View Full Version : Recommended method for painting Dryads?

Wolf 11x
24-03-2009, 14:52
I've never actually tried dipping before but I think this may be the way to go.

I was thinking something along the lines of:

1) Prime white
2) Paint details (leaves, eyes, Spites, etc)
3) Dip (Minwax wood stain?)
4) Let dry overnight
5) Paint base & add flock

I guess I'm asking if priming white & staining is enough? Will they look brown or will it be white with brown-filled cracks?

Again, I've never dipped. I do like the light color scheme in the Army Book. If white doesn't work, could I spraygun them a tan color or lighter brown instead?

24-03-2009, 17:24
Might get better responses on the painting board

Wolf 11x
24-03-2009, 17:34
There is a painting board? :wtf: I swear I checked 3 times before I posted this.


Oh, now I see. It's way down there. Closing thread.