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25-03-2009, 23:35

I am going to be running a short campaign soon and thought would post the basic structure to gather the thoughts of people here and potentially incorporate them into the campaign.

The armies will be- Nids, Eldar, Space Wolves and Dark Angels (me).

Since I will be one of the players I want some randomisation for some of the objectives to keep it fair.

Campaign will be 3 with the option of a fourth battle being put in before the final battle if people want.

Battles will be players pairing off- i.e. nids vs space wolves, elder vs dark angels. In the next battle type sides will change.

I'll be putting a storyline together before first battles and then each one after for the players.

Battle 1

500 pts of Elite troops per side- objective based- not necessary hold an objective, I want to make it storyline based. One thought I had for one of the elite battles involving the nids was the non nid player side has discovered a breeding pool (or something similar) and sent strike squads to get a organic killing chemical into the pool. They nominate 1 model to be carrying the chemicals and need to get that model into the pool and have it stay their for one turn (it can't fight in close combat during that turn) in order to unload the chemicals and poison the pool. The nid players objective is to defend the pool.

Battle 2
1000 pts per side, each side must contain one troop choice (with dedicated transport if they wish- storyline rule is something akin to a rhino) and everthing else is fast attack. There will be a strategic objective which each side is looking to claim and winner will be side whose troop choice controls the objective at the end or who has the most troops within x" of the centre of the objective. Troops must have been deployed outside their transport (if applicable) for a turn before the game ends. i.e. if game ends in turn 5 then must have been deployed in turn 4.

Battle 3 optional
1000 pts per side, 1 elite choice which will guard an objective and everything else is troops (plus dedicated transports). Aim of battle is to defend your own objective while taking the opponents.

Battle 4
Apocolypse- sides will be Dark Angels and Space Wolves vs Nids and Elder. Individual briefs for each player- thinking of passing this to a friend to put together given me being one of the players. Loads of possibilities- i.e. up to turn 4 each side working together and then on turn five potentially turning on each other- i.e. Dark Angels have a brief that one of the fallen is in the space wolves army or has info regarding the fallen, Elder must strike at Tyranids after turn 4 to ensure HQ unit(s) perishes so that nids don't get a permanent footing on the land.

So ideas for the battles with regard to objectives that are a bit different or alternatives to what sides should be aiming for.


Serg. Lynchbox
26-03-2009, 01:03
It seems a bit restricted. It feels like a tournament, not a fun fluff wise campaign. But good luck on it!

26-03-2009, 04:15
Lets see, setting up some kind of background for this will be tricky. Eldar vs. Nids is always hard.

This isnt too complex, but here goes.

The Eldar in the army are quite radical, and are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to save their species. They will do things no eldar would dream of doing, that are considered too risky to actually be done. In this case, a farseer dreams of using the tyranids as a weapon, as something that can annhilate his enemies. What better weapon than the tyranids to usher in the salvation of the eldar by destroying all others? Thus, the farseer, his warlocks, and the craftworld greatest engineers set about attempting to control the hive mind, or influence it in some way. The farseer truly believes he is powerful enough to tap into the synapse web and control a swarm.

So, the tyranids splinter fleet is the prey. A call for aid has been sent from local militias, and the Space Wolves and Dark Angels have responded for whatever reasons. Maybe the main fleet had battled the chapters before, and they want to finish the job. However, because wolves and DA are so spiteful, they start to bicker over who gets the glory. The commanders might have a personal history with each other, but find a way to justify them taking their rivalry to new lengths and going to open war.

Meanwhile, the Eldar are trying to obtain resources and data in order to actually make their plan succeed. Tyranids are just intent on all the things a swarm would do, and are in such great numbers there are not isolated commanders. When Eldar fight marines, they wish to disrupt them and do whatever to misdirect or delay them. So disrupting comms could work. In the final battle, depending on how successful the farseer was, he may partially channel the synapse web and unify the broken fleet, and turn it against the space marines. The space marines unify for APOC, and seek to destroy the synapse towers which are controlling the nids. Or, the farseer has failed misreably and cant even control his power for a second. The hive mind control the farseer, and the eldar become mind slaves. The farseer is now unifying the swarm, but is under the control of the hibe mind.

Winner gets the planet, and probably a couple of systems in the process. I literally threw this together, but its the only quick solution to eldar and nids working together. It also gives you some objectives, but feel free to completely ignore this ship shod story.