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25-03-2009, 04:52
Here is a list I was thinking about for my friend that wants to start playing fantasy again after about a 8 year break and want to know what you all think. Of how he will fair ext. He want's the list to be compeditive and to be able to hold its own in turnys. And want to know also how you think it should be played and how it will work ( vary new to dark elves). he really wants to run a sudo fluff list as well because he wants to run a morathi sorcerres list. I am open to all sugestions on what to take out and add (because i made the list for him based on my limited kow how and what he wants.) but I know he dosent want to take morathi out. That is kind of the point of the list. If you could also list points costs for the things I should add that would be great. like Add this so and so unit of black guard with this banner and this magic weapon will cost 313 points and you will want to use it like this. That would be the most helpful. so anyways here is the list.

Morathi, with heartrender and black staff 555pts

Sorceress, level 2, darkstar cloak, dispell scroll. 185pts

Sorceress, level 2, sacrifice dagger, dispell scroll. 185pts

assassin, manbane, rune of kain, extra hand weapon. 146pts

warriors crossbowmen x10 100pts

warriors crossbowmen x10 100pts

Warriors, FC, banner of murder and shields, 215pts

Warriors, FC, banner of coldblood and shields 205pts

Cold one chariot. 100pts

Cold one chariot. 100pts

War hydra. 175pts

War Hydra. 175pts

11pd static More when if I use PoD
6dp and 2 scrolls

I know im magic heavy thats kinda where I thought the list should go due to morathi. but will It be enough to stay compeditive and to win some games. so what do you all think?

25-03-2009, 10:41
You really need to get some dark riders in there - fast cavalry
Black guard, shades ore executioners will help as well.
Save points by ditching one sorceress and removing the magic banners for the speamen
Hydras and chariots are good

25-03-2009, 14:21
Yeah I agree with verinasti you could really do with some dark riders, shades or even harpies, with all that magic you need something that can march block and slow the enemy down while you blast them with spells.

If you definitely want to go magic heavy I'm not sure what you could drop for them though, by spending virtually half your points on characters your troops options are limited, personally I would drop a sorceress, between morathi, PoD and spearmen sacrifices you can still generate plenty of PD.

25-03-2009, 15:01
Just had a quick flick through the DE book, if you dropped a sorc and a banner (murder, you might need the cold blood if you sacrifice too many warriors) you could get 5 dark riders for march blocking, baiting, re-directing and 2 units of 5 harpies for mage hunting. Even if they hide in units the harpies can still get 6 attacks in (which should do for most wizards) before the unit stomps them, and against this army the loss of even 1 wizard (hopefully with a scroll or 2) would be a serious kick in the teeth.

26-03-2009, 03:37
Thanks for the sugestions ill look into the points and talk it over with my friend. I just thought that 3 sorc would mean i could do alot od damage in the magic phase.

26-03-2009, 09:03
Are we going fluffy?

If we are, I'd drop the assassin. Cult of Khaine and Morathi don't get along.

You could probably get something with that. If not, maybe a Hydra? 2 seems excessive in a list with such a big character.

26-03-2009, 09:50
2 hydras is alwasy hard core, over kill prolly I would rather have reapers that the second just out of personal prefernce

the second LVL2 is over kill, I would ditch her and a magic banner off the warroirs to get a unit of coldone knights for a bit of striking power to suppor the hydras

26-03-2009, 09:52
If you want to go 3 mages, go 3 mages you should absolutely dominate the magic phase, but will be lacking in other phases. I still think you should take some fast cav / skirmishers and probably mounts for the sorceresses to keep them mobile. Just be careful of miscasts.

27-03-2009, 02:49
I want to take some harpies for sure but6 the problem is droping things that i wont nessicarily need. I know the assassin might seem kinda unfluffy to some but in the current dex morathi may not like the khainites but she dose control them via the cauldren of blood baths she gave to them and she is the sudo queen of all the durachii so if she wants to have a assassin to own face for her she will have one lol.

I was thinking about droping the banner of murder, make the level 2 sorc with the scroll and cloak a level 1 and also drop the cloak. Trying to save a few points to get me some harpies. I dont want to drop the mage altogether though because she can still scroll caddy and toss out the level one spell when the spears get close enough. not sure what eles i can drop though i know i need more points.

27-03-2009, 05:06
drop a level 2 use the points to get harpys if you drop the assasin as well you have the points for a unit of coldone knights to give the army that extra bit of hittyness

really don't see the need for the magic banners on the spears either

hell I don't even think Morathi needs the black staff

here is my suggestion:

Morathi, with heartrender and Darkstar cloak 525pts (focus is prolly a better option)

Sorceress, level 2, dagger, dispell scroll. 185pts

Master, coldone, Soulrender, armour of darkness. 140pts

warriors crossbowmen x10 100pts

warriors crossbowmen x10 100pts

Warriors, FC, shield 155pts

Warriors, FC, shield 155pts

5 harpys 55

5 harpys 55

Cold one chariot. 100pts

Cold one chariot. 100pts

6 Cold one knights, standard champ, Banner of har graef. 218pts (master goes here)

War hydra. 175pts

War Hydra. 175pts

9 casting
5 dispell

still very powerful in the magic phase, but more hitty, the unit of coldones with the master can stand in front of enemy unit and get charged and destroy them

27-03-2009, 13:53
Yeah i've had some idea on constructing a Morathi list too - i'd be similar to urs cept for these minor changes...

Morathi, Heartrender, Focus Familiar (525)
Sorceress, Lv2, Sacrifical Dagger, Pearl of Infinite Bleakness (185)
Sorceress, Lv2, Guiding Eye, Dispell Scroll (185)

Assassin, Hand Weapon, Hand of Khaine (111)

16 Crossbows, Shields (176)
32 Spearmen, Shields, FC, (239)
10 Spearmen (60)
5 Dark Riders, Crossbows, Musican (117)
5 Harpies (55)

6 Cold One Knights (162)
5 Shades, Hand Weapons (85)

War Hydra (175)
War Hydra (175)

2250pts total.

8 Levels of magic practically center of the army, some bait units, dark riders, harpies, warriors (no shields). 2 War Hydras and Cold Ones really just to counter charge...i use Hydras like mobile flametanks sometimes....like just pair them up and just flank and burn.
Shades/Harpies provide a screen for morathi if needed...even with the focus familiar....Guiding Eye isn't a very popular item around but it's always worked for me on those turns when i really need to kill something with shooting....plus i got 16 crossbows....32 shots re-rolls to hit is bound the help.....