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Ultimo ninja
26-03-2009, 02:52
I am thinking of all possibilities for filling rare slots in my woc army.

Heres my take:

My list has:
- decent magic (8 pd, 2 scrolls).
- good CC (strength 6 general, strength 7 bsb on the charge, warriors with halberds, knights)
-good movement (2 knights, 2 hounds, 1 marauder cav )
-good CR (2 anvils of maruaders MoS)

But it doesn't have any shooting. I have 230 points leftover for rare (Canada is finally moving to 2250 for tournaments).

I was thinking of getting leadbelchers (preferably two units of two) to shoot, and march forward with my troops giving them at least a little bit of cover.


Is it true they have to take entire turns to reload?

Can they even kill anything reliably?

how much per model?

Can they be used to march between blocks of infantry to cover and flank if necessary?

-can chaos giants get the scaly skin save anymore?

My reasons for not choosing hellcannon:

I hate the mini for it and would not want to buy or paint it.
I dont like how it rampages....I want shooting, not CC, I got enough of that.
I dont like how it can disrupt my magic phase...why would i spend 205 points on a rare that can ruin my magic phase? It just doesnt suit me to do that.

26-03-2009, 06:45
well lets see....
1) It takes an entire turn to reload the guns once fired. However, you can fire the guns in turn A. In turn B hope your in charge range for an enemy - RUN away from their charge. In turn C you (hopefully) rally, and use that turn to reload the guns. In the meantime the enemy is puzzled - they wont expect an ogre unit to run and so hopefully have their unit pulled out of place. Then in your turn (In this case it would be turn C) you counter charge with other units. Once the ogres can move again, go harras another unit. If they finally find themselves in a posistion were they will be charged then STAND and shoot!!!
2) Their shoots are from 2-10 shots, no modifiers to move/fire multi shots, so basically you hit on 3's. Str 4, armour piercing - not bad. However, when you misfire you will inflict D6 str 4 hits on yourself.
3) 55 points a model, and minimum of 2, max 5 models a unit. Musician (called a bellower)/champion are 10 pts. You will need a bellower to give them plus 1 to leadership on the rally turn as they are only ld 7.
4) If you only take about 3-4 then you can use them between units to protect flanks. However, with a basic move of 6, 3 str 4 attacks EACH, you would really wnat the ogres to attack the flank of the enemy!!!

Lead beachlers aint to shabby, but not reliable!

I know you dont like the hell cannon but those things are NASTY!! I've seen them turn my goblins to dust, and the poor sods who live through the shooting are normally running!!!

Chaos Giant
No scales dude! But you can get a 6+ ward save (tzeentch), or a -1 to hit shooting/-1 ws (nurgle), always strike 1st (slaanesh), or +1 str (Khorne). Plus he has an attack (used against big targets (troll sized) were he can gain D3 wounds back, providing he rolls a 5+ on his attack.

I would heartily recomend a giant - the enemy will freak and waste time killing him, providing much needed time for your forces to engage - or TWO warshrines - those buggers are nasty!!!

There you go mate, hope it helps

26-03-2009, 07:32
Didn't you post this already?

26-03-2009, 13:33
I'm rather fond of my Leadbelchers in my OK army, but they aren't exactly stellar. They are a lot of fun to use and can add some versitility to a lot of armies, as you suggest. Their shooting attacks (2-10 S4, -2AS) are good, but you have to know when to use them. And of course, since they're still Ogres, they're not too shabby in close combat either. I generally get 1, maybe 2 shots off a game.

Jind_Singh's tactic of fleeing to load is a good one, especially when using small units of just 2 or 3 ogres. I never take the Bellower on mine, since its usually just a 2 man unit. While I do use this tactic with them, I am also one to usually just fire then send them into combat to support my Bulls/Guts.

As far as their shooting effectiveness, they are a bit too random. I've had them obliterate enemy regiments, and I've had them kill their own regiment in a single turn, even when as strong as 4-5 Ogres/unit. My opponents treat my Lead Belchers just as they do my Imperial HelBlaster: They try to avoid them, but ultimately know I will end up blowing themselves up rather than kill anything useful.