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24-03-2009, 22:19
I received my chaos Hell Talon fighter from Forgeworld. Before cleaning it I had a good look to see if anything was amiss, miscasts etc. I noticed that the wings bend down a little towards the front of the craft. Both of them are equally bent. Does the Hell Talon actually have this or is there something wrong with the cast?

When I look at it from the side it defiantly looks off, the sleek line is broken by the slight warpage.

If this is a miscast should I attempt to fix it myself? (Although i'm not sure how to bend the resin back into place) or should I call up Forgeworld? I'd just hate to pay to ship it back to the UK.


24-03-2009, 22:24
Get hot water and soak it and then (slowly) bend it back into shape. It is wrong though so you should try to fix it. Its as easy as it sounds

24-03-2009, 22:27
Another option. Use a hair dryer and and heat up the bent wings. Bend the wings straight. I had the same issue when I got mine.

24-03-2009, 22:31
Thanks for the rapid response, appreciate it!

Industrial Propaganda
24-03-2009, 22:32

Hair dryer is a very good method to bent things right. I always use this.

24-03-2009, 22:45
Be careful though, FW resin is quite fragile, so heat it up a bit, bend it a little, then let it cool. Then repeat as needed in small increments. If you try and bend it to much at once it will probably break.

25-03-2009, 15:32
Additionally, I have always had success in bending a little past the desired point so that the natural 'spring' of the material returning to its pre bent shape is countered. Put it this way my Tiger Shark heavy rail guns could fire round corners when I got them, now they're straight as a rule.