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26-03-2009, 00:31
i havent touched my tomb kings in ages. got the codex out and came up with this list, please tell me what u think

tomb king - 276pts
light armour
blade of mourning
chariot of fire
golden eye of rah-nutt

liche priest - 160pts
cloak of the dunes
hieratic jar

liche priest - 305pts
casket of souls
despell scroll

liche priest - 153pts
skeletal steed
plaques of the mighty incantations

5 chariots - 290pts
standard bearer
icon of the sacred eye

3 chariots - 140pts

3 chariots - 140pts

3 tomb swarms - 135pts

tomb scorpion - 85pts

tomb scorpion - 85pts

5 carrion - 120pts

screaming skull catapult - 110pts
skulls of the foe.

total of 1999pts.

26-03-2009, 00:45
Kinda lacking in troops, anything in your entire army that gets charged will get torn up pretty easily.

Also probably better to have 2 units of 4 chariots than 5 & 3.

vinny t
26-03-2009, 00:54
Does Chariot of fire make it so that the chariot itself is free?

26-03-2009, 01:05
@Vinny T. no it does not

@ darkryder2250 i think your king hasn´t included the cost of his chariot in his points.
i think you can do better than the blade of mourning (flail of skulls, spear of antarhak).

yes i also agree that you don´t have many/any troops. you need something to protect the casket of souls (and catapult). a unit if tomb guard would be good but a large unit of archers would be pretty good as well. you can smite them every turn if need be.
to get the points drop the unit of 5 chariots down to 3. you don´t need a unit of 6 chariots (5 plus king). 4 will do the job just fine if not better especially with the chariot of fire. also drop the tomb swarms down to 1 or 2. drop the champion on the chariots as well. 20pts for 1 attack. not worth it. if you still need more points i think the skulls of the foe are not as nessecary.

the liche priest with the casket could do with the collar of shapesh. just make sure you are within 4¨ of the catapult itself as you can transfer to it.

26-03-2009, 08:51

Maybe drop the Carrion for another Catapult? Your Tomb Scorpions and Swarm should be able to fill the support role that you'd need those for anyways. I generally park a pair of catapults with my casket.

Are you trying to run all chariots? Some units of mounted bowmen or spearmen wouldn't go amiss.

28-03-2009, 03:11
the liche priest with the casket could do with the collar of shapesh. just make sure you are within 4¨ of the catapult itself as you can transfer to it.

Copy and pasted

Q. Can a character with the Collar of Shapesh, and
within 6" of a Casket of Souls, redirect wounds to the
Casket itself (and therefore have them ignored)?
A. No, it must be redirected to a model with a Wounds

Q. Can wounds be ‘transferred’ onto a Screaming
Skull Catapult or a chariot with the Collar of Shapesh?
A. Yes.

28-03-2009, 12:40
Pretty weak list with little substance.

One S7 character is pretty much enough to send you packing.

28-03-2009, 17:59
I do like the concept of chariot armies (on paper) but in practice hard to use succesfully. Theres too many factors that can redue their effectiveness.
main problem is you have no solid core troop line up to hold the line.
2 units of charriots can be worked around quite easily. what happens when you meet someone (like lots of people I know) who tale tons of fast cav units? they will mis-direct your units.
You could take archers - always hitting on 5's is amazing! plus they will protect your warmachines to an extent.
and either take 2 units of 4 or 3 units of 3 for the chariots - the latter being better as you have 1 more unit on the table.