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26-03-2009, 15:03
I will be playing against a good friend of mine this weekend. As I am new to Skaven and he is new to Dwarfs. He will run a typical dwarf army. Hammers, 4 war machines, 20 guns, long beards, clansmen.

This is what I have in store for him:

35 Clanrats w/ full command
35 Clanrats w/ full command
20 Slaves w/ musician
20 Slaves w/ musician
5 Giant Rat Packs (30 Giant Rats, 5 Packmasters)
42 Plague Monks w/ full command, warbanner
5 Jezzails
5 Jezzails
1 Warp Lightning Cannon


I have about 100 points left. What should I arm my characters with? Is there anything that you see that I should change in the army itself?


26-03-2009, 15:21
Cheiftain = Warpstone Amulet, Great Weapon, Enchanted Shield

Warlocks both with all upgrades except pistol, one scroll, Storm Daemon and perhaps a Death Globe?

26-03-2009, 15:38
Any reason you're running a single unit of 42 plague monks? You'd likely be better off splitting those into two units of 20 and keeping the extra points. Run them 6-7 wide. Rank bonus won't matter much for these guys, but keep them away from longbeards. Make sure they go up against something relatively squishy, like gunners, war machine crews (if possible), or warriors.

Possibly even use them as a hammer unit of sorts. Engage with slaves or clanrats, and then flank charge with plague monks. Easier with two units :) Dwarves are difficult to break with our normal skaven tactics of outnumbering and denying rank bonuses, because of all the Stubborn flying around.

Also, if you're tailoring your list for dwarves at 1500 points, you might want to bring three fully upgraded Warlock Engineers or none at all. He'll have 4 dispel dice out the gate, and more if he's got the right characters. You definitely want the upgrades Shamfrit mentioned, though.

The rest looks good. Are you thinking of using the giant rats as war machine hunters?

26-03-2009, 16:48
I generally play 2000 point games. The reason for the unit of 42 plague monks is because in a 2000 point army I will also include the BSB with +2 for outnumbering bonus. This will allow this unit to go into combat resolution with 8. The giant rats are for war machine hunting or flanking if the opportunity presents itself.

As for the all or nothing caster tactic. I agree dwarfs are a tough go with an average magic list. I was thinking of just purchasing 4 additional tokens and casting warp lighting with 4 dice each turn with each caster. They will be dead by the end of the game but who cares.

Thanks for the replies. Any other suggestions. Is the shooting enough??

26-03-2009, 18:16
Going with extra tokens will definitely help you get some spells off, but of course you're risking your wizards blowing up :) But hey, that's what skaven do, right?

An alternate suggestion would be to replace them with more reliable ranged attacks. Would your opponent punch you in the face for bringing, say, 15 jezzails? Against a dwarven gunline, I wouldn't call it "beardy" at all :cheese:

Another way of dealing with 4 war machines effectively is to find the room for some tunnelling gutter runners, upgrade them with poisoned weapons and throwing stars, and hope for a good roll early on. Nothing screws up someone's plans faster than units popping up behind their lines.

A tactical suggestion is to run the WLC directly up a flank on turn 1, then use it to fire straight across his lines, or to snipe lone characters. That actually brings up an interesting point--what do you have protecting your WLC? All he has to do is charge it and it's lost to you. My suggestion here would be to drop those clanrats down to 25-30 and see if you can get some night runners in there for screening the cannon.

26-03-2009, 23:20
I see nothing wrong with taking a crap-load of Jezzials against a Dwarf gunline list. fight fire with fire! I do agree that you should split the Plague Monk unit up into two units of 20 but you have to keep them screened by some Giant Rats or Slaves because not having an armour save against a gunline army really sucks...

Also, your clanrat units seem unnecessarily huge to me. It seems better to have 3 unit of 25 than to have 2 units of 35.

Good luck! Post a battle report if you can!