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25-03-2009, 19:17
Hi guys, here's list which I'm gonna try tommorow, it's gonna be my first WoC and first 7th edition game.
The concept of the army is as follows:

center formed by 2 units of chaos warriors accompanied by sorceror in chariot,
6 man strong unit of khorne knights screened by warhounds on one flank
5 man strong unit of horseman with exalted bsb on steed of slaanesh on the other.
5 horseman on one of the flanks, depending on terrain and opponent deployment.
The idea is to present as much a threat for the opponent on both flanks[in consequence to rule the flanks] that the center will advance unharmed and hopefully smash the main force.Thats the theory.
Now on to list:


exalted of Slaanesh, on steed of Slaanesh,shield, runesword, BsB->219

chaos sorceror, chariot with MoS, dispel scroll, warrior familiar->240 [general]


12x Chaos warriors, shield, halberd, musician, standard bearer, banner of rage-> 257
12x Chaos warriors, shield, halberd, musician, standard bearer, rapturous standard->242

2x5 warhounds->60

2x5 horseman, light armour, flail, throwing axes,musician ->202


6x knights, musician, MoK-> 280



I can drop runesword and take flail instead and spend points on marks for horseman and warriors.MoS for horseman.
Or I can drop warrior fam and it's enough points for MoS on horseman as well.
Is 5 warhounds enough to screen 6 knights?or maybe I should drop one unit of hounds and make the other 6 strong and invest points in marks or bloodcurdling roar?
I need advice.
Today! :D

26-03-2009, 09:48
well, as I see the list must be perfect:D
I'll find out soon.

P.S. I've dropped one unit of hounds, made the other 6 strong and invested remaining points into MoS for horseman.