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24-03-2009, 20:37
Hey guys I just have some questions that have been on my mind for a couple weeks. Been trying to find answers, but no luck. Ill give you a little backround. Ive always loved the 40k universe and only recently been able to get TT stuff, About 2 and a half months ago I bought blackreach to learn the game. Decided that before I play the game I wanted all the figures painted. Well I am just now finishing up painting my black reach set, so hopefully this weekend i will be able to play for the first time.

Well in between then and now I have decided I want to play chaos space marines once I get a few games with blackreach under my belt. Bought myself Chaos space marine battleforce to start. Picking up the codex this weekend. Anyway my question is about Custom legions/clans/chapters. How do you go about creating one? Obviously you would need some back story, custom paint template, but past that what goes on. Do you need to have special rules? What are the benefits and downsides to making a custom anything. I was originally thinking of doing a legion of word bearers until I saw alot of people just make there own chapters/legions.

Second question is when you play. say theres a 2000 point army needed. I decide to play with space marines. I have the ultra marines from my black reach set and another chapter. Can I combine those two chapters to a 2000 point army, or is that not allowed? I just didnt want to continue producing ultra marines since I noticed they arent exactly loved. So my next set of space marines were going to be a different chapter. I just didnt want my ultra marines to become unused, or have to repaint.

Thats all I can really think of right now, I really appreciate your taking time to read and help me out. Sorry if they are frequently asked.

24-03-2009, 20:45
If you use a different organisation chart for each chapter with HQ choice for both and they both came up the points as if it was one force than I dont think anyone would have a problem with it, I wouldnt. Or play apocalypse with them thats what its there for really, to use everything ya got.

24-03-2009, 20:49
There is no "legion making" in CSM anymore. In fact, you don't even have to have a unified paint scheme, thanks to the Red Corsairs. For example, all your Raptors are Night Lords, all your Obliterators are Iron Warriors, all your Berserkers are World Eaters, all your Plague Marines are Death Guard, and so on.

As for your Ultramarines, people hate what they hate. Who cares? At least you don't have to file off / justify the Ultramarine insignias on all the special characters. Plus, flat blue is easy to paint.

24-03-2009, 20:50
1) There are no specific rules for custom chapters in the current Chaos codex, they just give you th eopportunity to invent your own background and colours.

2) Paint your Space Marines however you like, they're your models. There's no need to bother with multiple FOCs or anything, as long as they're clearly all Space Marines, then you can have your army painted up in however many different chapters you wish.

And welcome to Warseer/40k :)

24-03-2009, 20:54
its one of the reasons i like my CSM, i don't feel constrained to having any form of company markings, etc, because their are none, generally though the majority of my stuff is black legion, but my death duard are preheresy painted.

24-03-2009, 21:10
Just paint red Xs on their shoulders and here are your Traitor Ultras :P People will probably love them :D

I'd be pissed if my opponent busted out multiple FOCs. "I can have 4 HQs and 6 Heavy Support choices"...