View Full Version : SBG Gondor 600pts, GT List

25-03-2009, 13:25
What's up,

I have a GT circuit tourney coming up, being my first and me being a nob at LOTR (I've only played around 6 games, never with this army) I wanted to run the list by the most experienced players here.

Here's what I got so far:

Faramir, horse, armor, lance, 90pts

Knights of Minas Tirith, x6, shield, 84pts

Captain of Minas Tirith, shield, 55pts

Guard of Fountain Court, shield, x6, 66pts

Warriors of Minas Tirith, spears, shield, x18, 162pts

Damrod, 20pts

Rangers, spears, x13, 117pts.

This comes out to 594pts.

Any ideas on maybe shaving points?? adding more warriors?? less Rangers?? Add a banner??

My logic is, each group (knights, warriors, rangers) has a hero, some might around to help out (Faramir with knights, Capt with warriors, Damrod with rangers). The 2nd part of the logic is, I own these models, and more warriors/rangers, I was trying not to spend too much unless I really have to :)

Thanks in advanced for the suggestions.

25-03-2009, 15:56
try not being a nob :)

i've never been a fan of banners so ditch it for a ranger, warrior and spearman, ditch the captain and damrod for cirion and some 'stuff'

26-03-2009, 08:22
I think it's quite strong actually. Tho if it's for a Tornoment most Torneys have a points 700. So if that is the case adding in some allies may be useful