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26-03-2009, 05:44
I'm building my first Space Marine army over the course of the next couple weeks and I'm having problems committing to specific variants for things like Dreadnaughts, Land Raiders, etc. I've seen several conversions for most of these that involve magnets, allowing players to swap weapons. I like to experiment with army lists a lot, and actually am a little bothered by the fact that a lot of the places I'm finding to play locally seem to be very WYSIWYG oriented. With my Necron army I've always just specified a unit's wargear even it if wasn't necessarily modeled (the necron lord i used for several years, for instance, doidnt have a res orb modeled though I do have that issue resolved now). Is it worth it to use magnets to allow for multiple weapon choices whenever possible, or do you just pick a variant, paint it, and be done with it? How often do you SM players find yourself wishing the variant you modeled was something else? I don't necessarily have a budget problem, or a time-constraint problem, so would it be easier to just build several variants or customize one model to (with magnets) represent several variants?

I'm eagerly awaiting everyone's responses, as I've got about 3000 points worth of unassembled space marines that should be arriving on my doorstep in the next day or so.

26-03-2009, 06:07
I just stick with a load out in most cases, I have a few spare special weapon and squad leaders to swap in and out, though. The big exception is my land speeders, which are have magnets so I give give them any load out I wish.

Creeping Dementia
26-03-2009, 06:44
I would deffinately go with magnets. I've played with Nids and Tau so far and I'm soooo glad I'm not stuck with one configuration. This might not be a big an issue with marines, but if you're a player that doesn't always stick with one army list and likes to make small improvements/modifications as you test a list, then I wouldn't even think twice about magnetizing, just do it.

26-03-2009, 06:56
I think that, where possible, I'll be using magnets for any weapon attachments on vehicles/dreadnaughts. Are there ways to do this to allow for squads like Devestators to mix and match heavy weapons? (I guess by magnetizing entire arms?)

26-03-2009, 07:09
I definitely recommend magnetizing your dreads and vehicles. It is so easy and great for ease of option swappage. I put my pred together before I started magnetizing my stuff and now wish I'd learned about it sooner. Not sure I'd do it for troops though, but then I'm going for a battle company and beyond, so having enough options will not be a problem.

Slaaneshi Ice Cream
26-03-2009, 09:36
I vote YES to magnets. Options are good good GOOD. Plus magnets are fun.

26-03-2009, 10:18
Everywhere I see articles on magnets I see people listing websites where they are available, but are there are mainstream stores/hobby supply places in the US that carry magnets that will do the job?

I figure I'm going to go out and try to track some down tomorrow, and a quick googling on rare-earth magnets + hobby stores didn't really give me much to work with.

I saw a youtube video of a terminator with magnetized weapon choices (flamer, powerfist, lightning claw). That was pretty sweet. I'm thinking about taking apart my tomb spiders and making the claw/particle cannon a magnetized option. My Destroyers may also come off their precariously perched (and unglued) flying bases to be replaced by magnets. (I like being able to remove them from their flying bases when they've been wounded, so I don't glue my flying models to the top of the base -- magnets could offer the best of both worlds).

Logarithm Udgaur
26-03-2009, 10:44
Definitely go the magnet route. Even if you do not want weapon swaps it is great for when a weapon gets destroyed. You can just pull it off, instead of having to remember that it cannot fire.

26-03-2009, 10:59
I hadn't thought of that. That's awesome. I just purchased an assortment of magnets in 1/4", 1/8", and 1/16" so that should give me the appropriate sizes for everything from vehicle turrents to individual weapons on heavy weapon choices. Thanks for the input everyone.

26-03-2009, 12:21
Magnetize! I did that for my Tau and all my suits and tanks can have any configuration of weapons/upgrades. This takes some work with drills and greenstuff, but the result gives me great flexibility and saves me money as my 5 Tau tanks can be any variant in the book. Though I regret getting the army anyway, I should have chosen another army for this ed.

26-03-2009, 12:32
Damn straight you should magnetize.
As a marine player I don't to waste marines carrying special weapons, so 1 marine + 12 magnets + flamer + melta + plasma = 2 marines free to be rank and file guys :)

Edit: Type Magnets into ebay and you will get plenty. Just FYI, 3mm is plenty big for marines and can still be concealed in their fists relatively easy and still have enough strength for tanks and what not.

Boss Kopstud
26-03-2009, 12:33
I highly recommend it, especially for things like Raiders, Speeders, Dread and Terminators. Might be less useful with the Devs, as you refrenced above. IIRC, the Dev box comes with two oof every heavy weapon, so as long as you have a few extra SM bodies lying about (a Combat Squad box for example), just make a few extras up. Magnets can also be good for a Tac squad Sarge, so you cna swap out a PW for a PF, or a flamer for a melta gun. As to brick and mortar sources, Radio Shack carries large (13/64" diameter) rare earth magents, good for terminator size arms and up, but I don't know if the can get smaller ones and they are pricy (@ $2/pair). There are a lot of on-line sellers that carry smaller sizes.

Captain Micha
26-03-2009, 12:39
Go with Magnets, if you plan on ever changing or fielding something different at all than what is on the model Magnets are definitely the way to go.

It's alot cheaper than buying the model again.

26-03-2009, 13:00
I have been using magnets and allowing for multiple build options on vehicles.

So far... I haven't done much changing. :) We have been playing smaller points games, so some of the more powerful tactical squad sergeant options, etc. haven't been tried so I haven't had much reason to swap arms yet.

I think because of this, I am building my command squad without detachable arms. I'm building it with certain weapons and that's going to be it.

A nice side effect, is that detachable arms make storing the figures in the foam trays easier.

Count de Monet
26-03-2009, 13:58
I generally stick to a pretty set list, so don't bother magnetizing much. If you do want to play around with options without getting a whole 'nother kit it can be great though. For dreads, if you're using the basic plastic one wouldn't even really need to magnetize (except maybe HF/SB) as the arms can pretty easily go on/come off and don't need to be glued/attached.

26-03-2009, 15:04
I think that, where possible, I'll be using magnets for any weapon attachments on vehicles/dreadnaughts. Are there ways to do this to allow for squads like Devestators to mix and match heavy weapons? (I guess by magnetizing entire arms?)

I magnetized the arms on my special weapons guys in my CSM chosen squad, so I can swap them from meltaguns to something else if I later want to. I put the magnets in where the arms attach at the torso, and 1/16" deep, 3/16" magnets fit there quite easily.

I've also magnetized my pred so I can swap between no sponsons, lascannon sponsons, and my apocalypse sonic sponsons, as well as swap between lascannon in the turret and a blastmaster turret in apoc.

26-03-2009, 15:59
There is almost no reason why not to magnetize your different weapon options.

www.amazingmagnets.com is a great site to get about any shape magnet, and they are pretty strong also.

The Clairvoyant
26-03-2009, 18:41
I've never magnetised any models and have no intention of ever doing so. My old space marine devastator squad has had the same heavy weapons since 1994. I've always just used the models i have, even if the particular load-out i've given them isn't all that great. For example one of my hive-tyrants has a a lash whip and bonesword, even though 2 boneswords would have been better (for the extra parry in 2nd ed which was the last time i used my tyranids)
The only model i have which can have different configurations is my new battlewagon where i chose to not glue the rear roof on so i could swap between open-topped and 'ard case.

So i guess i'm the odd one out in this thread :D

26-03-2009, 18:56
If some of you with magnetized models (especially space marines) wouldn't mind uploading some pictures of the work you've done I'd be incredibly pleased. :)

26-03-2009, 19:21

I'm not, by any means, a great painter or modeller, but there's a guy who I practiced magnetizing with his sword arm.

The chosen with meltaguns in the next post (or the one after) are all magnetized as well, but since I don't have their arms off, it's not exactly obvious. I'll see if I can't upload some photos tonight so you can see the arms on and off, if you'd like to see how they're attached.

Warning: My Emperor's Children army is highly childish.

26-03-2009, 20:02
That'd be great Syd, thanks!

27-03-2009, 02:09
Images of the melta chosen with arms off are attached.

The magnets aren't blatantly obvious, as I sorta painted over them, but I basically just drill out the flat area where the arm would normally be glued to the torso, and stick magnets in there. The sword armed guy I did as a test ended up being used as a key for all my magnets.

Boss Kopstud
27-03-2009, 13:16
I'll try to get a few images of my Wolves uploaded this weekend.