt even bother taking a picture.

my last game of 40k was up, it was a kill points mission with Dawn of war Deployment. i was playing against a Crimson Fists 1st Company Veterans Drop Podding army, complete with Pedro Cantor. my opponent was a lovely guy, whos rolling was terrible. it was almost upsetting to watch 2 Units of Sternguard jump out of Drop Pods and then get reduced to Kibble in 2 Turns My Terminators and Captain just rocked around blowing up Drop Pods for Kill Points And when he drop podded two of his units in the far back corner i still had the range with my Lascannons to take out the two Drop Pods, 20 Points!
my most sporting opponent award for the day went to this opponent because he was so laid back and just having fun. not arguing about distances or picking up dice before id seen the results. or calling me a cheat and forcing me to read through the 40k rulebook 4 times to show him i was right and he was wrong. just a straight up game of 40k. awesome.


that was all six of my games, i had a great tournament and the low points were very few compared to the highlights! looking at the final scores i managed a very respectable 9th out of 60. very happy.

Ive got an Apocalypse Game this thursday so i will take some pictures of that for you all to salivate over, im just hoping my army doesnt get killed by a shadowsword in one shot. im gonna have to take some sneaky strategic assets. :)

28-05-2009, 22:45
I just got in from my 12,000 point Apocalypse game, Marines Versus Imperial Guard and it was a stomping Win for the Marines! Hurrah! Vanguard did me proud, dropped down and killed a baneblade in one turn!! anyway i will post pics soon and a synopsis of it. it was damn lush!

28-05-2009, 23:09
Gratz on the trophy, that's quite an achievement getting best painted army. And gratz on the Apocalypse win too! Nice to hear how good the Vanguard are, planning to paint some myself soon for the sake of it!

Subscribing to this too, your Iron Lords rock!

29-05-2009, 18:41
Thankyou very much! :)

09-06-2009, 09:19
hello everyone! right i thought i would do a bit of threadomancy as i have actually been working on some Iron Lords again! i have been painting my custom chaplain on foot and my awesome Forge world chaplain Dread! so pictures of those will be up soon!!

09-06-2009, 14:28
Sounds good to me! Custom chaplain eh? Sounds interesting.

09-06-2009, 14:59
More Iron Lords? Preposterous!

10-06-2009, 21:59
:D they do exist! im compelled! i cant bring myself to paint catachan jungle fighters, ive got 1750 points assembled now and still the Iron Sings in my blood...

11-06-2009, 11:56
finally! right here are some pics of the two new additions to my Iron Lords,

first up is Chaplain Xavien,



He is almost all plastic, only addition being the resin helm from MAXMINI, i decided i wanted him to have a half half crozius/ power weapon and i thought the heavily stylised black templars axe was good for the job, hes got a pair of berzerker shoulder pads and a maximus armour front from the templars sprue as well as a dark angels back pack, and lots of purity seals, what do people think?

... and this behemoth is the Venerable Brother Moloch. looking forward to barrelling into some heretics with him!



11-06-2009, 12:16
oh and i finally got around to painting the Sternguard, should have them up soon as well :)

11-06-2009, 13:26
Hahaaaa!! First comment on some awesome new Iron Lords!!

The Chaplain looks great (I was wondering if you were going to use that Skulltribe kit for a Chaplain, mate ;) ).

The Dreadnaught also looks beautiful. Yes, I went there with that word. When I look at that model I think of this: 'Fools! Only now at the end do you really understand! Look at me and DIE!'

Oh, I know you're more into painting the Iron Lords than your Catachan just now BUT... How about slogans instead of names for your armour? Born to Kill, Roll Over and Play Dead, Stop me and Buy One, that kinda thing. Sorry, those are pretty bad ;)

Man, I hope I haven't voted for yout thread yet, it's getting a five if I haven't! Congrats on winning that trophy and THANK YOU for posting the lowdown on your games, this thread goes the extra mile that many don't (including mine haha!)!

There, I'm done now :P

11-06-2009, 15:12
Chaplin's looking sweet! The red flock in the first picture kind of looks like a heart though

11-06-2009, 15:45
wow! thankyou very much guys! your praise is high indeed Jihad, i take it with pride :)

i know what you mean about the red flock dayspringer! its just the angle, it looks less heart-like in real life :)

11-06-2009, 17:02
Coming out of the lurking place for this you know...Great minis,great theme great reports.What can i say,5/5 for me.Great inspiration and motivation in this log,you make the Emperor happy Animatronica.;)


11-06-2009, 19:20
thankyou DPA :D

so i was sitting painting my Sternguard this afternoon and i kept looking over at my recently assembled Thunderhammer terminator squad, remembering i had promised a friend to look for a spare terminator head with bionic eye i began to dig around my bits box and found enough pieces for another squad of five terminators with lightnining claws i didnt know i had, great! i thought, so i assembled them, and then assembled a Terminator Librarian and Terminator Chaplain to go with them, i also have another squad of terminators from Black reach assembled and waiting in a case, so thats 4 Terminator squads, i realised One more and i will be able to field a Deathknell squadron for apocalypse which i thought was pretty cool! i can also field Titanhammer squads if i get a second squad of Thunder hammer + Storm shield terminators so i think they will be on the cards, i will also need to convert a Captain in Terminator armour, i am quite tempted to convert my Chapter Master in Terminator armour, i do have a Marneus Calgar model in Terminator armour knocking around, and i am no longer planning to paint an Ultramarines army so i may just paint him up in Iron Lords colours, could look pretty sweet!

another bonus of all these Terminator squads will be that i will be quite geared up for Planetstrike (well being an attacker anyway) so my painting schedule has grown, and my Catachan army is on a back burner, for now!

Shadow Fall
11-06-2009, 21:16
reading this has inspired me to stop reading this (look at the irony) and start painting some of my own models... one day i may hav an army that is how you say 'Geared Up?' for some sort of expansion game... so with the encouragement of some Boost, some half eaten toast and Fire Harte (probably the singular follower of my plog) i will get to work on painting for the next 20 mins... (in english = BRB 10 minutes going to stare a my paint station for 10 mins)

Nice battle reports! :)

SF :chrome:

11-06-2009, 23:25
Nice selection of parts for that chaplain, that chest piece stands out particularly well. Not sure on the chaos pads myself but it's your model so therefore your decision. But they don't veer it to a chaos look really so it doesn't matter. Just my thoughts!

Never seen such an imposing looking dreadnought like that one. Forge World really do some good stuff.

And looking forward to seeing all the terminators and sternguard. A few more squads of terms, vanguard and sternguard and you'll almost have the first company available!

12-06-2009, 10:12
thankyou both! you are too kind!

i know what you mean about the shoulder pads Astraeos, they are definately my least favourite part of the model, he was as much of an experiment as an addition to my army, to see if it was possible to convert a nice looking chaplain out of plastic, normally i tend to stick to the chaplain with powerfist figure as i think it was beautiful, i have already painted it for two different space marine chapters so far!

i love gearing up for expansions, it takes your army to another level, it builds on the story and it also allows you to field interesting armies in 40k, im not likely to do it a lot, but once i have 5 terminator squads painted, i will probably play them as deathwing a couple of times in regular 40k, as a pure 1st company force. i like the idea of that a lot, and im finding im having more success with this than i did previously when i tried to expand my salamanders force to a full battle company, i found that a hard slog. so i am going to try to get there by different means, i am planning on having a ten man assault squad on foot in a rhino, which can count as one of my two assault marine squads, i will paint up a couple more assault marines to bump my existing squad to ten men. i am going to assemble some heavy weapon marines at some point as the beginning of a devastator squad, i will probably start off as a five man squad with the sergeant and two heavy weapons, and then add another two heavy weapons and three boltgun marines later on. i think i will go for a plasma cannon squad and a lascannon squad. also rhinos. amazing vehicles they are. im beginning to see the value of hunter killer missiles, in apocalypse 10 points on each tank is nothing really, and to unleash a horrific barrage of strength 8 on the first turn its well worth it. im gonna get a deathwind drop pod along the way as well because they are just too good to give up, anyone else read the rules for them? when they drop down they fire D3 Whirlwind shots (big blast either type) on every unit within 12". in Apocalypse that has potential to be disgusting. and they only weigh in at 60 points. also Damocles Command Rhinos. they give you a free orbital bombardment as well as loads of other bonuses that are real cheap for what they are. and with my new Titanhammer detachment im suddenly not as scared of those warhounds people bring to Apocalypse games. in my last game of Apocalypse Vulkan Hestan, after slaying a guard squad single handedly, dived into the back on an allied rhino drove towards a closeby baneblade and threw his vortex grenade out the top hatch! blowing the thing up and killing a dozen closeby guard vehicles! however his heroism was his downfall as the next turn the vortex grenade scattered on top of his rhino. taking it, and him, into the warp. if you can find 5 or so other people to play an apocalypse game with they can be so much fun, i cant stress how important it is to vet who is involved though. everyone that plays has to be able to stand losing. if you thought seeing one person throw their toys out the pram was ugly, watch three people argue about whos fault it is. Apocalypse makes you feel like a real general, as you co ordinate different parts of your forces and your allies to achieve common goals, nipping away from the table for a few minutes to discuss some sneaky plan. i love it and cant wait for the next one.

12-06-2009, 17:54
If you're going for a foot assault squad then may I recommend the current Blood Claws boxset. It has ten marines on foot with the assault weapon sprues in there, and the helmetless heads and power weapons could come in useful for a touch of variety on some models, being plastic you can easily remove any unwanted detail. Or ebay the space wolf sprue, I'm sure someone will want it.

I know it sounds obvious, but back in the days of the previous marines dex I designed a close combat chapter using the traits but could never figure out how to get all the ccw's and bolt pistols. The Blood claws box didn't even once pop into my mind. I never planned to actually get that army, I just did it to try out designing an army using the chapter traits.
And a few months back when I bought the blood claws box for a new Space Wolves army, as soon as I opened the box and saw the assault sprues along with the marines on foot I suddenly remembered that old army list!

Looking at your use of the Black Templar bits I'm considering buying the upgrade box to use on my Models.

13-06-2009, 10:09
Thanks for the tip Astraeos! it would actually be doubly handy! im tempted to start a space wolves army and i already have plenty of marine bits knocking around so the Wolf sprue would allow me to bash together some Grey Hunters and do my foot assault squad as well!

The Black Templars sprue is interesting as it simultaneously contains some of the coolest and least useful components at the same time. One upgrade box will give you a decent enough selection, im really in it for the heads and the plastic maximus armour! check ebay out, people sell job lots of the heads and if you can find one at a decent price it could give your marines a nice bit of extra buzz!

13-06-2009, 12:37
You're welcome! I'm pretty sure there'll be lots of plasma pistols in there too!

Yeah, that plastic maximus armour looks funky. I've got a CSM army on the go as well as gathering stuff for when the Wolves codex comes out later this year (got the old Iron Priest recently, I quite like that model) so there'll be plenty of opportunities to use the components. I might use the tabards on regular CSM and see how they turn out.
I already made one Chaos Marine using the Dark angels robed body along with a fantasy chaos warrior head. Looks quite sinister and archaic, perfect for chosen!
Kit bashing is so fun, and marines are spoilt when it comes to that!

14-06-2009, 09:09
yes, marines certainly are spoilt for kit bashing, and i have a monstrous bitz box!

i finally have been able to retrieve my camera, i managed to leave it in a friend's car directly after the Apocalypse game, but i have it back now, complete with juicy pictures, which are loading up on photobucket as i type. so i will start a battle report of sorts for them as soon as they are finished!

14-06-2009, 14:34
So! i finally get around to posting this apocalypse game!

on the planet Volgan Prime, the renegade Barrikan Regulars regiment made its last stand against the combined force of 4 Space Marine chapters, forces from the Blood Angels, Iron Lords, Salamanders and Harbingers of Punishment Chapters. The hordes of Guardsmen were supported by several companies of tanks, several companies of Artillery and worst of all, a Renegade Warhound Titan.

Captain Syrax of the Iron Lords 2nd Company established a forward base of operations from which to plan the combined assault on Rebels, and also to provide cover for the marine Artillery Armoured Support.


To their Horror the Adeptus Astartes discovered the rebels were in possession of Four Baneblade class super Heavy Tanks as well as their hordes of infantry and tank support. this would be a long and bloody battle indeed.


At the Onset of the Battle, Blood Angels Thunderhawks strafed the area of no man's land between the two forces, dropping a sheet of Smoke a Mile high to obscure the advance of the Astartes.

14-06-2009, 14:58
With the battle lines drawn, fully a battle company of the Harbingers of Punishment sped towards the rebels in their Rhino APC's a glorious spearhead of royal purple against the bleak surrounding landscape. From his perch on the Chapter Base, Captain Syrax ordered a Bombardment from a Space Marine Strike Cruiser, a shaft of light beamed down from the heavens, obliterating a score of the rebel guardsmen where they stood. never to rise again.


the first volley of fire from the Rebels was devastating as expected, Rhino's flipped over, destroyed. tanks were rendered useless. and the Warhound titan silenced the artillery fire of the Blood Angels, as well taking the lives of several brave Marines.



The next turn of the Space Marines was decisive and swift. Blood angels assault marines flew down onto the battle field engaging the flanks of the guard army in bitter close combat. The Death Company Land Raider Geared forwards, unloading its cargo of Blood-mad Space Marines into the heart of the rebel army, their target. one of the Baneblade Super Heavy tanks.
amidst all this, 5 Space Marines Dropped from a passing thunderhawk Gunship, homing in on the locator beacon of the Drop pod before them, they landed between two of the great armoured behemoths. their grim mission clear to them. the Tanks and their Monstrous guns must be silenced.


Consigning their souls to the Emperor They attached their deadly payload of Melta Bombs to the Great Fuel tanks of the Beast. triggering an Enormous explosion. instantly they were consumed by the mushroom cloud, the force of the blast sending great shards of shrapnel flying in all directions, in the aftermath several squads of guardsmen had been slain as well as leaving behind the blackened husks of a Basilisk Artillery Company.


from the blast, a lone Veteran Staggered atop the pile of wreckage, clutching a thunder hammer in his hands, Sergeant Xarel of the Iron Lords 1st Company roared his defiance to the traitors of Volgen.

14-06-2009, 15:08
In a display every bit as ferocious as that of the Vanguard Veterans, the Death Company of the Blood angels Fell upon the lead Baneblade with Barely Contained Fury, a flurry of blows rent the armour, as marines tore off plates with their bare hands, or scrambled atop the vehicle ripping off hatches to get at the traitors within. In another pyrotechnic display the Baneblade exploded even more violently than the first, right in the heart of the traitorous army, most of the Death Company were killed in that instant, but with them they took nearly 50 Guardsmen, Heavy Weapons Crews and they irreparibly Damaged 8 Leman Russ Tanks, as well as silencing the two great Colossus Siege Mortars. a Cheer rose from the Gathered Space Marines. as the Noble Sacrifice of the Blood Angels tore the the Beating heart from the opposition.


having been dealt a brutal blow by the Space Marines the Guard fought back with all their remaining strength, the Warhound Titan evaporating the building in the center of the battlefield with its Plasma Blastgun, reducing it to a molten tomb for the Harbingers of Punishment Devastator squad who had been sheltering in it.


Suddenly and without warning two Chimera transports full of black clad Stormtroopers sped down towards the chapter barracks, unleashing their deadly payload several Iron Lords space Marines died beneath their volley of overcharged las fire.


In Response Captain Syrax Vaulted over the top of the building and barrelled straight into the lead squad of stormtroopers claiming four of their skulls with one Sweep of his mighty hammer Halmstad. they fought back to no avail, their human physiques being unable to match that of the several hundred year old astartes. the brutal fury of the Space Marine Captain broke the remaining men and he slaughtered them as they fled.

14-06-2009, 15:19
but the space marines had done some outflanking of their own and an Iron Lords Assault squad turbo boosted onto the battlefield unleashing a hail of bolt pistol fire into the back of a Manticore Missile Platform, though to no avail.


the marauder bombers of the Volgan traitors strafed the battlefield, slaying several astartes as they went, in response the lascannon razorbacks of the Iron Lords turned skywards trying to fell them and stop their onslaught.


The Redeemer Land Raider ploughed forwards, unleashing its Payload of Terminator Armoured first Company onto the Black Baneblade of the Native Volgans, their power fists could find no mark in the tank, this proved no problem for the short ranged Multi-Melta fire of their transport though, the short range burst triggering a chain reaction in the hull of the Behemoth, it lurched forwards one last time before stopping stock still. belching smoke into the air,

The Harbingers of Punishment ploughed into the remaining Guardsmen with righteous Zeal felling them with bolter fire and chainsword.

a Great shadow fell over the Battlefield, as the Harbingers of Punishment Thunderhawk finally managed to close the battlefield, having evaded the Anti aircraft fire aimed at it


the Turbo Laser of the thunderhawk finally delled the great Metallic Behemoth of the Warhound titan, its void shields having been stripped away by the Devastator squads of the Chapter.

the great flying war machine rounded on the battlefield, to land in the space next to the fallen titan.


14-06-2009, 15:22
with this the Battle was done. the last remaining traitors had lost the heart for the battle and it was only a matter of the Space Marines Exterminating those that remained.

From atop the battlements of the blackened chapter building, Syrax Smiled inside his war helm. the battle had gone well, a minimal loss to the Marines and the rebellion had been quashed brutally. His thoughts turned to the next Warzone he and his men would face...


Izzy Logan
14-06-2009, 17:03
A really nice battle report Animatronica. More gripping than those in WD. Your fluff really brings the reader into the mood of the games, and sheer detail on your lovely miniatures seals the deal. keep up the good stuff mate.

14-06-2009, 17:23
Yes indeed a very nice battle report. Probably one of my favorite things in this log are your battle reports.

14-06-2009, 19:26
thankyou very much :) i enjoy doing them, its nice to have a record of a good game and look back and smile. especially one as immense as an apocalypse game of that magnitude!

14-06-2009, 20:38
Awesome battle report Animatronica, and nicely written too. I think my favourite bit was when Syrax leapt off that building and into those stormtroopers!

All that well made terrain and the fact that every model was painted helped visually too, certainly kept my eyes from wandering from the table to try and make out what's on the shelves!

I take it Harbingers of Punishment are a home brew chapter?

14-06-2009, 20:46
That was excellent Animatronica, the battle was quite a sight! Good write up too! You left me wanting to know what happened to brave Sergeant Xarel.

14-06-2009, 22:00
Thankyou both!

yes it was a conscious decision to use only painted figs from the start, it does make a big difference! i know what you mean about looking on the shelves Astraeos, i have been noticing things i didnt notice when i was actually there! (it was at a friend's house) and yes, the Harbingers of Punishment are a chapter of his own devising, and he has a full battle company! something to be proud of!
aah yes brave sergeant Xarel, i never did mention what happened did i?

...Xarel scanned the battlefield from atop the burnt out hulk of the Baneblade. a constant stream of clipped battlefield data was fed into his ear.
the battle was going well, the Traitorous scum were on the back foot.
his fellow brother marines loose amongst their lines.
He looked to the remains of his squad, brother Turas was leaned up against the wreck, both his legs gone, he blasted away with his bolt pistol at guardsmen closing on his position.
Brother Durian lay strewn accross the ground, one of his legs bent at an awkward angle, but in Xarel's helm he could see the marine's vital signs still processed. he would hopefully fight again.
with woe he looked accross to brother Lato whos headless body lay closeby. his loss would be mourned. and as for Xaleth there was no sign.
suddenly from beyond the blackened wrecks of the Basilisk battery Xarel spied teams of traitors hefting heavy weapons into position.
with a burst he left his perch gaining on the guardsmen with frightening speed. they looked up and froze in terror.
Seconds later, he was amongst them, pulverising bodies with his hammer. smashing limbs, smashing faces. seconds more, and it was over. he stood amongst their broken, bleeding, bodies and took his hammer to their weapons.
He saw more movement ahead in the dark terrain, his augmented senses easily picking the shapes out amongst the shadows. He began to sprint, intent on making contact with them, they were ten meters away, the distance closed quickly, and he ran through a hail of las-fire. it pattered off his armour like rain and he raised his hammer above his head with a righteous scream on his lips, then it hit.
white-hot pain seared his ribs and in a second it took over his whole world, he found himself on his back, panting heavily and looking up into the brown sky, smoke drifting past him, his systems had gone critical, he had been hit by a plasma gun blast, his body was shutting down his functions to keep him alive. He looked around wearily and the last thing he saw was the look of terror on his foes faces as the heavily armoured forms of squad Tyrok barrelled into them storm bolters blazing. he had done well this day. He closed his eyes and tried not to think of the giant hole in his chest.

"Thats us, first in, Last out, first tended to in the Apothecarion." (Harsh laughter)
- attributed to Sergeant Xarel of the Iron Lords

03-07-2009, 13:34
Hello All! i felt like painting some space marines so i finally got my squad of Sternguard finished, what do y'all think?







03-07-2009, 16:58
I think it looks prety good. You have made the lighting claw very good.

03-07-2009, 17:55
very nice

the lighting claw is just great

very cool

do more, do more i tell you

03-07-2009, 18:06
Absolutely great work, especially the claw!!


03-07-2009, 20:43
thankyou all! very much! the funny thing about the power claw is halfway through i thinking "ive so totally screwed this up" but i just ran with it and put the blood spatter on, (even though i guess blood spatter on a power weapon is semi-unlikely, maybe its burnt on?) but the two horizontal lines just seem to work, im quite happy with the way it turned out, as always these guys have a few touches here and there to bring them up to complete perfection, im umming and aahing about adding some gold trim to make them stand out, ive got a couple more Sternguard with Combi-weapons that need to be painted up and its a choice between plasma or melta at the moment but im feeling the plasma more.

04-07-2009, 09:40
I took one look at the Sternguard squad and thought 'badass'. This squad has a distinctiveness all of it's own!

Heh heh, that bareheaded Vet... For some reason as soon as I saw him I thought 'For shizzle...' :P

04-07-2009, 13:50
haha thanks Jihad, you always give me a good giggle.

yeah i like the idea of Iron Lords being an equal oppurtunities employer so to speak. id like to hope that it wont be a case of "in the Grim Darkness of the far future there is only white people." im still reeling from the ridiculousness of the new Salamanders background.

im really happy with the additions of the roman style belt tassles on them. it gives them a bit more character definately. im still tempted to try gold lining the armour, but i know if i do it to them i will have to do it on the Vanguard as well. im really happy with how it turned out on the Terminators, they look awesome. ive also added more filigree on Syrax' helmet as well.

i like to evolve space marine armies over time, adding more and more honour markings and such till they look like true veterans, ive already devised a cross-swords honour marking to denote the Tournament i took part in, i like the idea of treating it as a crusade. so im going to try to get it on all the models that were present in my tournament army, the tanks are already done, i will take some more snaps tonight!

04-07-2009, 18:28
i love them as i also love iron lords

04-07-2009, 21:07
thats awesome to hear Lotoc :D

so yeah, i got a late birthday present today from Peter Corps who runs the Tolworth First Founding Gaming club, which i thought was awesome and is totally related to this thread...


how cool is that?!


anyway, i took some pictures of various bits, first up my campaign markings on my vehicles, im thinking of copying this onto the infantry somewhere, probably a leg greave. but i think i would have to black line it first to get the full effect. which could take some time...


i've also got the latest upgrades to Syrax, which i didnt like when i first did it but it has grown on me tremendously!


04-07-2009, 21:11
looking back over my Vanguard i realised they all have the laurel wreath symbolism painted onto their helms and i realised this was one of the things that sets them out most from the normal assault marines, i like the idea of doing something similar for the Sternguard but different from the Vanguard i love the idea in the background that both halves of the 1st company are friendly rivals so i like the idea of reinforcing their individual identities, this is what i came up with anyway, what do you guys think?


i think i posted a pic of my redone techmarine a while back but it wasnt a great one from what i can remember, so i thought i would take a couple more, im really happy with the new colour scheme, makes him stand out from the crowd in a good way


05-07-2009, 11:35
this army is def one of the best sm-armies that i've ever seen. !!! :)
the colorscheme is outstanding and the amount of detail you put into it amazing.
the scheme itself is imho pretty complex but still very harmonic.
single minuatures are looking as good as units. but also the complete army looks fantastic.
keep up the good work! --- very inspiring!.

06-07-2009, 11:51
Thankyou Bobpanda! thats very kind of you to say!

im off for another game of planet strike today, it will be my first one with the Iron Lords and i will be the Attacker for the first time! against a defending Deathwing Force! the game will be 2000 points and heres the list ive concocted.


-Captain Syrax(XXX)Thunder Hammer(XX)Storm Shield(XX)

-Chaplain Xavien(XXX)Jump pack(XX)Digital Weapons(XX)

-Chaplain Lucio(XXX) Digital Weapons (XX)


-10 Man Tactical Squad 'Gorak'(XXX) Power Weapon (XX) Melta Bombs (X)

-10 Man Tactical Squad 'Xasthur'(XXX) Power Weapon (XX) Melta Bombs (X) Meltagun (X)


-Terminator Squad 'Tyrok' (XXX) Cyclone Missile Launcher (XX)

-Sternguard Veteran Squad 'Varron' (XXX) Lightning Claw (XX)

-Venerable Dreadnought 'Moloch' (XXX) Plasma Cannon (XX) Extra Armour (XX) Drop Pod (XX) Locator Beacon (XX)

-Dreadnought 'Oryx' (XXX)

-Techmarine 'Zerrix' (XX) Servo Harness (XX) Power Weapon (XX)


-6 Man Assault Squad 'Garvax' (XXX) Thunder Hammer (XX) Melta Bombs (X) Flamer (XX)

-5 Man Vanguard Veteran Squad (XXX) Jump Packs (XX) Relic Blade (XX) Lightning Claw (XX) Thunder Hammer (XX) Melta bombs (XX)

it was good fun to make a 'different' list to the standard 40k games i usually play, its quite cool tooling up on stuff like melta bombs to crack bastions as well.

As for Stratagems we're getting 4 points each so i've gone for

-Teleport Bombardment (Imperium Only)

which will of course be amazing against an all terminator army. and if he doesnt go inside any of the bastions for fear of being melted i will just jump inside one at the earliest oppurtunity!

-Ground Observer
This will be really handy as i have a lot of deep strikers so i want to be as likely to roll HITS as possible!

anyone got any ideas on the subject?

i will take some pics and post them soon!

06-07-2009, 12:43
Heh heh, glad I give you a chuckle, chief! I like the little touches you've added to Syrax and the Sternguard, the constant evolution of your force is both impressive and disturbing in its quality.

List looks solid, not that I've played a game in years heh heh! Good luck smashing the Deathwing :D


Shadow Nugz
06-07-2009, 13:14
Love the captain, reminds me that I need to get the Masters of the chapter pack

06-07-2009, 14:36
Awesome army, when i started reading that you were gonna do catachans i kind of despaired. For one your iron lords are absolutely flawless, amazing modeling and painting. Two i really dont like the catachans that much XD. but that aside this is my new favorite project log, the army is just so awesome and i love how you put the bat reps in it! especially how you write them, and i must say.... syrax is a badass and i love the miniature!

07-07-2009, 16:03
thankyou talon that makes me really chuffed to hear that :)

and thankyou everyone! as ever! without the comments i wouldnt be nearly as inspired to carry on.

so right, i didnt play against the deathwing in the end yesterday, in fact, i buddied up with them, for an Apocalypse Planetstrike game!

4000 points a side Iron Lords + Deathwing Vs. Imperial Guard and Blood Angels.

and i will post the pictures later so watch this space, oh man it was such good fun!

07-07-2009, 16:25
sounds awesome! being a blood angels player i dont know which side to root for! but i thought you'd like to know that your army has inspired me to make a vanilla army, im gonna make a marines exemplar army the list can be seen here if you wanna look, http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=208596 plan on giving the captain a nasty looking halberd for a relic blade.

Marines exemplar colors/ minor fluff can be seen here... http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Marines_Exemplar

sorry for posting this stuff, not trying to hack your log just thought youd like to know :)

07-07-2009, 22:44
great log, like it a lot!!!

07-07-2009, 22:54
I love it, very gothic/ "crow-equese"

09-07-2009, 10:29
OMG Log hacker! no its okay Talon, shameless self promotion is the only way to get anywhere in this world, the balance is to make it not look like your trying too hard!

and thankyou for the comments tagsta and Melchiah, yeah i guess they are a bit gothic! that works well with space marines they eye-slash thing i take any oppurtunity to use, as it is a nod to one of my favourite comic book characters, Grendel..


09-07-2009, 10:36
Damn these guys look good, you are a GREAT painter!
i really love the colour scheme, and the scars over the eyes really stand out.


09-07-2009, 11:16
so without further ado,

...And so it had been, weeks after being ambushed by a force of Bone-armoured marines baring all the signs of the Imperium, Captain Syrax of the 2nd Company Iron Lords now found himself preparing a planetary invasion with the leader of that very group of warriors.
Grand Master Belial was an intensely secretive character, saying little more than he ever needed to, and with a face as flat and expressionless as a statue. apart from the ragged scar that ran from his scalp to his chin, bisecting his milky, blinded eye.

Syrax and his Iron Lords had outmaneuvered the elite warriors and whether through sheer luck or bad planning on their opponent's part they had systematically eliminated the groups of warriors who arrived piecemeal, albeit fighting with tenacity, they had all refused vox contact with Syrax, who had been desperate to clear up whether or not they were facing traitors or whether they were believed to be traitors themselves. Regardless, the battle had been over before it had truly begun, and the warriors had all disappeared without trace. It wasn't until some weeks later he had recieved a solemn vox-cast from captain Belial of the Deathwing himself, who despite issuing an apology looked as stern as ever. And now some few days forward Syrax was standing in the planning room aboard the bone-white battle barge of the deathwing, Resplendent in his finely crafted power armour, he gazed down at the scene before him, rolling green hills pockmarked by war. And nestled in a valley, a series of unmistakable squat shapes that could only be Imperial Bastions. Syrax raised an eyebrow.
"Our target lies here." Belial rumbled, "the valleys of Turan Kor." Syrax continued to stare at the battle map, noting how the bone armoured members of the deathwing were as unmoving and regal as his own Honour Guard.
Belial Continued "Colonel Helka of the Barrakan 42nd regulars bears a mark of psychic taint, we believe him to be under the control of a warp entity."
"Then surely this is a matter for the sanction of the Inquisition." Syrax questioned, starting to wonder if this was the real reason for the military action at all. "we have been provided with irrefutable proof.. " a grainy vid-log appeared on screen of a group of hooded individuals, murmering unintelligibly as the head of them turned to face the screen, his face was frozen and analyzed, the data provided stating it was a 98.99% correct match for the physical features of the colonel.
Syrax knew there was no point fighting, and listened intensely as Belial said

"we make planetfall Dawn tommorow."


The firestorm had begun, hail after hail of fire rained down on the defenders, crushing tanks, destroying artillery and maiming guardsmen. in a hideously accurate display of firepower, the defensive perimeter was breached for at least a minute, as guardsmen flung themselves to the ground to avoid the barrage, into trenches they had dug earlier.

this was all the time it took, a shimmering green pallour took over the battlefield, followed by a sharp cracking as several squads of bone armoured terminators appeared, mere strides away from the defenses, followed by the figures of black clad space marines beside them, the assault had begun in ernest. Brother Cucio, flamer trooper of Squad Xasthur, fire a gout of prometheum into the bunker ahead of them, dousing the abhuman ratlings inside, and producing a chorus of screams.
seconds later, and Deathwing terminators were barreling into the bunker, setting into it with chainfists and powerfists alike.


Master Belial materialised someway off to the left of the battle, thundering into a squadron of sentinels and flattening them, he and his squad proceeded into the closest bunker and set about it with their powerful weaponry.


09-07-2009, 11:24
the right hand side of the compound was in just as much trouble as the Sternguard Veterans of the Iron Lords 1st company stalked towards the defenses, firing superheated Dragonfire rounds at the guardsmen defenders, making a mockery of their aegis defence lines and killing scores as they went.
Brother Moloch strode onto the battlefield from the wrecked remains of his drop pod and silenced the artillery that was blazing into him at full pelt.


The guardsmen of Barrakan were demoralised even further as one of the bunkers collapsed into rubble, undermined by the chainfists of one of the deathwing squads it crumpled inwards, destroyed.


but before they could celebrate the first of the guardsmens reserves arrived, and with them came one big surprise...


over the green hills came the red tanks of the Blood Angels! and among them a black land raider, its occupants marked for death.
as it drew closer its gates fell open to reveal the rabid death company who piled into the sternguard of the iron lords, they stood no chance against the unbridled fury.

as well as this Librarian Mephiston, the Lord of Death stalked from the land raider, the brethren of the Deathwing in his sights, he fell upon the librarian brother Duriel, hacking and slashing with unmatched might, it was all brother duriel could do to ward off the blows, but once sank deep into his shoulder, with a cry of pain, and with that his sould was sucked from his body,leaving it a withered husk.


the assault marines of the blood angels fell upon the artillery of the iron lords, hoping to silence their fire support forever. and they succeeded in destroying the lascannon turret of the Razroback before them.

09-07-2009, 11:28

the battle continued, but no sooner had the blood angels shown their hand, then the remaining reserves of the Iron Lords began to arrive, up above the Battlefield, the brethren of Squad Xarel, Vanguard veterans of the first company, smirked as they saw the death Company arrive to the battlefield, Sergeant Xarel looked to his men, "Death Company? it is time show them the ignorance of their chosen moniker." with that they swan-dived from the back of the thunderhawk transporter they had been standing in, and minutes later they fell upon the black armoured mad-men, what they vanguard lacked in rage and fury, they made up for in weaponry. power Weapons sliced through limbs, Lightning claws ruined faces and mangled arms, and thunderhammers obliterated all before them. seconds later, Mephiston stood surrounded by enemy on all sides. it would be a difficult day for him to survive...

... an hour or so later Syrax surveyed the battlefield. His men were piling the bodies of the fallen guardsmen together to be burned. the bastions all stood in ruin, apart from one, which now had a cordon of terminator armoured deathwing. None of the Iron Lords approached too close, Belial was nowhere to be seen.

One man was apparantly left alive as Belial appeared from the building, standing behind a human who was of a superior build to a regular specimen of the species. his face was bitter. without a further word the deathwing began to leave the battlefield. in a long column. Syrax watched them, making no move to follow them.

The Blood Angels' addition to the battle had disturbed Syrax, he had slain only men who had believed themselves to be following the Emperor, misguided or not, that was never something he relished.
"Lord Syrax!" a voice called, snapping the captain out of his reverie, Sergeant Xarel approached, him and 3 of his squad walked toward the commander, battered and drenched in blood as they almost always were post-battle, "Our blades have reaped many this day, we have sung the death-hymns of Golgotha to the western winds, these men do not bear the taint of chaos so openly, but those Blood Angels, that cloaked fiend. he was something unholy." pausing to remove his battered helmet, "he sucked the life clean from brother Sanchez with but a contemptuous strike. Those Deathwing boys sure did a good number on him though!" the sergeant raised his voice and smiled at the bone armoured warriors closeby, they gave no visible response.
Syrax returned in a clipped tone, "yes this battle was indeed something else Brother Xarel, you did Sternac proud this day, i am sure i will get the oppurtunity to discuss this with you further upon our return to ship."

though he doubted it would make any more sense.

09-07-2009, 12:52
loving the iron lords, was thinking about doing a force of them myself a while ago but never got around to, maybe i will now though! :)

09-07-2009, 15:42
holy jeebus batman i love the narrations you put into your bat reps! give syrax his own personality, and what were the DW really doing there... haha, and despite my previous post about playing blood angels, im definitely rooting for you sir! How have the vanguard been working for you? cuz i want a squad but am hesitant of the points cost, they seem to be doing good, having dropped a baneblade and now the death company but i was just wondering your personal outlook on them/

Id also like to point out that the reason i chose the marines exemplar is because i love the red and black of your marines and i want to do a chapter similar, they just look ridiculously badass on the table!

09-07-2009, 18:04
Thankyou Frgt! and thankyou Talon! you flatter me so!

personal opinion on the vanguard? they TOTALLY ROCK. they are one of the most immutable parts of my army list, them and the dreadnought drop pod combi is killer. scares the crap out of people and people sometimes forget that just because you have a locator beacon doesnt mean you have to use it. i played a guy who drove his bikers out in the open on my right flank because i had nothing deployed there, and they would have been fine, if the vanguard hadnt dropped down and ruined their day! totally awesome, i love them, with the addition of the the thunder hammer theyve only performed better, and at 220 points they arent too pricey in my book. the distraction/surprise factor of them alone is worth that, and they almost always unroot troublesome units.

but the other tip id give is dont worry about sending them to their deaths if it will render a scary unit grievously wounded. its their job! even if that unit costs less than 220 points if it means you can manage the battle better they have proved their worth. i have lost count of the number of times the only part Syrax has played in a battle is to walk around giving people orders, because the Vanguard have given me the win.

im really looking forward to seeing your marines when you get some painted!

i really like the 5th ed change to sniper rifles as well. ive always had difficulty competing against 'nidzilla' lists. anyone who knows me will tell you how many times ive ranted about how hideously unfair it is tha carnifex and hive tyrants can have 2+ saves and how it makes them unkillable, but in 5th ed. Telion and his boys tend to do 2 wounds to a monstrous creature per turn. which makes them much more manageable.

on a whimsical note, i dont suppose anyone that follows this thread is any good at drawing/photoshopping, id really like a bit of artwork done for the Iron Lords but im not too great at free hand (well im okay but not awe inspiring) so if anyone reads this who is partial to drawing space marines and is reasonably good i would love to hear from you!


10-07-2009, 19:24
im working on assembling some stuff tonight, a few more Veteran Sergeants so i can mix things up a bit, a scout squad ready for my Land Speeder Storm, and a re-paint of an old Iron Hands Veteran sergeant i did, pics later hopefully!

11-07-2009, 12:57
okay got held up, i painted a plague marine for the Lolz yesterday to keep things fresh with the Iron Lords, my banner bearer is nearly done a lot of the basic stuff is out of the way and i have drafted a design i really like as well, a crimson middle section with a thin strip of Chevrons on the left and a scenic picture of a pile of skulls under moonlight, and over the crimson section the main motif will be a winged thunderhammer which will be Syrax' personal heraldry. looks pretty cool so far! maybe i will scan it in so you can see a before and after, that should all be up tommorow!

12-07-2009, 10:01
right! heres some pics!


This is my 2nd Company Standard bearer,obviously not finished yet but im liking the way he is turning out, ive decided not to make the command squad too non-standard in terms of wargear and battle dress because im going to do an honour guard at some point and i want them to really stand out, plus i figure the command squads are the best of the boys from the battle companies so they should look a bit like them!, only deviation from this is that i am tempted to use the Emperor's Champion model to represent my Company champion, i have always loved the model and would love to get a chance to use it!


This is the draft for the 2nd company banner, when i paint standard bearers (well marine ones anyway) i take the approach that you should spend as much time painting the design as you do painting the rest of the model, because standards are a brilliant oppurtunity to add some character to your force.

any thoughts/suggestions to the design? the middle section will be worked up from Scab red


This is Sergeant Brutus, who i see being quite barbaric even for a space marine i love the face of the model, its so full of expression, normally the jaw section is quite malformed on this model so i felt like sculpting a gas mask to cover it, but it ended up looking like a part of his face which i really like, i can imagine him having his jaw blown off at some point, and him just stalking the battlefield towards the terrified alien that did it to him before throttling the life out of them.


And this is a plague marine i painted on a whimsy, i find its good to have a couple of models on the go at once so you can allow proper drying time to each stage of them, and the plague marine was a really fun experiment, i might do more, but ive based him the same as my alpha legion so they can be used along side them, i havent shown you all my alpha legion yet have i?....

as always thoughts and comments are welcome!

12-07-2009, 10:25
Love the Plague marine! Its looking very heresy era-plaguemarine!
Also the Iron Lord guy looks great!

12-07-2009, 20:55
That banner looks really cool, all those skulls at the side will be a challenge though!

13-07-2009, 06:06
alpha legion?! where? do show
this log keeps getting better :D

13-07-2009, 10:47
i reckon ive got at LEAST 4000 points of Alpha Legion, i think they will get a log of their own, i know what will happen, i will start taking pictures of them and then i will be like, "oh theses guys are cool! i forgot about them!" and before i know it i will be painting chaos space marines! my Daemon Prince is a Spider-Centaur, and he has an 11 man Chaos Terminator Bodyguard, which will eventually be 22 man strong with a couple more painting sessions....

14-07-2009, 11:46
i've managed to avoid the pull of the Dark Gods, and ive been painting Syrax's command squad, so i thought i would take some pictures, im still working on the Company champion, but luckily he has a stand in!


and a close up of the banner!


its taken a while to do and im kind of happy with it, i do like doing banners!

after ive finished the company champ im gonna paint a Veteran with a storm shield and a power weapon to absorb any heavy non-apothecary saveable gunfire/alien weaponfire.

and im helping a friend by doing some ebaying this friday and hes gonna give me two ironclad Dreads as payment! (!) get the hell in!

so as soon as i get those i can imagine them getting done, im halfway through a second regular dread as well, this time with assault cannon.

after that im gonna paint another 4 or so assault marines to bring me up to a ten man squad, and then im gonna start work on a 4 lascannon devastator squad. and begin the slow march towards a full battle company!

comments are always welcome :)

14-07-2009, 12:40
That banner bearer is gorgeous. Cracking job.

14-07-2009, 14:16
I really love that banner.

14-07-2009, 16:26
thankyou very much :D

14-07-2009, 18:58
Your army looks stunning! I've been keeping an eye on it for a while and love your painting.

14-07-2009, 19:15
Very impressive - particularly that banner!

And congratulations on the Best Painted Army award - well deserved!

14-07-2009, 19:21
wow that banner is completely awesome! two ironclads are gonna be fun too

14-07-2009, 19:26
These marines are absolutely awesome! Keep it going!

16-07-2009, 14:20
That banner looks well done! Great Job!

16-07-2009, 17:27
thankyou very much Kobayashi, Snakebite, Talon, Khabal and Mad man a tron, your kind words help spurn me onwards to paint more! i look forward to converting an Honour guard and painting the Iron Lords Chapter Banner!

So i played a game of 40k yesterday (mission capture and control), sadly no pictures as my friend was trying a new marine army and they were a grey legion of unpaintedness, but it was horrendously close right up until the last minute when a razorback full of my marines hurtled onto their opponents home objective on what was to be the last turn, so even though it was surrounded by 5 terminators and 10 Tactical marines i managed to deny them their prize whilst claiming my own, granting an Iron Lords win! Huzzah! this game also featured Lysander leading a terminator assault squad, which,displaying outrageous bravery deep striked into the tightest gap in my lines you can imagine! but to Lysander's despair, Syrax and his command squad turned to face them and felled three terminators with nought but Bolt pistol fire!! :D if this wasnt bad enough, Lysander then failed his morale check and ran! :eek: only to be dogged by Iron Lord troops for the rest of the game as he ran the whole length of the table and eventually off the board. thats twice the Iron Lords have faced captain Lysander of the Imperial Fists first company, and twice he has run off the board in terror. clearly he had bad memories of the last time he drew blades against me!!
a great game, really close with some awesome moments, such as the vanguard dropping down, cutting half a tactical squad to pieces and then failing to kill anything more for two turns, only for sergeant Xasthur to join the fray and murder the 4 marines they had been facing in one round of combat! also my dreadnought charged into a ten man squad with a power fist sergeant (yeah risky i know) and got exploded, felling the three marines into the deal! yeah great game. i wouldve written it in story form, but im despairing that the Iron Lords are beginning to a garner a reputation for being marine slayers. :D



16-07-2009, 18:55
That banner is fantastic, i tried something similar, but failed miserably, so hats off to you sir. you have inspired me to try again!!


17-07-2009, 00:18
Thankyou very much! Eltanko! give it another go! just take your time on it! id love to know if you finish it!

ive done some painting today! so i thought i would share my results with you, another Dreadnought, a Jump Pack equipped Librarian and my company/Emperors champion! as well as getting started on a city ruin.

ive also taken a pic of everything ive painted so far, as my collections grown a bit in the last couple of weeks!


this isnt the best pic ever, but it gives you an idea how much ive got done!



This is Keeper Oviron, hes not 100% complete but hes getting close and hes definately at gaming standard, hes based off of Fabius Bile with a bit of greenstuffing and a lot of filing and cutting, i also greenstuffed the hair forward to give him a full head instead of the balding of mr Bile.



This is Galahad, Champion of the 2nd Company, earning his title besting every other man of his company, barring his Captain, Lord Syrax.

i also painted another dread taking me to 3 thus far,

heres the proof


17-07-2009, 00:23

I have painted some additional detailing on Veteran Brutus' Powerfist, as a member of the company Command squad he would have the better equipment, and i figure he would have it embellished in some way.


This is the company command squad with the new champion,


and this is my ruin thus far, i know, check out my burnt out wreck.

17-07-2009, 00:30
Every time I see this army I think WANT. I love this log.

17-07-2009, 01:25
I really like your painting style! Clear lines and great colors, and excellent freehand designs! Looking forward to see some more.

18-07-2009, 00:48
:D thankyou very much Corrode, and Khabal that is really nice of you! i like to think i have a "Comic book" style, my stuff doesnt look hyper realistic and its not the finest piece of art. but its usually bold with extreme highlights!

So! heres what ive been working on for an hour or so today...


Yes! two Ironclad Dreadnoughts and Pedro Kantor!

After reading his rules and seeing he is only 175 points i have decided to Give Pedro a whirl as my HQ and give Syrax a bit of a holiday (hes earned it) i was tempted to convert it in such a way that it looked like Syrax in an incarnation of Chapter Master but i thought that the model was so lovely i would just leave it as is! he will look awesome in Iron Lords Colours!

and the Ironclads, well you cant go wrong with them can you? the things at the front of the picture are the hunter killer missile pods which i have kept seperate so i can attach them as i see fit between games...

i also threw together this fun list i want to try once i have these two painted, not a long running thing, just thought it might be fun to do for a game or two...

Pedro Kantor

Master of the Forge, Power Sword,

Tactical Squad, Power Weapon, Meltagun

Razorback, Twin Linked Lascannons

Tactical Squad, Power Weapon, Lascannon

Razorback, Twin Linked Lascannons


Terminator Squad, Cyclone

Dreadnought, Multi Melta

Dreadnought, Assault Cannon


Venerable Dreadnought, Plasma Cannon

Ironclad Dreadnought, Seismic Hammer, Heavy Flamer, 2 Hunter Killer Missiles

Ironclad Dreadnought, Chainfist, Heavy Flamer

...yes the dreadnought stag party of death army.

i put drop pods in for the first draft of the list, but i quite like the idea of essentially having a squad of 5 Dreadnoughts running accross the Battlefield. i just think that would put the creeps into a lot of people, plus if you keep Kantor Near enough they all get extra attacks!

it probably wont be the best army ever but it might do well, i will let you know!

i also played another game again today! again against marines (ultramarines 1st Company this time..) again only one unit of theirs was painted so i didnt see the point in taking photos...

my Sternguard were flattened first thing by a drop podding tactical squad of ten men with a librarian, that was painful, and some vanguard hit my lines second turn and killed half a tactical squad but sergeant Xasthur, continuing his run of awesomeness lashed out and killed two with a sweep of his power Falchion, the next turn Syrax and his command squad got involved and put an end to the nonsense.

generally it was quite bitter two and froing, i deployed in a castle formation in a back corner, as all he deployed was two rhinos and i knew the rest was deep striking or podding so i didnt see the point over extending myself, the only exception being the thunderfire cannon which i deployed on its lonesome in the opposite back corner, it did well, killing pretty much the whole tactical squad that had killed my Sternguard. but was then killed by bolter fire, a chaplain and a squad of sternguard then dropped down and munched through half of my tactical squad, again, Syrax and his boys put a stop to their foolishness, with syrax killing 7 marines and the chaplain by himself (over several turns obviously) an interesting point to this game was that we used 3 bunkers unclaimed by either side, having played planetstrike recently i love the building rules for 40k i think they are ace (much better than the rubbish rules they get given in fantasy battle what the hell are they about?) my Sternguard had planned to advance into one but obviously an early death put an end to that aspiration, in an even more cruel twist of fate a unit of sternguard from the ultramarines army (a second unit not the drop podding unit with the chaplain) then moved into it to claim it themselves! Sternguard inside a bunker are bad news, as Vengeance rounds spell death for anyone trying to get close to crack the bunker, luckily for me, the squad that had been chewed up by the other sternguard squad was still in possession of a multi melta, which happened to be in short range of the bunker, BOOM! reduced to molten slag, the ultramarines sternguard crawled out of the wreckage only to be scythed down by the Predator Destructor! huzzah! by the end of the game all i had to do was mop up his transports (with ever deadly twin linked lascannons on razorbacks) and watch the fight between Syrax and the Chaplain as Syrax promptly beat him to the ground and crushed his skull. the Iron Lords go from Strength to Strength.


18-07-2009, 10:25
Loving these guys, I dont know if it was done accidentaly, but i love the pic of Brutus, like his sneaking out of the shadows to make a kill :) and i really like the pattern on the Power fist, i tried something similar on my Templar Termies, but is nowhere near as good as that!


18-07-2009, 11:46
thankyou! yeah i hadnt thought of it like that, but he kind of does doesnt he? he looks quite evil in that pic, the pattern was really easy and a i just made it up on the spot, its a shame its not dead on Center but it still looks kind of cool. looking forward to painting Pedro Kantor, gonna try and get some more patterning on him!

18-07-2009, 11:46
any ideas what i should do for the banners on the Ironclads? i have a couple of ideas flying around but im always open to suggestions!

19-07-2009, 09:35
Well as long as the banners are epic then I'm sure they'll look great! :)

Keep it up, can't wait to see them finished!

19-07-2009, 10:44
wow its getting harder to resist doing an iron lords force now...absolutely love the banner
also; how do you paint your gold?

19-07-2009, 11:39
Lol! as long as they are epic! i feel the pressure now!

I paint all my gold the same way, I mix up a pot of 60% Shining Gold 40% Mithril Silver, i basecoat whatever im painting with a coat of that, not worrying too much if the coat beneath shows through a little bit, then i give it a fairly heavy coating of Devlan Mud (not ridiculous amounts just enough to pool up around things like rivets.) then i go over with another coat of the same 60/40 gold mix, and then usually i leave it at that, but if i want to go up another stage i give very slight highlights of pure mithril.

its a pretty simple method, but it serves me well and i much prefer the colour to the traditional Shining Gold!

19-07-2009, 21:49
No pressure no pressure! :D
I'm sure they'll look great either way!

19-07-2009, 22:17
I was wondering if you were going to field 5 dreads all at once, nice! May I recommend you do comedy banners that can be switched out for them? Based on Girls Aloud or Five, each dread can have a depiction of one of the band on their banner :)


Loving the freehand on Brutus' fist, it's a nice rich red that is different from the legs, I like. It's a shame you keep getting stuck with fighting unfinished armies, that kinda thing really bugs me... Heh heh, now I have to paint some Marines! Once the paint stripping is completed maybe...

Here's another suggestion for the banners- have at least one depicting the 'death' of the pilot. I think you also have an opportunity to embellish your Chapter's fluff aswell- maybe put a mythical figure on one of the banner's to represent their founder.

P.S. Meant to say thank you for helping encourage my attempts at freehanding. I will do a squad of Marines and post them soon- keep you posted on that :)


20-07-2009, 11:44
LOL! im not sure i could do the spice girls justice (or should that be injustice?) i leave that for my next Venerable Dread, or the Chapter Banner Maybe! :)

i did a basic design on one of them but having just read that idea about depicting the death of the pilot i want to just cover it up and do it again! Damn it!!! never mind, i might be playing a game soon so i just wanted a kind of place holder banner in place so i could use it in a game and still maintain the fully painted moral highground. :D

heres some pics of my progress, ive decided the Ironclads will be Brother Romulus and Brother Remus named after the legends of the Holy Roman Empire. and i remember when i had a set of the old old OLD combat cards GW did there were two space marines called that so its a bit of a nod back to rogue trader too! anyway Brother Remus isnt 100% finished yet (least of all the banner!) but hes getting there, let me know what you think! i also thought these may very possibly be the first Iron Lords Ironclad Dreadnoughts ever painted which i thought was quite cool, might be wrong!


as you can see ive based the other two and started doing the odd bit here and there, im at the very bottom of my pot of boltgun metal so i may need to rectify that situation!


unfortunately i have a whole bunch of stuff ive sold on Ebay to pack up so i wont get a chance to work on him till later (hoorah! for a week off!) Im off to Newquay at the end of the week for an insane boozy holiday i plan only to remember by looking at holiday snaps. so my painting will take a hit, but ive promised myself to get these three finished before then, and when i get back next tuesday im gonna start work on my Thunder Hammer Terminator Squad!

21-07-2009, 02:00
ooooh ironclads nom nom nom!!!

nice start there Anima, nice highlighting, and the red looks good to break up the darkness a little. I like your purity seals aswell, the green looks really good!


21-07-2009, 11:56
:) thankyou Eltanko! i like the green purity seals too! i was inspired to start doing them odd colours when i noticed some of the eavy metal blood angels terminators had blue ones! i thought that was a great idea, and ever since i red the white dwarf article about spot colours and contrasting colours i try and plan my schemes out a little bit, i always want the purity seals to stand out and i try and limit myself to a particular pallette of colours, and then when i pick a different army to paint i try to change that pallette of colours as much as possible to keep things fresh!

i have painted Chapter Master Durias Kantor (!) and im very pleased with him, with the addition of the little patterns i definately think he looks ornate enough to bear the title chapter master now! (edit: the patterns on the legs actually look quite good in the flesh, and yet somehow they look like misshappen dots in this picture... you will have to trust me.)


and i added some more highlighting and detail to brother remus, as well as some forge world brass etching, which just finishes him off for me, especially the aquila over the seismic hammer im quite happy with that!


back to work on brother Romulus!

21-07-2009, 16:19
Boom! Two Ironclad Dreadnoughts painted now! The banner on Brother Romulus looks a bit rubbish but i have a game tommorow so it will do for that! any thoughts?


21-07-2009, 16:40
They both look excellent sir. As for the banners, i think they look good. Yes Romulus's symbol on his banner is a little smaller, but i dont think it matters too much. If its still nagging at you why not try putting some honour markings and alike around it so as to explain the difference.

21-07-2009, 18:48
thankyou! thats a brilliant idea! anything to save me some work! i will give it a shot!

right i might be taking the the dread thing a bit crazy, but im now working on my 6th (yes 6th!) dreadnought, a third regular one, and also wielder of a second Assault cannon, i figure if your gonna play with a list as batty as that might as well be able to run the full hog! plus the next apocalypse game will be fun, Ancients assault force anyone? working on a master of the forge as well, might have pics up tonight!

21-07-2009, 19:03
Looking awesome friend! Keep painting, it'll keep me wanting to finish my marines someday soon! :)
On another note, is there a data sheet for the ancients assault force?

21-07-2009, 20:43
thankyou Kobayashi! i wish you the best of luck with your marines, drop me a link if you get any more painted, id love to see them. other peoples work inspires me and is what gets me wanting to knuckle down at my painting table.

I've done it! i've finished another 'regular' dreadnought, Brother Cerix, which takes the total up to 3 normal, 2 Ironclad, 1 Chaplain/Venerable. for 6 Dreadnoughts.


i have nearly finished my Master of the Forge, Master Forfax, he will get some more highlights before tommorow but i thought i would post what ive done so far as it gives you an idea!


and here is the Dreadnought battering ram in its full glory, im hoping to drop a pic or two of these guys in action tommorow, as im fielding a third regular dreadnought in place of terminators this will allow me to take some servitors with my master of the forge (if your allowed to do that, i have to check) and then he will walk around close behind the dreads, hopefully fixing up any damaged guns or immobilised results! it could get quite cheeky!

or it could suck i guess we will have to see!


21-07-2009, 21:03
I really like the bronze chest on the master of the forge.
Dreadnoughts rule! Also you paint really fast.

21-07-2009, 21:21
They look great! Hopefully they serve well tomorrow.
I believe that the MotF can take Servitors. :)

Well stop by my log sometime, I'm sure I'll post up some pictures of them soon, I need a break from my Eldar!

21-07-2009, 21:52
Soooo many dreads *droooool*, they all look so good!
The Kantor model is very very nice, i really like the whole pattern over the eyes, is one of the best little add ons to a model i have seen! really effective.
This is one hell of a super army! :)


22-07-2009, 09:39
Thankyou! im playing a friend who will use either Catachan or Eldar, but best of all their both painted! so i will finally be able to take some pics of a new battle, and best of all it wont be the Iron Lords slaughtering their way through a battle company of loyalist marines, i was starting to worry the Inquisition were going to have something to say about all the genetically engineered blood on my hands...

i forgot to mention Kobayashi, there is a datasheet for the Ancients assault force, its in the Imperial Armour:Apocalypse book, their main bonus is that they gain flank march, in my group of friends we have a rule that you are unable to select Flank March as a strategic Asset unless it is part of a specific formation. so im quite looking forward to just jumping six dreadnoughts on their table ege and shouting "Surprise!"

also on a side note people dont bother buying a new GW Stippling brush. i bought one the other day and its useless. doesnt hold paint at all, i may just need tutoring in how to use it properly, but if it doesnt store paint in the bristles i could just use a stick to stipple my tanks... and thats not a disparaging comment i just want to save anyone any aggro. ive bought the new wash brush and that has been pretty good thus far, it is larger than a large brush and it means i dont have to keep reloading every few seconds, i think i only had to reload it like 4 times to paint all the metallic components of my dread with Badab black. but yeah dont bother with a stippling brush, ive always used a small flat drybrush to do stippling and it has always worked just fine for me!

and yes your right Kobayashi! a Master of the Forge CAN take Servitors, which is awesome, so, with 2 servitors he can fix things on a 2+!

my new list looks a bit like this...

Pedro Kantor

Forfax, Master of the Forge, Power Axe, 2 Servitors

10 Man Tactical Squad Gorak, Power Weapon, Lascannon, Flamer

Razorback, Twin-linked Lascannons

10 Man Tactical Squad Xasthur, Power Weapon, Meltagun, Multi-Melta

Razorback, Twin-Linked Lascannons

5 Man Scout Squad, Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher


Dreadnought Cerix, Assault Cannon

Dreadnought Danzig, Assault Cannon

Dreadnought Oryx, Multi-Melta

Heavy Support

Venerable Dreadnought Moloch, Plasma Cannon, Extra Armour

Ironclad Dreadnought Romulus, Heavy Flamer, Seismic Hammer, Dreadnought CCW

Ironclad Dreadnought Remus, Heavy Flamer, Chainfist, Dreadnought CCW

i will let you know how it gets on!

comments as always are welcome!


23-07-2009, 10:21
So! i played another game yesterday and it was fantastic! even better than that the result was close right down till the last few dice rolls, just like all good games of 40k! and even better, it was against Eldar from the Il-Kaithe craftworld, and not imperial space marines! yeah! and they were all painted! yay!

The Mission we played was Annihilation with a Pitched Battle Deployment, the Eldar won the roll to pick table edge and have first turn.


i played using the army in the post above, his Army was as follows

1750 Il-Kaithe list
Avatar of Khaine,

Eldar Farseer- Doom, Fortune, Mind War.

5 Pathfinders

5 Pathfinders

15 Guardians, Warlock, Conceal, Shuriken Cannon

10 Dire Avengers, Exarch, Bladestorm, Defend, Shimmershield and power weapon.

10 Striking Scorpions, Exarch, Claw, Stalker, Shadowstrike

6 Banshees, Exarch Executioner, War Shout.

6 Fire Dragons, Exarch, Fire pike, Tank Hunters

Heavy Support

Fire Prism, Holo Field

Falcon, Star Cannon, Holo Field

We deployed as follows, both my Sniper Scouts and the 10 man Scorpion squad choosing to outlfank.


failing to cease the initiative the Iron Lords stood firm as the aliens glided out of the night all silent except for the roaring of the Avatar and the heavy beat of its footsteps, flashes of light lanced out of the Dawn knocking back brother Danzig but other than stunning him briefly doing no lasting damage.


The reaction of the Iron Lords was instant, all six dreadnought armoured brethren striding forward. Romulus and Remus, the siege veterans striding through a copse of trees, smashing branches aside as they stalked towards the large squad of alien guardians, checking the fuel counters of their heavy flamers as they did so, disciplined bolter fire felled one of the dire avengers, and the Razorback of squad Gorak trained its twin linked lascannons on the falcon tank blowing apart the delicate anti gravity mechanisms underneath it, it slowly floated to the ground.

The Guardians moved forward (id like to point out my lovely opponent andy had failed to realise that conceal granted you a cover save instead of an invulnerable save!) The Avatar unleashing a harsh war cry as it strode towards the immense forms of brother romulus and remus, the fire dragons disembarked from their now immobile falcon and the exarch with a display of sheer skill completely obliterated the razorback that had carried out the foul deed, a space marine dying in the explosion, leaving only a crater and scraps of adamantium as proof of its existence scant moments before.


the Pathfinders tried to train their rifles on the master of the forge but to no avail, his artificier armour making him all but impervious to harm.

23-07-2009, 10:32
The Starcannon of the downed falcon targetted brother oryx and destroyed his multi melta armament.

in the next turn the Space Marine Sniper scouts arrived silently on the left flank of the board, their sniper rifles slung and wielding their combat knives they snuck up behind the elite pathfinders, intent on taking their position.

Venerable Brother Moloch had been offended by the aliens display of arrogance in destroying the razorback, so he decided to punish them for their temerity, charging up his plasma cannon he unleashed a roiling ball of plasma energy that truck the squad of aliens and elicited a chorus of screams, melting all of them bar the exarch.


Brother Romulus and Remus raised their heavy flamers, and as one, they annihilated the squad of guardians before them, the burning husks of the aliens fell the the ground, nought but burning embers. falling to reveal the avatar.


Durias Kantor Disembarked from his Razorback transport and aimed Dorn's arrow at the banshees skulking in the ruins, maiming one of their number,
while master Forfax and his Servitor Peons moved up to brother ORyx, Swiftly repairing the Damage his Multi Melta Arm had endured.

Brother Danzig Charged into the Squad of Dire Avengers, inspired by the nearby presence of Kantor, managing to crush and kill two of their number, the Dire Avengers themselves were helpless against the behemoth, but the wizened farseer used his glowing witchblade to rend the machination piece by piece cutting off its great close combat arm, enraging the beast further.


the Avatar ploughed into brother romulus, starting the contest of will, skill and brute force.

The Striking Scorpions were nowhere to be seen, slowed by an unknown source in their attempts to outflank the battlefield.

with a great roar, the Avatar of Khaine brought his sword down upon the Dreadnought, carving it clean in two and sparking off a great explosion, flattening the remains of the ruined building the two combatants had stood in moments before, the Avatar strode through the flames, intent on avenging his fallen brothers and sisters.


23-07-2009, 10:36
the Iron Lords were quick to react to the threat of the Iron Armoured war god, and Brother Moloch, the surviving Siege Dreadnought, Master Forfax and Durias Kantor all converged on its position, pouring gunfire into the creature, splitting its iron armour in a dozen places, as molten magma began to flow freely, it roared in anger and cut about it with its sword, as one the marines all charged the Dreadnoughts and Master of the Forge damaging it further, as Durias Kantor Dealt the killing blow. cementing his worth as chapter Master with yet another tale of great heroism.


the lifeless iron husk fell to the ground and a moment later Kantor was issuing orders to the men closeby. intent on pushing his advantage.

24-07-2009, 04:58
Awesome story for an awesome battle! Although it pains me to see the Eldar defeated so horribly, I enjoyed watching your marines punish them! :D