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25-03-2009, 20:30
Jenee has been playing a HE army with Teclis, a dragon mage and very heavy shooting. She and I have failed to learn the finer points of moving and placing. I have been told that I am to defensive. I like armour which is why I play Bretonnias. Well with a nine year olds attention span we have probably 5000 points in HE. Therefore she wanted a star dragon and lord and I wanted a Korhil themed white lion army. So with that said here we go.

Dad's list

Lords and heroes
Mage 2nd level silverwand and two dispell scrolls, deployed with spearman.
mage 2nd lvl ring of corin, sacred incense deployed with larger SM.
Korhil with a lion chariot.
Caradryan deployed with white lions.

24 spearman 5x5 full command with lion courage banner.
10 archers

lion chariot
23 white lions 6x4 full command banner of sorcery
7 sword masters bladelord with amulet of light
11 Sm 6x2 full command with banner of Ellyrion

RBT and war eagle

Daughters list

Lord and heroes
Prince star dragon armour of caledor, vambrace of defense with sword of might.
mage 1st jewel of dusk and sacred incense deployed with swordmasters.
mage 2nd level seerstaff, dispell scroll deployed with spearman.

Core choices
10 archers
24 spearman 5x5 full command banner of lion courage

lion chariot
20 swordmasters 7x3 full command amulet of light with banner of arcane protection.
5 dragon princes standard bearer with banner of Ellyrion

2 RBT and war eagle.

I choose lore of beasts and rolled a 3 and 4. got the one I wanted. The next one choose High magic and got 4 and downgraded 5 to 1.

She chose high magic and downgraded to shield. Her second level took fire lore, I tried really hard to talk her out of that one. She rolled 3 and 6. Dropped 6 to one. She really likes the burning head.

She won and choose the side with two hills one on each end. One forest in the middle of her deployment and one in front of the hill on the right side. That left me the hill in the center of my edge and a forest on each side.

My daughter placed an RBT on each hill. In front of the left hill she placed her archers. Spearman went down next with the swordmasters on the other side of the forest. Next lion chariot theb the Dragon princes barely seeing out of the right forest. The eagle and the dragon went behind the same woods.
I deployed both lion chariots on my left with the eagle. Behind those trees I placed the smaller swordmasters. RBT went on the hill with the archers in front. The white lions were next. Big swordmasters I placed in the right forest.

Hill Hill
Archers spearman Trees Swordmasters LC DP SD WE

LC LCK Trees spearman white lions Trees
7 SM Archers 11 SM
we Hill RBT
Now we are both new and I guess wrong about where she would put the dragon. We both deployed at 12 inches and I really can not tell you what her plan was as I do not know if I had one. She won the die toss and choose to go first. I hope the die rolling is not to be an indication of things to come as Jenee had rolled 6 both times. Greatly killing my 2 and 3.

You will see that there is no magic phase included here. The reason is simple it either was failed to cast or dispell by die or scrolls. I forgot about the ring of corin until it was to late. I hate placed the unit correctly to fight the dragon. Getting rid of one of the lords magical items would have been a big start.

Daughters HE turn 1. Jenee actually moved everyone. The Dragon 20 toward my white lions, with the eagle hiding behind him. Dragon princes came out 16 being in the clearing where my RBT could get a shot. Her lion chariot moved 8 inches and her infantry blocks moved 6 with a V shape facing.
Her combat phase. Both RBTs at mine, doing no damage. Her archers picked off a couple of my spearman.
The game before she got 5 hits, 3 on the crew with 3 wounds. That was why she shoot at my RBT this time.

Fathers HE turn 1. White lions moved and faced the dragon. Spearman moved out about 10. Big Sword masters stayed in the woods facing the dragon. Smaller sword masters and the eagle moved forward. All my shooting killed two of her sword masters.

Daughters HE second turn. Well I had made a mistake. Her dragon princes and dragon charged my white lions. Champions were on the wrong side. Her eagle threaten a charge on my RBT. All infantry units advanced about 6 inches, out of charge range. All required tests were passed.
My eagle and a couple of swordmasters on my left were destroyed by her shooting.
That was the good news for me. Earlier I had posted a question about the ASF rule. We had played it wrong in the previous game, when she had killed my RBT crew. Hitting the book every time to look up init. Here I am just beganning to know the to hit and to wound charts.
Anyways her lord hit first killing 3 white lions. Caradryan struck next killing two dragon princes and their return attacks got another two white lions. Dragon and horse got 2 or 3 more, I forgot. I lost CR and failed my test. Jenee caught me and my white lions were destroyed. Dragon went off the board and 3 dragon princes hit my archers.

Dads second turn. I kind of placed everyone left to charge. My lion chariots would hit her spearman. My bigger block of sword masters faced to deal with her lion chariot or dragon princes provided my archers could hold. My RBT killed her eagle and that was the good news. Combat saw the dragon princes killing some archers, them failing their test and being caught. Archers running caused the RBT crew to fail their test and run off the board.

Jenees third turn. Her dragon came back on board placing to get a flank breath on the swordmasters, the bigger unit. Dragon princes, lion chariot and eagle all set up to charge those sword masters. Her swordmasters charged forward and her spearman set up to receive two lion chariots chargers. I do not know why. Shooting saw my smaller unit of sword masters destroyed. Dragon's breath go 2 models in the remaining sword masters, which failed their tests.

Dad's third turn: Where do you go from here. My lion chariots both charged her spearman. My spearman actually got a flank on her chariot. My shooting phase was gone. The chariots really worked, 7 spearman dead. I have never rolled this high for impact hits. Of course with the way I had been failing with my break test, I guess it was time. Korhil killed the mage, and the lions killed the champion. Well is was my daughters turn, actually she needed double 1 to stay. She did not get them and I caught her unit with the non Korhil chariot. My spearman could not touch her chariot. Well I did get one wound on it but her return attack killed two. She lost CR but rolled to stay. Now I was really in trouble.

Daughters fourth turn. Sword masters charged my spearman on one flank with the Star dragon hitting the other. Her eagle announced charge on my remaining sword masters. Her shooting was ineffective as it was all at chariots. Nothing else was left for her to shoot at except the fleeing sword masters. She guessed they were out of range of the RBT which could see them. She was wrong, we measured after the shooting phase.

I accept my slaughter or massacre.

People have said that playing mirror armies are really frustrating. And they were right. But I believe my daughter is learning the importance of deployment, movement and facing. I sure am, my next trick is to but the lion chariots against the dragon and see if I can take it out.

Mistakes, I have to be more careful with my character placement. And of course I need to avoid the break tests. My daughters mages may not work. We are going to play again later in the week. Right after I find some good break die and beat myself up about using the ring of corin.


25-03-2009, 20:46
Even though it was HE vs HE your lists were different enough that it wasn't really a mirror match.

How do your brets vs HE games go?

25-03-2009, 21:23
If you have two armies with always strikes first rule, wouldn't the army that charged go first? Initiative should only come into it after the charge if the combat continues into a second round.

25-03-2009, 21:24
Nope. As per the FAQ when you have two units fighting with ASF you only look at initiative.

27-03-2009, 15:53
caradryan struck next killing two dragon princes

he cant hurt them do to his weapon being flaming.

30-03-2009, 15:46
Yes it is hard being both general and rule keeper for both sides. And I even wrote it down that it was a flaming attack but then I forgot to read it.