View Full Version : First look Wood Elf List - feedback very welcome.

26-03-2009, 01:01
Hey all back from a break from the game,

Think my first army i will play will be either woodies or beasts. Its the first list ive made for a while so be nice :)

Shooting for tourney play but dont want to over cheese or be anything close to it. 2250 is what im going for but haivng problems deciding what to spend the last 150 points on.

Characters = 704

Ancient Treeman - Annoyance of Netlings, Cluster of Radiance - 375
Altar Noble - Hail of Doom, Helm of the Hut, GW - 154
Spellsinger - Staff of singing, Dispel scroll, lvl 2 - 175p

Core = 798

8 Dryads (3)= 288
10 GG w/ Mus (2) = 252
5 GR w/mus (2) = 258

Special = 597

7 WD (2) = 252
3 WH riders = 120
7 Wildriders w/ mus, standard + warbanner = 225

Rare = 0

Ancient treeman = (See above)

= 2099

Which leaves me 151 points shy of 2250.

My thoughts in probability are

1. 8 dryads + Greateagle
2. lvl 1 Spellsinger w/2 dispel scrolls
3. reduce the ancient to a reg tree take off musicians remove a wildrider and add a second tree.
4. 3rd unit of GG + Great eagle (minus musicians etc etc)

Tactics will adopt per enemy but im looking forward to trying a modified break the line tactic with a inverted hammer... if that makes any sence.



26-03-2009, 23:54
I think if I were you I would like to go for option 3 but unfortunately I reckon you're going to have to go option 2 cos 4 dd and 1 scroll aint going to be enough against a lot of armies, I got the same problem.

The thing with WE's is 1 decent spell could wipe-out an entire unit. 2 Treemen would be nice, but against anything that can take lore of fire or any sort of fire-based spell it could be a disaster.

The rest of the army looks good though.