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24-03-2009, 08:07
This weekend I got to play two games with my Chaos Warriors based Warriors of Chaos army. I decided to go all out with warriors, which means I had no support units what so ever. The results were underwhelming, so now I need to build on my experience to get a better list.

Current list:

Lord, flail, steed, magic resistance(2)

Hero, steed, BSB, shield, War Banner

Hero, steed, flail, shield

Hero, steed of slaanesh, flail, shield, magic resistance(2)

3 x 12 Chaos Warriors, helberd, shield, std, mus
- One unit has the Rapturous (sp?) standard.

2 Chaos Chariots

2 x 5 Chaos Knights, std, mus.

All units with mark of Slaanesh.

Total: 2250 pts

First battle was against Tomb Kings (light horse, chariot list) and ended in an unflattering draw. Victory would have been mine if only the Rapturous standard would have worked.

Second battle was against Orcs. A horrible loss despite succeeding with my battleplan and promptly running down his two main units including general and BSB. I conceeded at the beginning of turn 5 having had everything except 1 chariot, 1 hero and 1 unit of Warriors eradicated by fanatics, doom-diver, twin rock-lobba and 4 spear-chuckas.

Some learning points:

1) Some magic resistance is necessary when playing an elite army

2) I need to be able to counter warmachines. Preferably already in turn 2!

3) 4 fighting characters are over the top. In both major fights I won CR by 10+! 5 would have been sufficient! :)

4) Having only solid steel is boring. Out of 4 hours of gameplay I was only active like 30-40mins. The rest was rolling dice and my opponent doing stuff.

So the question is where to go from here. More specifically: How do I get to those warmachines in time?

Help appreciated!

24-03-2009, 09:27
doggies for the win to take out those war machines and skirmis