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Captain Brown
17-03-2005, 22:04
Just because this forum was so empty:


In 901.M41, as a result of Lufgt Huron's apparent mental destabilization, the Master of the Astral Claws and Lord of Badab attacked and destroyed an Imperial investigation fleet as it entered orbit around Badab. Huron's action can be understood with the benefit of hindsight. The Adeptus Mechanicus had long complained of the Astral Claws' tardiness in submitting gene-seed for routine analysis, whilst the chapter had amassed a huge debt in planetary tithes stretching back over a hundred and fifty years. And when the Imperium moved against its wayward chapter, a full scale rebellion was initiated, the most serious of its kind since the end of the Fourth Quadrant Rebellion in 780.M41. The Fire Hawks Marine Chapter answered the call of the High Lords of Terra and attacked Badab in an attempt to restore the authority of Holy Terra.

The Tyrant of Badab, as Commander Huron is known in Imperial histories, was a power-hungry and ambitious individual who should never have risen to power within a Marine chapter. He was plainly a dangerous individual, able in many respects but lacking the absolute dedication to humanity vital in a Lord of the Imperium. It will never be known for sure, but current hypotheses suggest that the Commander was either an alien shape changer, or otherwise subject to alien domination of a most unnatural kind. A sudden and unexpected manifestation of psychic powers may lie at the heart of the matter.

By 903 three other chapters, the Mantis Warriors, Executioners and Lamenters had joined the rebellion. They joined for various reasons, the Lamenters for the fact that an attack on a Chapter Home world was a violation of Chapter sovereignty by the Administration, the Mantis Warriors for oaths of loyalty earned over centuries of fighting together in defence of the Imperial shipping lanes near the Maelstrom against Hrud and Orks, and the Executioners joined for reasons only known to members of that Chapter.

In an attempt to help lift the siege of Badab a ship belonging to the Fire Hawks Chapter was captured by the Mantis Warriors in 904. The gambit was successful and the Fire Hawks immediately retaliated. Lifting the siege, but starting the chain of events that would culminate in the Mantis Warriors’ surrender in 912.

Our story begins in the ruined city of Hippodrome on the planet Vasarus in the Maelstrom near the Badab System.

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18-05-2005, 17:23

It seems half the stories here are only commented on by me. :p

I liked the story, though it's a bit unclear why two non-Traitor (?) Marine Chapters are fighting eachother. Did you write more? Also, the first time a shot is fired i thought the LR was hit instead of apparently a Rhino, maybe make that a bit clearer?

Good stuff though. :)

Captain Brown
18-05-2005, 22:40

The ruined city was silent, only dust and burnt paper drifted down empty thoroughfares. The empty windows bore witness to the ruin that war had brought to Hippodrome. Dust began to move as the grains bounced from far off vibrations, here and there precarious piles of bricks and mortar started to shift and eventually collapse. A dull rumble spread into the outskirts.

Sergeant Marius watched the haze shrouding the Salis Secondus Highway through his monocular scope. His squad was spread across the block, hidden in ruined buildings with a clear line of fire. Each had already planned his extraction path, as there would be little time once the trap was sprung. The whine of motorcycles could now be heard clearly above the distant rumble. They streaked from the haze, making a cylinder of dust on their way into the outskirts of Hippodrome. Suddenly one bike ceased to be, a wheel carried forward as the rest exploded in a burst of destruction. A crater marked the spot of the biker’s demise.

“May the Emperor receive you.” Whispered Marius, although in the back of his mind doubts remained, for that Battle Brother had not fallen to an brutal Ork’s crude axe, nor the barbed shuriken of the degenerate Eldar, but from a fellow Marine. Dark times indeed, with brother fighting brother, would the Emperor receive them all? Marius did not bother to dwell upon this line of thought it distracted from the present, which was now of the utmost importance.

Out of the dust came the father of battles, its massive tracks spewing forth ferrocrete as it tore down the highway. Twin Godhammer Lascannons tracked backwards and forwards, seeking the remaining riders who had disappeared into the ruins of the city. The yellow paint scheme of the Fire Hawk’s shone through, despite the dusk and muck. A column of Rhino transports in loose line formation followed the Land Raider. Their driver’s jinxing and slowing from time to time to throw off targeting computers. They closed on Hippodrome, they closed too fast, and their blood was up after whatever had been done by the Mantis Warriors’ bike squad. To far still for close in tactical weapons, but not far enough for… a streak of smoke and fire came forth from a second story window a few blocks away. The front of the tank seemed to open like a food dispenser can, armour peeling back. Smoke and fire roared and the vehicle slewed forward momentum carrying it.

The remaining Rhinos peeled off in a perfect Epsilon break formation, even numbers pulling left and odds right; again to confuse an opponent who was planning for a second shot, but that manoeuvre was well know to Marius’ Battle Brothers and a second missile tore into the side of another Rhino. The Land Raider stopped, dust carried forward as the great beast seemed to sway on its tracks. Both Lascannons hammered the building that had fired the second missile. Masonry exploded, brick melted and half the structure collapsed. “May the Emperor receive them.” Marius wondered if he said that for the fallen on both sides. The remaining Rhinos stopped and loading ramps slammed down, yellow armoured Battle Brothers came out like angry ants.

“Sniper section, second Rhino’s tactical squad from the right. Brother Lucas suppression fire.” The distinctive crack from four rifles sounded over his comm-link and Brother Lucas began to strafe the Rhino with his Heavy Bolter, yellow figures fell, the remainder huddled behind their transport. Marius scanned the line, from the ruins each squad had fired upon their designated target with varying degrees of success, some had pinned their opponents behind their transports, while others were too far away and had not done any casualties at all. Already more yellow figures were moving forward from cover to cover.

The Land Raider fired again; another ruined building came crashing down. Squad Artonis had used their missile launcher from that position and then fired on the survivors. No fire was returned now; only dust and smoke came from the ruined hab block. The Fire Hawks advanced firing as they came, they were close now, and his own squad’s bolters were now in range. His squad would be flanked soon as there were too many enemy squads to engage. Already the Fire Hawks were throwing grenades through windows and entering the first buildings.

“All suppression squads withdraw to line bravo.” Came across the comm-link. His men broke down their rifles and the heavy bolter, spotters opened fire with their bolters on the approaching Fire Hawks. Accuracy was limited and the main reason was to try and disrupt the advance, and just as his own men would have ignored it, so would the Fire Hawks. Marius estimated the range to his foes and began to count as he and his men slipped out of the ruined hab block.

From his peripheral vision Marius could see movement from several buildings as the survivors of the initial ambush pulled back. Another building came crashing down struck by the God Hammers of the Land Raider, chunks of flying rubble catching Battle Brothers crushing them. Marius repeated his litany for fallen and ducked under some fallen girders as he moved through the ruins. Scattered battle-speak came from various squads reporting their effectiveness; Marius merely reported his name, informing the Captain that his squad was still 100%. Marius noted that squad Lysander had not reported at all, they had been in one of the outer buildings that had taken several Lascannon hits before the Fire Hawks had reached it.

Another building came down; the Land Raider was advancing slowly now, methodically destroying a building every minute. Yellow armoured Marines protected it from any forlorn hope launched by the Mantis Warriors’ assault squads. The 10th Company was designed for stealth, ambush and surprise; they could not hold forever against their power-armoured foes. “Get the Land Raider.” Yelled someone over the comm-link. But the Father of Battles rolled inexorably forward, only pausing long enough for the recoil of the Lascannons as it destroyed another building.

“Ignore enemy heavy armour.” Broadcast over the comm. Marius finished his count and depressed the plunger in his hand, shaped charges fired off behind. Marius did not even turn back to check the carnage they had wrecked upon the foe. He was too busy trying to get his me back in order in their new positions. Another request for support from the Land Raider was cut off in mid sentence as yet another structure fell. The Land Raider moved forward again, it’s front and right flank still protected by Fire Hawk marines. Rhinos had started moving forward again, behind the marines. Marius thought he caught a flash of white; the harvest of battle was being reclaimed.

Marius knew now what was required, “All fire on the lead Fire Hawk squad.” His order was carried out; yellow figures were plucked from their feet and thrown back despite the weight of their armour. “Marius…infantry screen is open Land Raider’s left flank.” It was said that a true warrior of the Emperor never tasted fear, he rejoiced in the service of the Emperor; or at least that is what the Chaplains said. Marius felt fear now, as the great Father of Battles turned and brought both sponsons to bear on his squad’s now meagre looking cover. Time seemed to slow down; Marius could see the fire from his squad ricochet off the yellow armour. While explosive bolts could bring down the largest Ork, they were like pebbles against a charging bull now. A missile took the Land Raider in the flank, the side his men had cleared; the explosion would have killed almost any tank, but not the Father of Battles. Lascannons tracked up and Marius could swear he was looking down the barrel on one, right to the energy coil.

“Sword One and Two engaging.”



Captain Brown
18-05-2005, 22:55
Here is part two, a little shorter as I did not keep as good notes near the end of the battle when my forces were in full fall back mode.

The world seemed filled with smoke and fire as reverberations and heat from Lascannon fire washed over Marius as he fell. His comm-set was overloaded and spraying static in his ears and all Marius could hear was ringing. He felt himself being dragged and pulled over some rubble, someone tugged hard on his right wrist and then let go. The sound of bolters blasting away and the crack of ricochets pounding into his head as the ringing stopped; he struggled to his feet, wondering why he was not dead.

“They came up on our right,” someone was talking to him over the din. “They hit it with everything they had. Aren’t they beautiful, so beautiful?” Marius tried to grasp what was happening. His men where there, all of them, now safely behind cover and looking at him expectantly, seemingly waiting for something, their voices still strangely muted over the static of the dead comm.-set.

“Sergeant shouldn’t we fall back to rally point Charlie?” asked Brother Roderic, more clearly as he was closest to Marius. With a frown Marius pulled off the now useless comm.-set.

“What orders have we received? Roderic you are my comms now.” Marius reached to check his Bolt Pistol while listening to the quick briefing of the last two minutes, but it was gone, the lanyard broken. It seemed that the company’s two Predators had come up and hit the Land Raider in the flank, firing their twin-linked Lascannons right over top of Marius. They had wounded the Land Raider, taking out a Lascannon and destroying the monster’s ability to manoeuvre, but at the cost of Sword Two. Her bolter ammunition was still cooking off somewhere beyond Marius’ squad’s cover.

“We have been ordered back to the rally point.” Stated Roderic, then he added in a softer tone, “Only Squads Romulus and Zamphere have acknowledged so far.”

“Acknowledge for Marius. Let’s go.” Marines started to move back from the Land Raider, still systematically destroying buildings one another, slowly building up a killing zone around itself. Sword Two would have to be abandoned to the enemy, there would be no chance to recover the bodies of the fallen or honour the battle gear this day. “May the Emperor receive you.” whispered Marius as his men began the task of breaking contact. It was still troubling to see the Fire Hawks as the enemy, pray that the Emperor sent word and stopped the naked aggression that would soon overwhelm this world.

The Tactica Imperium warned a commander to be prudent when facing unknown odds, with the Emperor’s blessings the Fire Hawks would now hold position and stabilize their gains. Unfortunately it would also mean that the Techmarines would be able to repair the Land Raider and the Father of Battles would once again assail the Scout Company. Marius felt that cold sinking feeling in his stomach for the second time that day.


21-05-2005, 19:41
Wow a comment. Never expected one as this story has been here since the first day.
I'm going to comment on everything commentless here. Also, this forum will be renamed the "post a story for anarchistica to comment on" forum. :D

I liked the stuff, it's a nice change from GW's usual self-inflicted orgasms over Space Marines. Just try to next time not have Fire Hawks fight Tiger Claws. That gave me a headache. :p

Captain Brown
03-06-2005, 22:27
Thanks for the comments.

The Tiger Claws were not fighting in this particular battle. It was the Mantis Legion who fought on the Rebel side of the conflict. ;)

Any way I should have another instalment this weekend as we are doing another battle tonight. Again the Imperials will be out-pointing us by a 50% margin.

Captain Brown
29-06-2005, 02:24
Part Three: (Hey I have four stars, er circles)

Sergeant Marius watched the haze shrouding the Salis Secondus Highway through his monocular scope. His squad (or what was left of it) was spread out behind the prepared sandbag position. They had a clear line of fire out to 400 metres before the rolling dunes started to obscure the outskirts of Hippodrome beyond. The Mantis Warriors had been driven from the city over the last two days of fighting. Brother Cerium had fallen when a walk had collapsed on him during a bombardment in the second day of fighting. Brother Duran had been killed by Fire Hawk suppression fire just the night before. Now the eight members of Marius’ squad were part of the rear guard that were holding a few out buildings, an old mine tower and some hastily prepared fighting positions, hoping to slow the Fire Hawks when they pushed forward again.

For Marines the Fire Hawks were making their advance methodically and by the Tactica Imperium, rather than the aggressive style that many Chapters followed. But the Fire Hawks were descendents of the Ultramarines and thus dogmatic to the core. Marius’ own battle brothers of the Mantis Legion had learned that sometimes the best ally against superior forces was a trap and for the second time his men were part of one. The position they were holding also contained an abandoned mine; from some Adeptus operations generations in the past, it was now empty of whatever mineral had been sought. However now it maintained most of the armoured forces remaining to the Mantis Warriors on the planet, Land Raider and two Predators.

The rest of the Mantis forces (those squads determined to be too small to stand up to the Fire Hawks in open battle) and support elements were falling back further down the Highway. There was always the danger that the Fire Hawks might try an aerial assault on the column, but so far they had been very slow to push forward, instead just consolidating their gains.

Marius had also received word that still no reply had been heard from Holy Terra regarding the Fire Hawks unprovoked attack on the Astral Claws. Why Marine should attack Marine still chilled Marius to his very soul. With a quick shaking of his head Marius focused on the present. Captain Damocles of the Scout Company had been severely wounded yesterday and suddenly Marius was now senior Sergeant and in command of the forty-two men. Forty-two Marines were all that remained operational of the 10th Company. The Bike Squadrons were gone, along with Squad Lysander and Squad Heronicus. Marius pondered Heronicus for a few moments, Heronicus had always been lucky; until his entire squad had been killed from a single barrage of an enemy Whrlwind. Then Heronicus volunteered to lead the forlorn hope against the damaged Fire Hawk Land Raider. He alone survived to plant his demo charge, even made it back to the Mantis’ lines, only to die from a cave in while preparing the mine shaft for the Battle Tanks. It was the Emperor’s will. Marius remembered to return to the present, every warrior was reminded of this, from their first days as a recruit until they day the Medic extracted the zygote for the Chapter’s survival. He checked his squads positioning one last time, everyone was spread out enough to lessen the impact of ordinance or other area affect weapons, it was time to wait.

TBC - Stay tuned to this space, will the Mantis Legion hold the line or will the Fire Hawks roll over the defences and catch the support elements fleeing down the highway...

29-06-2005, 15:41
Very nice. Your style is quite natural so it's easy to read and encourages one to keep reading.

*watches this space*

Captain Brown
08-07-2005, 23:19
A whistling sound was the first warning that the Fire Hawks were resuming their attack. It was followed by the crash of the shells exploding around the Mantis Warriors’ positions. Marius did not bother to look around, his men and the rest of the 10th Company were dug in as best they could and anyone who was not in their cover did not deserve to be a Marine. If a shell landed on his position, well it was the Emperor’s will if he was to perish this day. The shelling continued for several more minutes, now it shifted and smoke started to rise from the craters. Marius adjusted his monocular and switched to movement sensitivity, infrared would be useless in the desert.

“Rhinos approaching center, range 1,200 metres.” Came over the comm. That would be Squad Decius who was positioned in the OP far ahead of the Mantis lines. They were a pitiful remnant of a squad numbering five men now. “Infantry advancing on the right, range 800 metres.”
The artillery fire was now landing behind Marius and his men as the Fire Hawks advanced the barrage. He smiled they were firing blind, they knew that the Mantis Warriors were somewhere in front of them but not where.
“Engaging Assault units, left flank.” Fire erupted along the line.
“Brother Lucas concentrate on the first squad.” Ordered Marius, the first yellow armoured Marines appeared out of the smoke. The crack of the sniper rifles from his squad echoed above the din. The Fire Hawks were ready this time and their warriors moved from cover to cover, just as Marius and his men would have done, it was truly fratricide.

Marius now said his prayers for the fallen for both sides, as who were these men he fought if not his brothers. Was this how the traitors felt during the dark times when the Empire of Man had teetered on the brink of destruction ten thousand years before? When Marius had first learned of the great betrayal that had led to the Emperor being condemned to his throne to save mankind, he had swore to himself that he would slay every traitor himself, probably what every Marine had sworn to himself for ten thousand years. Who were the traitors now?

He fired his Bolt Pistol into the yellow armoured foe; the Fire Hawks were upon them. Four yellow figures came down on Marius and his men from above, jet packs screaming defiance as the succumbed to gravity and let their charges land amongst his men. Brother Lucas spun like a top as his arm was severed by a Chain Sword. Brother Roderic was grappling with a Fire Hawk; Marius struck the yellow marine with his Chain Sword at the base of his spine, below the jump back. Without even checking if the man was down Marius pushed past, his men were not equipped to handle assault troops. A Fire Hawk with a Thunder Hammer crushed Brother Simon’s head like an egg. Marius vaguely registered more broken forms behind the Fire Hawk as he leapt forward into the melee. Marius drove his Chain Sword into the Fire Hawk’s side, Brother Geronimus was trying to club the same assault marine with his rifle butt. Marius twisted the Chain Sword and it cut through armour, carapace and flesh. The Fire Hawk fell backwards leaving Geronimus standing over him like some statue in a square, Imperial might defiant, then his head exploded from a Bolter shell.

Marius scrambled for cover; the melee had left his squad exposed as the rest of the Mantis Warriors withdrew. Now bolter fire was raking the prepared position on three sides. Marius looked at his resources, his squad was decimated, Roderic and Haversock were all that remained moving and combat effective.

“Roderic left flank, Haversock right.” He barked and opened fire with his Bolt Pistol on Fire Hawk infantry to his front. With his other hand he pulled Brother Lucas to a sitting position and helped the one armed marine who was trying to staunch the blood flow from his severed limb. Normal men would have died already, but marines were tough, even if they were not fully marines yet. Marius stopped and reloaded; if any of his men survived they would surely be accepted into a Reserve Company, maybe even a Battle Company. They just had to hold on; the trap would be sprung shortly. Unfortunately, Marius realized, he and his men had created a strong point, and the Fire Hawks were no longer advancing. Haversock fell back against his Sergeant; his rifle flew from nerveless hands.

“Roderic help me with Lucas, we fall back now.” The two Mantis Warriors pulled their comrade by his battle harness and fell back. Roderic took Bolter shells from ahead and the left flank and went down. Marius was hit as well; hammer blows that knocked him down. He grunted and got up, grabbing Lucas’ harness again. It was tough going now, even for a marine. More shots hit Marius and one hand was now useless, he turned his back on the enemy and just pulled with his remaining good hand. More shells knocked him down a third time. Everywhere he looked seemed to be yellow armoured death. He reached the fall back position and heaved Lucas over the lip. An explosion lifted Marius off his feet and into the trench, landing on Lucas’ body.

Marius rolled and grappled for Lucas’ holster, pulling the Bolt Pistol out. He turned back to face the Fire Hawks when a tank drove over his trench. Half buried in dirt and rock he pulled himself out again. The battle was past him now; the Fire Hawks were falling back in the face of the Mantis Warriors’ armour. As the enemy pulled out of range Marius waited, scanning for movement, there was none. With the battle line now far from his position Marius bent over to check on Lucas. The scout’s eyes starred blankly up at the sky. “May the Emperor receive you,” whispered Marius to the last member of his squad.


15-07-2005, 00:11
Finally read it. Again, a very enjoyable read.

anyone who was not in their cover did not deserve to be a Marine. If a shell landed on his position, well it was the Emperor’s will if he was to perish this day. That sounds a bit to Christian-ish, IMHO.

The Fire Hawks were ready this time and their warriors moved from cover to cover, just as Marius and his men would have done, it was truly fratricide.
My favourite line, i might even sigify it some day. Though i think it sounds better if it's phrased "it truly was fratricide".

jet packs screaming defiance as they succumbed to gravity amongst his men.
Typo. Only one i saw, well done.

helped the one armed marine who was trying to staunch the blood flow from his severed limb. Normal men would have died already, but marines were tough, even if they were not fully marines yet.
Marines do have super blood, any wound is automatically staunched within seconds, i think this would even be so for Scouts.

Anyhoo, good stuff, keep it up.

Rating: 4/5

Captain Brown
18-07-2005, 21:54
Finally read it. Again, a very enjoyable read.

That sounds a bit to Christian-ish, IMHO.

Point taken, might have to change that later although Marines have always reminded me of the Holy Orders like the Knights Templer and the Knights Hospitaller, religious fanatics who trained for war, usually the face to face variety.

My favourite line, i might even sigify it some day. Though i think it sounds better if it's phrased "it truly was fratricide".

Cool, you can never be quoted too many times on Warseer. ;)

Typo. Only one i saw, well done.

Curses, I have been found out! :)

Marines do have super blood, any wound is automatically staunched within seconds, i think this would even be so for Scouts.

Claiming artistic licence here :)

Anyhoo, good stuff, keep it up.

Rating: 4/5[/QUOTE]

Thank you as always for the comments. (I did try to have this forum renamed in your honour) Any one else have an opinion so far?

Captain Brown

The Anarchist
10-06-2007, 00:49
This is a seriously good read! you might want to consider sending it to BL.

was just reading this and saw how few comments it was getting and can't belive it after seeing how good it all is.

please keep it up Capt. will be watching this space

10-06-2007, 03:00
yeah this was really good. plz wirte some more stuff

06-07-2007, 21:13
i really like what you did with this, now ive got a question, in what manner did you deploy your men? tanks in the rear center, and tactical squads infiltrating to hold the flanks, with scouts in the mid center to create a weak point for him to try to smash through?