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24-03-2009, 12:43
There is a mega battle report in the latest UK White Dwarf about 9 Stompas vs Imperials. The nice part is that commanders had a secret objective besides the main objectiv of the army. This objective was usualy something that would put them in a strange position or had to kill allies. I want to do something simillar for may next game of apocalypse this week end. Cant warseer help devise some objectives like that ? thank you

24-03-2009, 16:09
Ask someone participating in the Medusa campaign. It was shockful of secret missions for each army.

24-03-2009, 18:55
Kill the most expensive enemy unit (or just HQ), capture a specific terrain piece as an objective, get a unit safely off the enemy's table edge to strike behind enemy lines, pick up an objective and carry it off the table...
A good source of inspiration would be the Kill-team project in the Rules Development section.

You could also write these out on cards and have players choose them at random before the game to mix things up a bit.