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24-03-2009, 16:34
The Temple City of Tlaxtlan has always honored Tepok. Its no secret that they also honor Tlazcotl as depicted by the Great Statue found just inside the city's front gate (there's my purple and yellow color scheme since those are the gods' colors respectively). Some years past, the waters of the city's most ancient of Spawning Pools began to stir. The Lunamancers of the city debated at length as to what the signifigance of this event could be. It hasn't stirred in over 2000 years. Could it be related to the influx of Chaos in the World?

Their talks were cut short as the Great Mage Priest Adohi-Tehga imparted unto them his great wisdom and foresight. Through decades of contemplation on a group of Sacred Plaques unearthed near the Vampie Coast one thing was certain now to the Slann; the gods have come. Centuries have passed with nothing short of fervent devotion to the Magic arts and praise to the Old Ones and finally the prophecies have begun to come true.

Then, suddenly, outside near the Sun Temple of Chotec, the waters of this most ancient pool heaved and bubbled. One by one, Skink and Saurus walked out of the long silent pool however, something was amiss. Skink attendants looked on in barely contained zeal and fanatacism. Purple skinned Skinks and Saurus with yellow eyes erupted from the depths. Where as Sacred Spawnings were not unheard of, the God's will was always portrayed in a subtle, but distinguishable fashion. Larger crests, spines, and colored scales were all commonplace among the rare Sacred Spawning brood, but to see a God's influence so forceably and unquestionably portrayed in a spawning was unheard of. Head to toe shades of purple made this Spawning stand out against their light blue bretheren. The air about these beings crackled with energy; yes, the gods HAVE come, but why?

After hearing about the event, even the great Lord Adohi-Tehga interupted his meditation in one of the city's Dome of Huanchi. He levitated down surrounded by his Temple Guard and the normally expressionless Mage-Priest grew wide eyed. This pool hasn't produced any Lizardmen since the unit of Temple Guard that surrounded him now, 2000 years ago!

At that instant a large Saurus Warrior broke the water's surface. He already carried a weapon, unheard of in any spawnings to date, currently being masked by a gout of steam as it touched the holy waters of the spawning pool. As he crested the pool's lip the blade was revealed, black as Obsidian with barbs the color and smell of fire and brimstone. He approached the Mage-Priest and genuflected, going down to both knees; God given blade hissing in protest of the cool Temple ground.

"We've come to enact Tepok's and the Old Ones' will" the Scar-Vet said, later to be known as Boq-Xiliquncani. "We are yours to command Great Mage-Lord", he spoke, his words distorting with an other-wordly prescence. The Slann thought upon the host before him for several minutes. How could different spawnings be born of the same pool? Skink, Saurus, even a small cadre of Temple Guard started to make their way out of the pool, their skin a deep purple, the color of the heavens and night sky.

After some time and as Skink attendants arrived wth weapons of war; Onyx blowpipes, Obsinite spears and Halberds, the Slann Mage leaned toward his eager attendent and spoke. The small creature's eyes widened and a toothy grin splayed across his face. Then he spoke.

"The Old Ones and Lord Adohi-Tehga have spoken! Rile the Corral-Arena! Bring on the Salamanders of the Fuming Serpent Volcano! Muster the Terradons! Mount the mighty Engine of the Gods atop the most ancient of stegadons. This day the Lizardmen, and with them the Gods, go to War!"

Well I'm not much of a writer, but its what I thought up for my scheme and army. I continue to make army lists only to come back to a similar build so I decided to just stick with it.

Slann-Mage priest Adohi-Yehga, personally leading the host of Tepok. - 480 pts

Becalming Cogitation (enemy loses 6s)
Focus of Mastery (all spells of 1 lore)
Focused Rumination (free PD per spell cast)
Cupped hands of the Old Ones
Power Stone
Bane Head

Lunamancer Cuaq-Tehe, Skink Priest of Tlaxtlan. Honored attendent of the Engine of the Gods. - 440 pts

Level 2
Engine of the Gods
Diadem of Power (2 PD can be stored as DD)
Dispel Scroll

Saurus Scar-Vet Boq-Xiliquncani- Champion of Chotec - 145 pts

Cold one
Burning Blade of Chotec
Enchanted Shield
Light Armor

Saurus Scar-Vet Lot-Gar the Swift- 124 pts.

Great Weapon
Light Armor
Charm of the Jaguar Warrior

11 Temple Guard- 261 pts

Full Command
War Banner
Blood Statuette of Spite (on champion)

16 Saurus Warriors -222 pts

Full command (joined by both scar vets)

13 skink skirmishers - 91pts


11 skink skirmishers - 77pts


7 Chameleon Skinks - 84pts

3 Terradons - 90pts

Salamander Hunting party w/ extra handler - 80 pts

2 Razordon Hunting Party w/ extra handler - 155 pts

Total - 2249
PD 9PD + Rumination
DD 6DD + Scroll and Diadem

Originally I had less skinks no Razors and no Chamelon skinks but another Stegadon. I found 3 units give me more flexability in addition to harassing scouts, more poisoned shots for monster heavy armies, and more shooting. Originally the Stegadon served as a flanker but I realized after playtesting a few times that with my magic and shooting I didn't need something to negate ranks. Anything that crashed into my 2 anvils died. Usually everything that made it to my lines were full of magic and blowpipe holes alread. I'd like to try the Chamos for added march blocking, war machine killing and terrain denial when setting up against other scouts.

What's everyone think about it all?

24-03-2009, 16:54
I don't play the Lizzies myself but as an opponent I'd be worried about your magic pahse, but I'd also be able to shut your magic down.
If this happens your in trouble your army will pack a punch in the opening turns but then slowly you'll lose the edge. I've taken down steggies before, they are tough but can be done.
The main blocks of infantary might work - the temple guard will have to be all killed before they run, the saurus have the 2 heros. The only problem is the temple gaurd wont win a fight, too small, and the saraus will feel the pain of attrition. Skinks are always wonderfull - as are the hunting packs & terradons, and if you play an army who can't shut down your magic phase you will munch them!!
I loved the back story by the way!!! AMAZING! You claim to be not good at writting but it was good in my books. Anyone who has the vison to create an army based on a story is great! We need more players like this so the game retains it's edge.
By the way, I'm a Daemon player so we'll see how much love & respect will remain once the most hated of foes cross talons with your army!!

Kai Itzah
24-03-2009, 17:29
Nice Fluff! Really, a strong idea. Though, Saurus wouldn't be able to say something as complex as that, and I'm pretty sure they don't emerge with their weapons already with them :P

As for the army...you have stronger magic protection than I. For fluff reasons, you could consider replacing that Dispel Scroll (or Diadem of Power, but I personally believe the Diadem is much better than the Dispel Scroll) with the Plaque of Tepok.

And I don't think it's a smart move inflicting stupidity on your Saurus unit with that Scar-Vet on the cold one :P In fact, I'd drop that Scar-Vet altogether and get 5 more Temple Guard, making it 5 wide 4 strong with the Slann. Then with the spare points, plus taking away the Blood Statuette you can get three more Terradons. Always useful.

Personally with +1pt and no scouts anymore I think that Skirmishers are no longer that strong of a choice, but you may prove me wrong. As for Chameleons, well...they could be cheaper. I personally use a similar special set-up with a third unit of Terradons replacing the Chameleons. Though, Blowpipes are very useful things.

It all comes down to preferences to be honest. One last note, I'd look into possibly replacing one unit of Skirmishers with a unit of Cohorts so you can get a couple of extra Saurus, keeping it 18 strong even when the Jaguar inevitably leaves the unit.

24-03-2009, 18:12
Thanks for the words guys. As for the Saurus talking I don't think anyone would want to read "Grunt, Huh, ung, grunt", but the wise Mage-Priest translated it for us and hell he's a god blessed Magic Saurus Scar-Vet! Give him a break lol!

A few insights on my armor choices. Poison is king. Ill say that right off the bat. That's why I have Blowpipes in there and not cohorts. Ranked up skinks serve their purpose of redirecting and baiting, but I need monster killing so that's their roll. Terradons have performed and underperformed, but they're a metagame choice. In case there's Warmachines, fast cav, or other flyer that's why they're there. Any more than a one unit I felt is overkill and detrimental seeing as there's only so many woods to hide in and they're oh so fragile.

TG have yet to die in droves my army. 2+ save in combat helps with that and 2 ranks standard war banner and BSB is 5 CR right off the bat. People feel they need 16 or so but truly its more overkill. The Scar Vet serves an important roll in the Saurus unit, makes them immune to fear. I don't need my 2nd anvil fleeing from some zombies on the charge. Rolling for stupidity on 3D6 is easy to, ave yet to fail a test, I think there's a 87% chance of making it anyway.

Jind, so far I haven't had an army shut my magic down. Maybe for the first couple turns as their Dispel scrolls hold but the army is designed to shine turn 4+. I'm still throwing 6 spells a turn with the slann alone so to reliably dispel an opponent would need 12-24 DD. It just doesn't happen. The Cupped Hands have destroyed a couple wizards already as have no-targetting restrictions spells like Burning Iron and Drain Life (why I got the bane head there :)). Remember I have a S7 4 attack Saurus Scar Vet trying to cast his Power 5 bound item too. That usually kills off a few DD right there.

Great input guys and thanks for reading. A lot of my fluff is based in fact so its nice that verything works out so well.

24-03-2009, 18:37
You want more Temple Guard, Trust me. They get targeted by everything in the game and if they all die your slann is toast and you give up a ton of VPs.


24-03-2009, 19:46
You want more Temple Guard, Trust me. They get targeted by everything in the game and if they all die your slann is toast and you give up a ton of VPs.


Like I said Blackjack, everything DOES target my TG but they just dont die. The fact that theyre slow moving and not an IMMEDIATE threat lends people to send their cannons and whatnot elsewhere (why hello Mr. EoTG). I think the most I lost in one game was 4.

29-04-2009, 06:16
any more battles to report? Any tweaks to your lineup?