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25-03-2009, 00:39
So, me being sick of finally finishing 165 Cadians and other bits and doo-dads, I want a different Imperial Guard army and my main choices are:

Steel Legion

And I need help deciding. How are these armies usually set up? And what fluff does each army have? What colours look good on them? These are all huge factors when I pick an army and I don't want to jsut go willy-nilly and then realize my guys look stupid, by then it would be too late.

- Thanks

25-03-2009, 00:45
Vostroyans look amazing. If you are a solid painter, go that route. Otherwise, Valhallans aren't too hard to paint and look nice if done right. Steel Legion, to me, looks like it wishes it was Death Korps. If I was going to do any IG army, it would be Death Korps, because they look so amazing, but you want metal, not resin.

Sarah S
25-03-2009, 00:47
Vostroyans have stupid, stupid hats.

Honestly, I don't know why people tolerate their hats.

25-03-2009, 00:56
The Steel Legion uses lots of tanks and transports, but they still have regiments on foot if you don't like using lots of chimeras. Fluffwise their armies include lots of hive gangers and they are very closely linked to Yarrick.
Their homeworld is armageddon, a planet of extreme importance to the Imperium. There have been 3 great wars on Armageddon. The first one was when Angron attacked it with the World Eaters and it took the combined might of the planet's forces, the Space Wolves and the Grey Knights to liberate the planet. The 2 other wars were huge Ork invasions lead by Gazhkull and it involved lots of different Imperial factions under Yarrick's orders.

Their uniform looks especially good when painted in their classic sand color or grey.

They are my favorite army, the minis are really great and you should definitly play them. ;)

25-03-2009, 00:56
@ Sarah, that helped alot. And thier hats arent that bad, though they could be shorter...

@ Hicks, the colour schemes are dull though, while I DO want a realistic look, the Steel Legion usually has bland colours.

25-03-2009, 01:03
Mordian iron guard mine will be mordian forged guard:rolleyes:(in my country there are metal minis producers)

Light of the Emperor
25-03-2009, 01:05
The Firstborn. These guys have true imperial flavor and look great in almost any color as you can paint them in parade uniform or more dull/ camo colors. Great models too!

Fluff wise, every firstborn son is inducted into the regiments because the planet continued to produce arms during the heresy rather than give up its workers to fight in the guard. Primarch Guilliman thought of this as a slight and decreed that all firstborn must join the guard. They are now amongst the most loyal guard forces in the galaxy. Once you win their trust, they are a valuable ally.

25-03-2009, 01:10
Now for some colours, Im not the best at picking these. I get the basics right, but then my highlights and sahdes always look too dark or too accented...

Edit: I have decided on Vostroyans, they seem to be the more popular choice, and I do like the models...
Im thinking of buying:
Vostroyan HQ
Vostroyan Officer
3 Vostroyan Regiments
1 Commissar Powerfist

Totalling up to 510 Zwoti (Polish Money) or 200 CAD.

Also: I have decided on no tanks :O When I get back home, I will buy lascannons to make it up.

Templar Ben
25-03-2009, 01:59
Are you pretty much GW only? I can point you to some nice historicals to give your army cavalry (they are Cossacks after all) and so you can build some nice lascannons on carriages.

I love the Vostroyan.

25-03-2009, 02:10
No Im not GW only, could you give me a link to the website?

(Edit: My Cadians ride motorbikes as Rough Rider stand-ins.)

Templar Ben
25-03-2009, 03:09
I sent you a PM

25-03-2009, 05:40
Vostroyans will be the cheapest to collect in the upcoming book, as they're now represented by veterans in carapace armour (100 pts for 9 and a sergeant).

I like both steel legion and valhallans. Do you like more of a mechanised feel or more of a conscript feel?

25-03-2009, 07:15
Steel Legion all the way... If you buy the models you can play mainly with a foot army but in time with some Chimera's you can have a mech force.