View Full Version : Using Chaos Furies as VC Fell Bats?

25-03-2009, 09:34
So, I've been putting together a Vampire Counts army on a severe budget shortage - but it does help that I have an ample stock of stuff stretching back over twelve years of Warhammer 40k, along with miscellaneous Vampire Counts stuff I purchased about 6 years ago with the intention of starting an army then.

One of those bits and bobs that I purchased back in those halcyon days of disposable income was a blister of Fell Bats. Three days ago, I picked them up, put them together, actually looked at them, and said, "Gawd. How ugly."

So I was scraping for ways to have Fell Bats in my army without actually having to put paint on those ugly things (and save a dime or two for more important units, like Grave Guard!) when my eyes fell upon the pack of Chaos Furies, and more specifically their resemblance to a Varghulf, that I have left over from the Chaos army I sold in the aftermath of the new *hiss, spit* Codex.

(not that I actually lost anything, mind; the core units I used were actually enhanced by the change in rules aside from my single pack of Daemonettes. But that fcking book screwed over so many of my friends... however, I digress.)

So now I'm thinking of stripping those Furies, then repainting, reposing, and converting them to more befit a Vampire force. The question is would it cause any confusion, especially if I come up against a Daemons army? The models would use two different sizes - apparently, 40x40 is the standard for Fell Bats, while 25x25 is used for the Furies. I think that would avoid most confusion.

Also, do you think it would give anyone I'd come up against any complaints?

Sheesh, I keep finding uses for those Furies. First as Bloodbowl Werewolves, then Fell Bats...

25-03-2009, 09:42
As long as you made sure which models they were, in friendly games most people would be fine with it

25-03-2009, 10:37
The difference in base size should be enough of a difference, however if you paint them in keeping with the rest of your army that will help keep things organised.

Even in tournaments I wouldn't see many people having a problem with it; just say theyre big bats, and keep on reinforcing this to people - even against daemons this would avoid any confusion i would have thought

25-03-2009, 11:06
Furies? Paint them stoney, call them gargoyles. Maybe put a couple on the bases, since they might look silly alone on a 40*40 base.
Perfect fit for VC, no? :)

25-03-2009, 12:54
Furies? Paint them stoney, call them gargoyles. Maybe put a couple on the bases, since they might look silly alone on a 40*40 base.
Perfect fit for VC, no? :)

Just be wary that people don't think they're bat swarms! It would probably be better to put 1 Fury on each base, but to fill up space with scenary.

25-03-2009, 13:07
Single furies on 40mm square bases should be fine as fell bats.... perfectly legal. Though, you'd probably need to fill up the base a bit with something...

Gazak Blacktoof
25-03-2009, 14:44
A nice scenic base with some ruins on would be great if you're going to call them gargoyles.

25-03-2009, 18:23
actually, I've been testing the idea a bit, and I have no bloody idea how they're supposed to rank up on 25x25 - what, do people just raise the wings as high as possible? I mean, yeah, they're skirmishers, but you have to rank them up when they get into melee....

With the wings spread out (as I have them, heh), a Fury fills out a 40x40 almost perfectly.

Thanks for the thoughts, fellas! I'll be sure to post pics of my army soon. Heh, I should start up one of those painting logs.....