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25-03-2009, 20:37
Just added the WoC book to my collection and I've been having a flick through it. One thing that strikes me as highly amusing is Kholec...I think he'd be quite fun in the odd large points friendly game, but have made (just because I could) a 2k list featuring him and a few scaly friends:

Kholek- 605
Caddy- 135

5 Horsemen- Mus- 71
5 Horsemen- Mus- 71
5 Horsemen- Mus- 71
5 Warhounds- 30
5 Warhounds- 30

3 Dragon Ogres- Extra H/W- 219
3 Dragon Ogres- Extra H/W- 219

Shaggoth- Extra H/W- 275
Shaggoth- Extra H/W- 275

Total- 2001
3 PD, 3 DD. 2 Scrolls.

Over the top? Probably...To small? Definately...The look on your opponents face as you drop 3 Shaggoths on the table? Priceless!

Most well run armies won't have much of a problem with beating this one, but low Ld ones might fare badly...

Any thoughts on the list? Does anyone run a similar one, or even one from a different race that contains that many "monsters"?

Also, I doubt I'd actually run it the list (owning 3 Shaggoths seems like a step too far...), but I do fancy converting Kholec and was looking for ideas. The best I've had is Shaggoth lower body and the converted upper body of this LOTR troll:


I understand that he's made from a kit that gives a couple of different options (including a large hammer, which would be perfect).

25-03-2009, 20:42
This is a crazy good conversion I found not too long ago:


25-03-2009, 21:01
Do you know if that's scratch-built? The damn thing looks almost exactly like his picture in the book! Hats off to whoever made it.

Edit: Found the site...very impressive.

25-03-2009, 23:50
That kholek is really impressive, but looks more Beasts than Warriors due to the head.

26-03-2009, 04:17
I always love a themed army! Unfortunately I fear this might be to easily bogged down with tarpit units or suffer terrible fate from shooting. I bet it would be a blast to play a few times however!

Ultimo ninja
26-03-2009, 05:09
The Black dragons rarely dissapoint. All their models are not completely scratch built. This models lower half is a carnosaur. They dont reproduce their work however. That model will likely be one of a kind and sold on ebay for a hell of allot of money. It is stunning.