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24-03-2009, 02:00
The stegadon war-spear has the following effect:
"Lance. In addition, the bearer's mount inflicts 2d6+1 impact hits rather than the normal 1d6+1"

What attacks/hits from a skink chief on an ancient/normal stegadon count as magical? And Why?
I see 3 potential answers each backed by a certain line of reasoning that is plausible:

1.) All 2d6+1 hits and all the rider's attacks count as magical, the mount's and crew's attacks do not. Reasoning: All attacks made by a character bearing a magical weapon are considered magical attacks. Therefore, all of the impact hits, which are enhanced by the magical weapon, are then considered magical. Additionally, magical weapons do not enhance a mount's attacks unless specifically stated, so normal attacks are unaffected while the impact hits are specifically stated as being affected and therefore are magical.

2.) Only the rider's attacks count as magical. Reasoning: There is no specific statement made that makes the impact hits magical so therefore they are not.

3.) Only the additional +d6 impact hits and the rider's attacks count as magical. Reasoning: The additional +d6 are enhanced attacks coming directly from the magical weapon and therefore count as magical, the additional attacks are mundane attacks because they would occur without the magical effect.

More than likely in a game, I would ask an opponent first if any of his units had any protection that was negated by magical attacks (i.e. wood spirits' ward saves or ethereal units). If no, then I would not bother as it should not be an issue. If yes, I'd address my concerns and describe the three possibilities I believe possible and would ask his opinion. If we could not agree, we'd roll a d3 to choose and start the game.

24-03-2009, 02:28
the stegadons isnt wielding the spear/lance, therefore his hits arent magical. the rulebook of course doesnt really cover this.

Necromancy Black
24-03-2009, 05:42
Lance doesn't cause the impact hits, only increases the number of them. Also the stegadon is not attacking with the spear.

So only attacks made by the Skink Chief count as magical. Will laugh so hard if they change this to the impact are magical in the FAQ.

24-03-2009, 08:38
Same with the hydra banner of the dark elves. its grants the unit +1 attack but doesnt make it a magical attack.

24-03-2009, 08:41
Or the skink frenzy banner, you dont get magical attacks from that either.

Lord Khabal
24-03-2009, 08:54
LOL! Or maybe none of them are magical like lifetaker... But I do believe that only the skink attacks are magical

24-03-2009, 13:19
My bets are on only the skinks attacks but i wouldnt put any bets on Gw agreeing with me!